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Twisted 2015 Land Rover Defender 110 XS

This is portland pass this is a twisted land rover defender in copy square with 24 000 miles on a 2015 65 plate and you know what i’ve had we’ve got chelsea trucks project cars and other twisting but this one by far is in a different level completely what an awesome awesome machine and i have to call it machine because it’s absolutely radiant and i mean outrageous

Give me two seconds please hear me what a car this is it is unbelievable nothing like about ever before it’s twisted so it’s the best it’s baseball it’s exclusive but in my opinion twisted do the best nothing is a shortcut and you know what have you ever seen a defender look as good as this if you’re adventurous mountaineering shooting this is the best adventure

You can physically buy for your money at 99 990 with 24 000 miles on this actual car has receipts i never hold paper in my hand you know why and we sell 200 cars a month no problem at all because i know my stuff i really understand our cars i know the spec this car’s got that much on it i’m having to hold about 15 pieces of paperwork which i’ll go through with

You it’s not the full twisted conversion it’s at the upgraded stage one meme map we’ve twisted as well just look at this car it’s got the air suspension which i’ll go through with you now this is going to be a long video so i can tell you now take a seat best color stealth cover spray it’s got the led lights the air suspension you’ve got this winch i mean if you

Ever get stuck not this bad boy you’re getting pulled straight back out led lights which you see at the start the video this has more led lights than my house does it’s unbelievable and i mean it everything about it the monster wheels the ford’s alloy wheels and look tremendous the deep dish the black the whole contrast of this car is gray and black so it looks

Very stealthy it can fit in anywhere pretty much now this is on the elevated um air suspension obviously they do drop down and you can lift it up again and i’ll show you that that’s just true a touch of a button on the remote it’s tremendous it’s had the full leather interior conversion done as well so it looks absolutely tremendous there the condition inside is

Beautiful you’ve got the media system which is navigation the bluetooth the dab you’ve got the sunroof remember this is the 110 xs so already you’ve got the extra space anywhere but with a full conversion that this car has undergone it is just a new level like i said if you’re an adventurous type of person imagine turning within this you’ve won whatever sport

You’re gonna do you’ve won something look at this hatches here it’s unbelievable so for shooting you’ve got a hatch on both sides if you are going hunting or anything like that you’ve got the full roll cage on the exterior vehicle in case you find someone in the boat in it which i don’t think you will but that alone is just brilliant we’ve got the full extended

Arch kick which is all limited in and it’s all done correctly i’ve talked about this quite often where sometimes any conversion of upgrades that are done are half-hearted so they’re hanging off they’re loose there’s gaps this one absolutely not everything about this car has been done to a certain quality what you would call top quality the condition of the lever

It’s got the alcantara roof lining on it so luxury hasn’t been missed as well now i’ve driven this car when it first came in last night and you know what i’ve given several defenders and they’re not my cup of tea normally this one actually drives beautiful you wouldn’t expect it look at the big wheels not with the suspension system that it’s got but that’s why

It does drive well because it a lot of money’s been i’ve got nearly 80 thousand pounds worth of just twisted receipts that means something not a single penny has been spared the previous customer who’s done all the work to it and added all the extras wanted the best not second best not what this will do and this would be okay they wanted the best go into the

The lengths of you’ve got the full transloc l4 locking system for the guns if you are a bit of a shooter and you want to go hunting look at this i’ve never seen one like it and we’ve sold enough defenders here if you buy this car and you are adventurous type of person you do want to go for the other hunting session and you have your guns you need to carry it in

A safe locking system like this what transloc do which is probably one of the best out there as well so you have the pocket holes become a bit closer for your sort of cartridges or any of the little sort of gadget and gizmos that your guns come with if you look underneath you’ve got this here perfectly spaced out for your guns so i mean this is just brilliant

And it’s safe it’s a locking mechanism on there which is very safe so you are protecting everyone involved now the guns don’t come with a car please but this is you can’t have our cell cars for living we sell a lot of cars i’ve been emotional 17 years i haven’t seen one that has quipped as well as this in this condition you’ve then the what you call it let me

Show you something this cast was that much i can’t get all my words out so in here you’ve got this wet grip floor and you’ve got the the drying um top shelf there so if you have got your your wet jacket on and you’ve been out and you’ve been in the mountains and whatnot you leave it up there and it drips and then you keep the car nice and clean and obviously

It’s been strengthened the whole car’s been strengthened to just read off a list of things the cars had but that’s exactly what it has got it’s got everything and obviously the front calipers the discs the pads and upgraded to take the power and what it deserves really um the suspension i’ll come back to i’ll show you again if you look in the back of it again

Just to give you an idea of what condition it’s in like this is non-slip and waterproof obviously you can put things up there that i mentioned you’ve got hatch and both sides obviously your tour bars there you’ve got the ladder but then you’ve got that full rack at the top which takes a weight i don’t want to climb up there today because i’ve got these light

Trousers the steps are there you climb yourself up there and you know what if instead of being a safari it is unbelievable if you want the best adventure vehicle this is it at 1999 99 990 somebody else has spent eighty thousand pounds a member so in true value not paying the money you should because when i’ve looked at similar ones not even one as good as this

Similar ones on the internet for sale anything up over 150 000 pounds so we want to give somebody an opportunity i cannot push a dog that’s strong spare wheel full size the bodywork is immaculate led lights on the back again so if you are going to go out you need all that you’ve got headlights and rear light protectors now these are again cracking because if you’re

Going to go through them roads and mods and whatnot you want to be protecting your assets and this is as strong as it gets remember you’ve got the hatch on both sides so we do go shooting with friends you can you can choose what side you want to go from condition every single panel is immaculate the interior is immaculate but it’s just for me it’s like wow like

I said this is not gonna be a short video if anything i might need to do a second video just to go through some of this spec because i’ve only touched on maybe a handful and there’s like 15 pages of it on the interior i’m gonna give it a little jump you’ve got the memoir twisted steering wheel which is a freeze fork which is brilliant and then you’ve then got

Obviously all the normal defender characteristics you would expect but would have been twisted as i mentioned you’ve got the twisted media player there you’ve got the normal heating controls the heated seats air conditioning and now just it’s you don’t know me sean’s in a defender you’ve got fun heated windscreen and reheating windscreen so you still have the

Creative comfort but this drives unbelievable but remember the person that is interested in this car and sees this car we’ll see it for what it is and but buy it because it is the best genuinely it’s unbelievable now if we show you the controls there’s the control since the suspension so literally you press down and the car is already starting to lower itself so

I’ll unload it for you and then you’ll know what it looks like at the lower setting and then you’ve also got like a different remote for the revenge it’s amazing absolutely amazing become the most impossible so you can see there it so you can make it really low as you can see you won’t see my defender sitting that low it’s getting lower still lock it up and

That’s what i went off the point i’m making is look at the stance on this car now from any angle my side shot from the front shot have you ever seen anything this beautiful but still so aggressive snorkel on there obviously you’ve got all the stand players kick fists you can actually stand on the bonnet of this car the front bars the protectors again it’s just i

Mean i wasn’t i wasn’t just exaggerating when i said this has got 80 000 pounds of receipts genuinely if you just look at some of the receipts i mean there’s bills for like 57 000 pounds from twisted and then there’s more bills like 9 000 pounds people ask me when i want to sell defenders well has it been soundproof and has it this has had everything it’s been

Soundproof um i mean i don’t know where to start me you’ve got the speaker mouse you’ve got the carpet which has been good throughout the thing um valve adapter it’s just there’s lists and lists of things it’s hard and i genuinely don’t know where to start all i want to say is if you’re a serious buyer looking at one of the best defenders in the country today

In my opinion get in touch i’d be very happy to forward on the full specification all the extras that this cars have done to it and i mean it once again absolutely not a penny has been spared and remember things that you would normally go and spend money on yourself like the lock star for the for the guns the sort of hatches this is genuinely the best that i’ve

Seen and i know twisted do a cracking job when they convert the cars to make it look again the best at the best even thanks for watching i probably will do a second video just to go from some more the specification would just come in thanks for watching bye

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Twisted 2015 Land Rover Defender 110 XS By Acklam Car Centre

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