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Altair Club Cars TUNED 450HP BMW M240I X DRIVE vs STOCK 503HP M3 COMP..


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So what’s going on gas gang yes we are back with another octane filled og battle and today is an all bavarian battle between m light and fully fledged flagship mpower and it’s going to have some surprising results that you don’t want to miss so stay tuned and let’s get welcome to officially let’s get it so welcome back once again to an og battle between two

Bmws that are on completely different sides of the price spectrum but still have a few similarities we want to find out if an m light with a 500 pound tuning box can keep up with a full fat m car that costs over double the price and in partnership with race logic we’re going to be carrying out two sets of races first up is a quarter mile drag race next up it’s

A roll race to the quarter mile all races are best of free and the vbox performance box touch will be recording data such as zero to sixties quarter miles and more to give you guys the stats on how the cars perform let’s go over and meet both cars and their owners so first up from auto id representing for the underdogs it’s jack and his 450 brake horsepower stage

One bmw m240i x drive the 240i is powered by the mighty freely a straight six single turbo b-58 engine and modifications only consist of a jb-4 tuning box an e-venturi intake and a cat-back mil-tec opf delete exhaust the cars running on michelin ps4s street tyres all round and is estimated to weigh in at a rather hefty 1690 kg giving a power to weight ratio of

266 brake horsepower per ton it drives all four wheels via zf eight-speed traditional auto torque converter transmission and also for reference this car costs just under 50k to buy brand new and representing for the m car fanatics he’s going to be stepping up against steve and his beautiful bone stock 503 brake horsepower x drive bmw m3 competition the m3 is

Powered by the exceptional three-liter twin-turbo straight six s58 engine and is in totally bone stock and unmodified condition he’s running on ps4s street tyres all round and weighs in at a pretty damn heavy 1745 kg and that’s even with the reduced weight due to the upgraded seats brakes and wheels giving it a power to weight ratio of 288 brake horsepower per

Ton it also drives all four of its wheels via zf 8-speed traditional auto gearbox oh and just for reference this crazy spec m3 has a list price of a mind-blowing 107 thousand pounds crazy jack welcome back to the channel brother hey thank you thanks for having us bro my pleasure now today you are simply put the underdog i guess yeah you could say that you

Got jb4 you’re an m light but you’re up against the daddy of m cars a four wheel drive g series m3 510 brake beast um yeah i mean look who knows what’s going to happen we’ve seen some good results already you’ve seen the nooks and 60s so i’m hoping that maybe at the start we might be able to nip him but i don’t know when you get down the road that you can’t

You can’t argue with the power of that s58 exactly exactly yeah well look it’s going to be entertaining anyway and i think most people are going to be behind you on this one okay well let’s see it that’s all right give it your best shot and uh yeah man good luck cool soon a bit nice one steve welcome to the channel thank you mate you’re down with a daddy of

M cars in my opinion the g80 m3 x drive right x drive now you’re you’re up against the nem light however he has a jb-4 tune on it your stock how do you reckon you’re gonna get on today i think it’ll be close okay i do think it’ll be really close um i think he might get us off the line a bit i think i’ll have to reel him in a little bit but i think mid-range

And top end i think i’ll catch him you’ll have him okay cool so you saying drag race will kind of go he’ll get the jump you’ll reel him in roll race are you saying you just have him yeah i think i love them okay all right confidence bro yeah i think i’ll have a mouthing i think the extra talk i think it will get there okay all right steve well good luck mate

Thanks man have a good one so the lads are going to be battling it out to take home the new sugarcoat cup and a set of its ultra effective super sweet sugar coat ceramic waterless washes and first up is the drag races but before we get cracking let’s get a couple of sound checks ready ready and amazingly for the underdogs the little m240i manages

To beat the m3 to the finish by around half a car length that was mad let’s line them up and go again and just to throw a spanner in the works now in true m car style steve’s m3 doesn’t want to go into launch control so he’s just gonna floor it but with what just happened in the last race good luck mate ready ready and once again highlighting the lack of

The m3’s launch control the mighty little 2 series disrespects the m3 beating into the finish line by our bus length that was insane so taking a look at some of the v box data let’s take a look over at the incredibly competitive zero to 60 all-wheel drive og battles leaderboard and as you can see jack and the 240 manage a rapid 0-60 time of just 3.21 seconds

The m3 goes zero to 60 half a second slower at a time of 3.72 however both cars not quick enough to cement a place on the leaderboard and then taking a look over at the best quarter mile times achieved by the cars jack and the 240 manager time of 11.60 seconds at a speed of 117 miles per hour the m3 once again runs a slightly slower time of 11.84 seconds however

Shows its extra power with a higher trap speed in the 240s crossing a line at 121 miles per hour once again both cars off the pace to rank amongst the top 15 on the board and round one goes to the mighty little 240i next up is the roll races and i can hear the m car owners holding their breath right now let’s see if anything changes here the idea for this one

Is for both lads to roll at an agreed speed the left car sets pace and as soon as they hit the start marker it’s go time and this time steve and the m car managed to pull one back beating a two series to the lion by about a car and a half length pretty close still so let’s line them back up and go again and that time it was incredibly close but the m

Car just manages to get to the line first beating the 2 series by about a car length madness so taking a quick look over at the fastest 100 to 200 kph times recorded by the cars the m240i runs a 100 to 200 of 9.09 seconds however the m3 shows it’s the faster car on the roll by running a 100 to 200 kph time of 8.34 seconds interesting and round two goes to the

Mighty m3 and unfortunately as it ends in a one round each draw neither lad gets to lift the revered sugar coat cup today however both get to split a set of its insane super sweet smelling ultra hydrophobic ceramic waterless washes so it’s not all bad and don’t forget to get yourself sorted for show season by heading over to sugarcoat.co.uk the links can be

Found in the description and save yourself 10 when you buy using my special promo code and as usual guys don’t forget to let me know which one of the two cars you’d prefer to own and if the race is panned out the way you thought they would and as usual don’t forget to smash that subscribe button and stay tuned for another epic og battles peace out you

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