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Altair Club Cars Trevor Noah And Jay Leno Drive A Lamborghini Aventador S | CNBC Prime

Trevor Noah And Jay Leno Drive A Lamborghini Aventador S | CNBC Prime

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Join Trevor Noah and Jay Leno as they take a ride in a Lamborghini Aventador S.

The man you’re about to meet came to this country in 2009 virtually unknown here and a few short years became a huge star through hard work and dedication to his craft but more importantly he is a huge car guy let’s see if he can carry on a nice normal conversation while driving fast trevor jay leno how are you sir to see my friend this is beautiful today are

You kidding me yeah i don’t even know if i’m excited to see you it might just be the car it is the car comic trevor noah started out in johannesburg south africa moves the united states in his mid-20s and quickly got noticed for his outstanding stand-up comedy in 2015 jon stewart retired from the daily show and trevor took over as host he’s a talented guy but

You know i like about trevor he appreciates a rolling sculpture when he sees one this is beautiful i never get used to these cars let’s take you for a spin you want to give it a shot let’s hit a tree life kids you get your hit a tree with jay leno and lamborghini there we go you ready jay let’s do it seat belt on my friend chanceto we’re gonna hit that tree but

We’re gonna live let’s hit that tree did you ever see one of these in south africa crowing up you would see one every three weeks if you were lucky it was still enough to stop everything right but you were a car kid growing up right yeah yeah my stepdad owned his own garage right i spent most of my life fixing cars servicing because did you think that’s what

You would do oh no i hate it more than honey what did you hate about are you kidding me i hate the oil yeah i hate the right the fingers like the little cuts is always a little cut like this yeah we could you like you in a fight club yeah yeah it’s like all these little it’s just little cuts they’re not really painful just tiny little cuts and look at that’s like

A puppy’s paw exactly these hens are made for driving chase right but i will say this the one joy i haven’t really experienced it when the cars fixed the drive afterwards yeah all right let’s open this thing up come on we’re in a lamborghini let’s do it don’t be afraid of inari oh this is way better than the daily show i don’t feel like i can’t die yeah

Which i like in a car i always believe a supercar should have you feeling like your life is not guaranteed right see the head a jay leno and an unidentified man were killed today leno who walked away from the fish travel wouldn’t wanna read it before tonight show it almost sounds like a gatling gun i love it you see you back off that’s probably my favorite

Sound it feels wrong it feels powerful it feels i feel super the tunnel is the best part do you own any cars you live in new york city i sold all my cars i had a bentley gtc lamborghini huracan have the porsche macan he sold all three yeah i sold them moves to new york joined a car club it’s like timeshare but what cause i know you have you have a like 50

Cars and you can drive any of them whenever they’re available okay as long as you want whatever car gt40 yeah but you know i don’t think when you hit the brakes all the beer can throw a lot less we have it is no no no like what the car there really surprised if we went oh my god this is unbelievable mclaren 570s it’s not a great car domino yeah yeah and that’s

Only the five seven yeah yeah but i’m lamborghini through and through it’s overdone it’s garish and i like that in a supercar right what really holds the road doesn’t it just be anything the car literally shrinks around you it’s just unbelievable it’s the best feeling how old when you first did stand-up first time i did say i feel like i was old i was 22 it

Is funny because when you start out and stand up minutes and hours and hours or days days or weeks like i didn’t do the tonight show till i was 27 i thought i was the oldest person ever to do it it’s funny i just felt like i’ve been kicking around for almost i’m wasting time wasting time you know what it is it’s when you when you find your life’s purpose yeah

That’s when i feel like life already begins yeah that’s true and you have to have a regular job waiter or anything like that why works in an arcade i okay i ran on jobs yeah i ran on jobs like billy what did your parents think the first time you told them you gotta be inconvenient my dad is swiss a hilarious people so in his head he’d he’d literally i said i’m

A comic comedian and he said so like a like a cloud i said no no i’m not a clown no no i i do stand-up comedy right and i make the people laugh these are so so when you do your job the people laugh i’m like yeah thanks oh cloud now see the thing i respect about you and seinfeld and ios out this discussion you respect the art form i mean your daily show

And making personal appearances but you still find time to do stand-up because stand-up is the hardest of all to do i don’t find time to do stand-up i find time to do everything else stand-up is why i’m here right right then i’d end up is what teaches me to write a joke stand-up is what connects me with human beings stand-up is the only reason i’ve been able to

Travel the world stand-up is how going on the tonight show with jay leno yeah like i respect what got me where i am i don’t take it for granted i’ve always been a firm believer and love what you have and you’ll have what you love right right so so don’t live your life going oh if i can get that then i will get no man just do what you’re doing now right so for me

That’s that i love stand-up yeah and just loving stand-up and respecting the craft has gotten me every way that i’ve ever dreamed of going or even beyond that yeah that’s terrific no i think that’s just great well trevor i never thought to enjoy being a past your question i have now that’s really terrific thank you sir talking comedy one of my favorite things

With cars my other favorite thing so i know you’ve got a gig to get to and obviously you’re gonna get there very quickly thank you so much – thank you mate all right a shower i’m so thrilled we put you on the show back in 2009 when i tell you that was the greatest thing we ever did it’s part of the reason i’m here today so i probably why we appreciate you thank

You so much that’s right kids jay leno he’ll put you on his tv show in a lamborghini don’t ever forget that you

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Trevor Noah And Jay Leno Drive A Lamborghini Aventador S | CNBC Prime By CNBC Prime

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