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Altair Club Cars Truck Bed Tent That Fits The Ford Maverick Xportion Truck Bed Tent.

Truck Bed Tent That Fits The Ford Maverick Xportion Truck Bed Tent.

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All right so today i got in the mail something i’ve been wanting to try and what uh if you’re trying to camp in your maverick you’re gonna know that the bed is only three like four and a half feet and that’s not very big you can’t sleep in four and a half feet but uh with the tailgate down it’s a little bit over six feet so if you’re not too tall you can do it and

In my case i’m not too tall i should be able to do it but the problem is most truck bed tents that are marketed are just too big they don’t make them for beds this small but i have one right here that just might work and let’s try it out go all right it’s this x portion tent and it’s supposed to fit um a 4.9 bed this is a 4.7 bed so it just might make it inside

The bag there’s instructions on how to put it together rain fly this is the main thing we’re gonna see if it fits steak well the sticks that go across seems to be a pretty good pretty thick material looks like bags after you open it up putting these bags foreign this is what it looks like before i put on the rain fly and i think it fits pretty well let me

Show you where i put all the straps um this strap is not long enough to reach down to the bottom to anything that can be gripped onto so i had to use this extra extension and i hooked it on down there hooked it onto the extension and the same on both sides of course over here this guy hooks underneath there all right over here is where it’s actually kind of cool

Everything has a place to go this strap right here out on to this guy right here so that goes on pretty well place strap right here goes down hooks up to that bottom part of my tow hitch so does this guy same with the center guy and the two guys over there all goes right there so that part is actually really nice that’s the way it’s looking right now let’s take

A peek inside before i put on the rain fly okay not too bad not too bad at all all right i forgot to put on that top bar and you can see that top bar pulls this thing out really well and it’s starting to look pretty good i think this is going to fit you know this is made for a 4.9 bed this is a 4.7 so let’s keep putting on the rain fly and see how well it fits all

Right so the rain fly straps will pretty much go exactly where the the main tent straps go see what there’s a little window in the rain fly right there take a walk around here’s the inside a couple windows same on that side look up top looks the same on this side of course yeah i think it actually fits really well i don’t think we could ask for a much better

Fit so i know it wasn’t made for the maverick but it’s the shortest uh tent truck bed tent that i could find and it seems like it does fit so let’s uh climb in now the real test will be you know how well it fits and man there’s a lot of room up here so you know putting in a mattress air mattress or something will be fine you know legging back wow i got plenty of

Room to come back i’m only five eight on a good day but yeah i think this tent actually fits pretty well for the maverick so if you’re looking for a a short truck bed tent that’ll fit your maverick this might be the ticket i’ll leave a link in the description for you all right originally thought this was a rain fly but it looks like it’s a mat so if you wanted

To lay it on the ground i guess you could lay it on the ground and there’s some stakes to put the tensions of the ground if you didn’t want to put in the truck so this blue thing that came in this bag that’s what that is it’s actually not the tarp because the tarp is already the rain fly is already on there it also comes with these two storage bags so if you want

To store some of your gear in there and keep it waterproof not bad and some replacement sticks if if it breaks there’s two of these here’s the other one it’s rolling away so you know two storage bags and two replacement sticks not bad of course the hardest part of breaking down camp is getting everything back in the bag i got it back in it wasn’t too bad it’s in amazing foreign

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Truck Bed Tent That Fits The Ford Maverick! Xportion Truck Bed Tent. By Gear Experiments

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