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Altair Club Cars Turbo Wax Detailing 2020 Cadillac XT6 | Car Detailing Products | Detailing XT6 |

Turbo Wax Detailing 2020 Cadillac XT6 | Car Detailing Products | Detailing XT6 |

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Hello and welcome back to our channel so in today’s video we’re going to take you out there we have a 2020 cadillac cadillac xt6 suv um nothing fancy about it is in real good shape just the customer wanted to take it to a different level so we’re gonna go over the turbo waxwell remover pro x and we’re gonna put the turbo watch booster 2.0 we’re going to spray

The grill and polish the glass and just do our typical package and it’s a real nice suv it’s a daily driver so really there’s no nothing real fancy about it but we want to take you to that journey to see the before and after and the end results so anyway let’s flip this thing around and outside we go to do the xt6 all right so we have the cadillac xt6 we’re

Going to be doing putting the coating on her and we are going to polish the wheels polish the glass i’m going to address this plastic trim here make it black again with the turbo wax booster 2.0 overall is in pretty good shape so i think that i got lucky this time i’m just gonna do a quick measurement to see where we at we’ve got plenty of meat to work with very

Nice check back here somewhere yeah there’s a lot of clear so yeah so we’re good i’m going to polish the taillights too i put the light to it and it’s looking good so just very minor stuff so i’m gonna go over with the turbo wax well remover pro x and the orange pad and then we’re gonna spray the grill spray all the front end we’re gonna spray the the wheels

And so on so i’m gonna get ready and then we go all right so here we got all the goodies we’re gonna use for the washing portion so we got the bucket with the dirt grit dedicated wash mitt for that we’re gonna use the foam gun for the garden hose with the um breast feedings i’m going to use the yellow shampoo the wheel cleaner and we’re going to use this wheel

Cleaner to decant the paint today as well as the tires and wheels so we’re going to show you about that so we’re going to do the the contamination with the chemical then we’re going to go behind with the oxidation block and do it mechanically so this is as a fine grade is is more effective than the so-called clay bars and we have a video about that and we also

Have a video about the wheel cleaner about about the uh against the iron removers which everybody uh knows that i’m not a fan of them we’re going to use the yellow foam shampoo and then we got a regular brush and we got a brush with the drill for the bottles another bucket with dedicated wash med and a few other items there so this is all we need to do all

The washing adding decontamination uh we already measured the paint assess the vehicle so we’re gonna wash away and dry by air and then we’re gonna go and start with the turbo wax sweat remover pro x probably with the orange pad and go away and take it to the level that we want and then we will continue with the boosted so here we go all right so with the wheel

Cleaner and we can tackle both the wheels and the tires it’s simply going to apply you can use it on the wheel wells here and then to the contaminated pane you simply apply to the surface right there it won’t change color but we don’t care about the fancy stuff we just want to get this stuff over and then we go behind with the oxidation block and the surface is

Gonna be ready for us and help us a lot that we don’t do we don’t have to spend that much time polishing away see right there safe on all surfaces painted surfaces and so on and then with the clay block just gonna glide back and forth and you can do the glass too usually when you buy this new you will recommend that you do a break in on the glass very simple

And very effective right there the oxidation block do all right so we got everything ready and we are ready to go with the coating and as usual we use our prep all and i want to point out here a trick that i do and that is to use two different microfibers the yellow one i will be applying the prep pole to the surface let me prime it right there and then i

Will use that to pass on the surface to take all the oils and everything from the surface and then i will go with the gray one to make sure that i don’t have anything on the surface that might contaminate the turbo wax booster 2.0 so just wanted to share that out all right so the customer made a last-minute request with the boosted to do the interior so we

Did all the trim pieces and then complementary we did the interior because it’s a real good customer so and no charge but now all of this is protected and looking good and the doors also speakers so looking good just gonna get a final assessment i already saw a few things we need to touch up but door jams and everything looking good all right so we’re

Done so let’s go over the cali but first let’s take a good look under the sun sun don’t lie right there came out phenomenal i don’t know what i’m recording because it’s so bright so i hope that it comes out good i hope that it looks as good as it does to me so anyway everything was polished with orange pattern microfiber pad using the turbo wax sweater remover pro

X including the wheels and including the glass and then we went behind it with the boosted 2.0 ceramic coating as you saw we sprayed the grill sprayed the bumper we sprayed the wheels we coated the glass too and the wheels we did with the um turbo wax tire wheel cleaner the looks and the tires with the t2 and you saw that we used the wheel cleaner the loops as

A decon and you can check our video against the iron removers last request last minute request customer called for the inside to be coated so we coated all the interior pieces and we also cleaned the interior it’s looking phenomenal either all that was coated and that’s a view of that and the view of the other side looking beautiful i’m sure the customer will

Be very happy all right so there you have it the caddy done i hope you enjoyed the video thank you for the email subscriptions um check us online turbowatch.com and until the next time thank you for watching

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Turbo Wax Detailing 2020 Cadillac XT6 | Car Detailing Products | Detailing XT6 | By Turbo Wax Products

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