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My goodness guys she just did it one more time i’m talking about how leticia james just proved that she’s likely the most competent and driven person we have when it comes to taking old donnie down because what she just did was not only absolutely trick and embarrass trump and his dumb dumb lawyers in court but she also just handed a massive tool that can be used

Not only by the doj but by every single person investigating and considering charging donald trump as we speak she just exposed not only the delay and deny strategy of trump and his dum-dum attorneys for her case but she just did it everywhere across the country listen to this clip because it gets in to trump’s dum-dum strategy and how it’s failing and then we’re

Going to hone in specifically uh what leticia james just did to trump and his dum-dums and my goodness she smacked him around looking showing that they’re no longer classified and none of this happened here really this i waved my magic wand and declassified everything defense was just a prime example of trump throwing spaghetti up against the wall and hoping that

Something would stick in the court of public opinion and help him get out of trouble it’s nothing more than that so david you and i are not the lawyers here and there’s a conversation about appointing a special master which is just a a word i love saying uh to examine all this stuff okay like i don’t know this is how trump rolls right he puts in a uh some sort of

A hurdle he puts in something to slow the whole thing down while he tells people it’s a witch hunt there’s nothing really to this but you’ve watched this happen for decades not since he’s been president in 2016 but for decades trump slows things down he discourages people he he says it’s not true and sometimes it works for him right well indeed it has worked for

Him very successfully uh roy cohn the notorious roycone taught him uh you know if law enforcement comes after you they’re the criminals attack them delay delay delay find any reason you can to muck up the works in your case and rat out other people and by the way well i’m not a lawyer i do teach law uh and i have for many years and one of the things i’m struck

By in this case is trump’s lawyers are so awful i mean the worst lawsuit i ever had wasn’t down in the bottom league where these people are who are making assertions that don’t help him at all and that having some matters pretty much made the case that he is guilty of committing felonies federal felonies well let’s talk about that for a second glenn kirschner uh

Mike cohen who used to be trump’s lawyer and fixer uh was talking uh today on cnn about christina bob who is one of these lawyers whom david k johnson is talking about listen to what michael cohen said about christina bob 100 she needs to lawyer up here’s the thing about donald what he did with her and i’m sure because i’ve seen him do it a hundred times he tells

You there’s nothing there i already sent everything back i just need a lawyer to sign this and she doesn’t want to argue with the guy he’s his client it’s donald trump now former president so what did she do she foolishly signed the document now she’s going to have to testify and explain exactly what she did in order to verify that these documents were no longer on

The premises she’s going to have to turn around and say i didn’t because donald just told me she’s a right to rely upon her client’s statement but now when it’s donald trump the guy lies with impunity i mean he lies the way people breathe and she should have known that a lot of the way people people breathe i i this is an interesting concept because he said michael

Cohen said i might be michael might could be an interesting party in this he says she had a right to rely upon what her client told her but not when it’s donald trump which is the whole law and order theme we got going here it’s what david k johnson said if you’re donald trump’s lawyer you have to become his lawyer with the understanding that he’s got a long history

Of this kind of stuff but you can see him bullying his lawyers into making representations that they never should have made and ali this is actually beyond the scope of what a defense attorney should undertake when they’re representing a client if you represent a bank robber i don’t know that i’ve ever seen a defense lawyer certified of the prosecutors that just

Trust us the bank robber has returned all the money he stole that is not really the role of a defense attorney but that is what christina bob did now she’s probably gonna have to withdraw from her representation of donald trump why because her loyalties are split she still has loyalties to donald trump she has a responsibility to zealously represent him but now she

Has to look out for her own interest including her own potential criminal interest so i predict before too long you’re going to see her move to withdraw from representation of donald trump so listen it clearly no everyone clearly knows that his attack attorneys are awful that their strategies don’t work and they have two main strategies that they’re using in both

The doj stuff and the leticia james stuff whether they mentioned both specifically here it’s the same effect of strategy one delay and deny just delay and delay and delay for as long as you can even if the delays have absolutely no legal or factual merit but number two is always deflect which is to say why are you investigating me why are you considering to charge

Me or sue me or whatever there are other people doing far more things and you’ve seen trump say that oh all the presidents take documents which isn’t true but he’s also said with leticia james like why isn’t she looking into the violent criminals when that’s not her job and even if it was her focus right now is on one of the biggest criminals in new york state which

Is at least allegedly trump and his company and his dumb dumb kids and so this isn’t working and what he tried to do guys my god it’s such a dumb move by his lawyers that will hurt him in other cases is argue is argue that leticia james is trying to rig the trial against him by judge shopping by trying to pick a judge that’s favorable to her yes donald trump is

Arguing guys that a judge is being rigged against him and it’s unfair it says here the new york attorney general’s lawsuit accusing donald trump and his company of fraud has been assigned to a state court judge who repeatedly ruled against a former president in related subpoena disputes including holding him in contempt finding him a hundred and ten thousand dollars

And forcing him to sit for a deposition trump’s lawyers are objecting to manhattan judge arthur engarons continued involvement and accused attorney general leticia james’s office of attempting to judge shop because in paperwork seeking assignment of a judge it noted angeron’s knowledge of the case and linked a lawsuit in subpoena disputes as related matters and this

Is not judge shopping what does donald trump did with eileen cannon is judge shopping what he tried to do when he failed to sue hillary was judge shopping why trump tries to bring every one of his cases to particular parts of florida like when he tried to sue social media companies from california that is judge shopping this is a continuance and what the rules say

Is that in cases where you go to the next level and the case remains substantially the same you should stick with the same judge because the judge knows the case and in the concern of both justice and efficiency so you don’t waste time you don’t waste taxpayer dollars you don’t waste the hours of everybody involved you keep the same judge that’s not judge shopping

That’s the process working as intended but what this did just show is that trump and his team are admitting that they do the same thing they don’t have to come out right and say it because remember what one of the big defining strategies of trump world is projection you accuse others of what you are currently doing and will do again in the future and james just

Caught out the trump team one acknowledging that they know their case is boned and the only hope they have is to get a trump crony judge and two that they are doing the exact same thing whether it’s the doj stuff or the j6 stuff or the atlanta stuff they’re gonna do the same thing leticia james is winning a major battle not just against trump and his company in

New york civilly but giving the road map to everybody else this is a big step forward and i hope everyone follows leticia james

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