turning the 2023 trd pro sequoia
Altair Club Cars Turning the 2023 TRD PRO SEQUOIA into a beast with 37s

Turning the 2023 TRD PRO SEQUOIA into a beast with 37s

This 2023 TRD PRO Sequoia does not have any soccer mom left in it! These 37’s have just added a hole new look to this beast! I’m telling you this video and pictures don’t do it any justice! It is awesome! We work on a lot of vehicle and I don’t ever fall in love with any of them. Not one of them I would say if I could I would drive this or that. This one has really gotten my attention. It looks the part and really rumbles and it rips! I can’t wait to see what it really looks like when we finish it.

Hey guys jeff with westcott designs so we’re still working on this 23 toyota sequoia trd pro we have done some different fitments uh different tires we did 35 12 and a half and 18s on the factory plus 30 wheel we now have dawn a set of 17 by eight and a half with a plus 25 set it innovate uh wheels here uh this is a km3 this is a 37 12 and a half by 17. um will

These fit yes they are a little tighter than they are on the tundra they will uh require a little bit more work definitely gonna have to pin the fender back here uh there’s a little bracket that’s behind here will have to be removed as well uh down here we haven’t done it yet because this isn’t our truck to do so with uh the front lower fender um the basically the

Inner liner is going to need to be pushed forward this truck belongs to toyota and thank you again toyota for letting us borrow this to prototype some parts and stuff on it um we did our front leveling kit basically we did our trd pro lift kit on the tundra that we have for the new trd pro we did just that in the front this spring has eight windings to it the trd

Pro on the tundra has nine windings on it so it sits two inches lower in the front right off the get right out of the gate so what we did on this is we put our front only kit in it to see where it’s at and basically where it’s at was 22 and a quarter originally with just their front only kit and basically sat a half inch higher in the rear so it was had a really

Nice stance with the 35s works really well probably for those daily driver guys that’s probably the best setup on this um then we went ahead and made a new collar we’ve been out road testing it making sure the ride’s really nice it aligns great um just making sure that it’s good uh we now have the front set at 23 and a half and we have the rear set at 24 and a

Half on this um and that’s obviously with the 37s on it i know guys are going to ask me uh what does it sit what’s the antenna height is this going to fit in my garage so with the 35s on it with just the front our front leveling kit with nothing done to the back it came in at uh uh 76.75 that stock spring in the rear with just a front leveling kit um this one

Here uh we did our rear spacer 7 8 spacer in the back um it came in actually it says 35 here it doesn’t have 35s it came in actually with the 37s i don’t know why we wrote that on there but with the 37s it came in at 77 and an eighth uh up on the top very top of the antenna so uh that is with the 37s on it the way it sits here uh the truck looks amazing like i it

May be hard to see this in the video um i thought it looked great with 35s and that’s the way i thought i would roll it then now looking at it with 37s i mean this truck if people thought it was a little weak and needed a little more i’m telling you this truck looks unbelievable we’ve done a lot of trucks at the shop we’ve had a lot of cars that we’ve got to work

On over time i will tell you we’re not even we’re just raking the ice on this thing i honestly think this when we’re all done with it and i already think that it is on its way to being the best looking suv or best truck that we’ve ever done in our shop ever not because it’s going to be a lot of our stuff on it but just because the styling of the truck and the way

It looks and everything about it the way it drives uh the having you know three rows of seats in this thing it is the ultimate vehicle so uh you let us know what you think we’re already starting to work on the roof rack the sliders and some of the other parts that we’re going to build for this and please uh let us know what you think but i it just this truck is

Coming along so nice and we’re going to share the end results before this thing gets shipped up to sema and you guys let us know what you think but this thing is awesome so hope you guys enjoy it we hope to hear what you have to say and please continue to watch as we continue to build this thing out thanks again for watching

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Turning the 2023 TRD PRO SEQUOIA into a beast with 37’s😳 By Westcott Designs

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