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The new BMW X3M is far from slow. We had it on our dyno for some testing, this was the outcome. Not only is the drive smoother and more responsive the 0-60 time has been vastly improved

Hello guys and welcome back to mallory performance and to my right hand side we have got the bmw x3m now we did a previous video on the x3m before and it was possibly the worst youtube video i’ve ever seen so this time we made sure to film everything a bit more in depth for you guys so you can see exactly what we do to the xvm now this one has been in for

A stage one tune and we also like to gather up a few things so we get asked quite a lot what’s the noise to 60 time a bit um when it’s stock and then when it’s stage one can you tell that on the dyno well the truth is you can’t do a naught to 60 run on the dyno which is why we wanted to give you guys the figures so we went out and we bought a draghi so with this

X3m before we tuned it before we got it on the dyno we plugged in the draggy and we went out and we did a naught to 60 run on it and these were the results okay 4.7 again consistently 4.7 so i think we’re going to take that figure okay we just want to say as well we’re not using launch control because one it’s a customer’s car as well and who launched controls

The car every day but who floors the car every day so real life situations so yeah as you can see real life naught to 60 times if i’m right i think it was a 4.6 4.7 seconds now it was time to put it on the dyno so so once it was on the dyno we did the stock run as you can see here with a picture of the graph on the screen now and you can see it’s quite an

Impressive first run so after phil had tuned it all up it was time to run it again for the second run with the stage one two so here is the dino rod what’s happening it’s fast it’s fast it’s gained what so we’ve gained so you’ve got uh that’s the stock yeah that’s the tune no that’s a tune that’s a stock sorry i’ve got flip around here so in the mid range but

467 foot pound where i was at 478 okay and i was at 309 at the wheels now i’m 373. so all the whole mid range is about 70 which is where you feel it you don’t feel top end so yeah after being all tuned up now it’s got a hell of a lot more torque it was time to take it out and see if it improved on the naughty sixty time and this is what happened stage one tune

Loads more torque let’s have loads more power we have had burgers so we’re a bit heavier um right let’s get this naughty six there let’s go bang on four seconds bang on three point nine nine seconds so three point nine three point nine i know that yeah i think we’ll take that that is quick now whilst the customer is really happy with the tune obviously you guys

Know we don’t only just do tunes here we do lots of upgrade part upgrading parts services wraps and everything as well as i’ve explained in previous videos this customer is looking at coming back to get the mss spring upgrade this is sort of that’s the best way to explain it’s probably the mid way between lowering springs and coil overs so as you can see it

Has an adjustable top spring so you can adjust the ride height without losing the comfort of the original rod as well so it’d be interesting to get these on the xvm in the future i can see this becoming very popular for a lot of cars not just bmws so for all your mapping needs or anything like that make sure you get in contact with us all our details are in the

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TUNING THE NEW BMW X3M By Mallory Performance

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