ugradili smo novi auspuh na m3 f


FI Exhaust –

Behind me there is a full exhaust system which goes all the way from the front to the back as you can see i already opened them i couldn’t wait the day it arrived i just had to open the boxes so i can see what is inside unbelievable, it is a full exhaust system from fi exhaust it’s a high quality brand, you probably already heard about fi exhaust or frequency intelligent

Exhaust so it’s gonna be a very interesting day now we are headed to install the exhaust now the car is completely stock, no downpipe, no nothing so from stock we are going to full full full exhaust system i can’t remember the last time i was this hyped for something i literally couldn’t sleep the whole night because i was so excited to install this on my car here we

Have the full exhaust system and i will show you everything what’s inside i didn’t really open the boxes i just had a sneak peek what’s inside the car is completely stock, i only installed a mhd burble tune today we will change the whole exhaust and the tips are even bigger with carbon this is the biggest mod that i ever ever installed on car i haven’t even dreamed about

Modifying my car like this one day here you got the electronic module with which you can control the valves because you have mhd, you can already open the valves with the buttons m1 and m2 that would be for cars that don’t have built in regulated valves before we had to install the exhaust, daniel bring the water for us, respect bro now it sounds good, you can imagine how

It’s gonna sound when we install everything i don’t know how you can hear it on camera, what do you think daniel? now we will take the parts and put them all on the floor here we go guys, the old exhaust is not anymore installed there’s nothing, here is the old one – disgusting, it looks bad we arranged the exhaust it is not really how it should be but you can see how

The whole system looks like i’m moving the lambda sonda so everything works correctly comment down bellow if i should go extreme and put a flame tune it is a valve controller which i will not install today because we are short with time and too excited to leave the car here for longer time it’s a bluetooth connected controller which can control the exhaust it’s also phone

Compatible, but we will install it next time right now it isn’t such a big deal that we didn’t install it because bmw m3 has already valve controlling based in which mode you are driving we are almost done, only the tips remain to be installed and we can start the car i can’t wait any longer, i’m so excited… the best part is that this will be a cold start i dreamt about

This moment for a long time to install an exhaust like this everything is connected and installed and we are ready for cold start the last thing to finish this is to put fi exhaust sticker if you didn’t hear the first time, this exhaust is made by fi exhaust or frequency intelligent exhaust this sound you can’t hear on camera microphone, its really loud this is so loud,

You can’t even stand behind the car for bmw’s this is the place you want to go, to be in the best hands i really don’t have to say anything, i’m speechless this is it, yesterday we were driving the car the whole night i didn’t get out the car, this sound is special and i can’t describe it it’s a bit too extreme now i will have to modify the burble tune i will record a pov

Drive while cruising through the city tell me in the comments if you like the idea of the pov video now i wanna say a big thank you and i appreciate fi exhaust for this opportunity (links in description) and as well a big thank you to my friend palic and his workshop

Transcribed from video

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