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Altair Club Cars Traxxas Toyota GR Supra GT4 | Why This RC Car is Extra Special

Traxxas Toyota GR Supra GT4 | Why This RC Car is Extra Special

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Oh man guys it’s the day new car day what is up guys my name is mark sederman welcome back to channel welcome back to rc vlog guys we got a new car today and it’s not just a new car to me it’s a new car to everyone and i might i might be the first person aside for the manufacturer to have this car but nonetheless let me show you what it is oh man i’m so excited

Oh man there it is the new toyota supra guys this is the new toyota supra by traxxas it is a four tech 3.0 but there’s some things that are different aside from the body but look at how sweet that looks we’re gonna scope out the body panels open this thing up compare them to the hot rod and the corvettes and so the other four tech 3.0 and then we’re gonna do a

Little ripping in the street and it’s raining outside so we’re gonna have to do it in the rain and uh yeah desperate times call for disparate measures all right so most people might see this car and be like okay it’s just another four tech 3.0 with another body but there’s something extra special about this car and i noticed these things because this is how i

Like to collect but guys i did some research i haven’t seen another toyota license product by traxxas so this could i don’t know i can’t say for sure this could be one of the only ones ever if they can’t nail another toyota license but if that’s the case we already know what happens with the ken block the ken block uh focus the the bigfoot when they lose these

Licenses they go up an incredible price we already know that so this could be one of these we can’t say for sure now because they have it they’re selling it but man look at this thing we’re going to go over the box panels really really quick oh the toyota super gt4 quick disclaimer i do like the new toyota super but i am an old school toyota super guy uh let’s see

Whoa i just crushed my my hot rod back there sorry about that little buddy anyways here it is side profile oh man the box art beautiful beautiful let’s see the top swing this thing around there we go oh look at the back oh look at the detail there the black chrome exhaust tips that’s gonna look good we’re gonna bust this open in just a second oh nice i love the

Clipless body mounts i’m not gonna lie that was one of my favorite things about the corvette it’s cool that they did it with this it makes it look more scale without having the um the body post with the body clips on it and it’s super easy to get on and off the big thing that i noticed about this car and what most people notice about the car to tires which we’ll

Look at those in a second they are different uh there’s the top the side profile there you go very very cool does not come with a charger or battery battery or torque charger i got that mixed up backwards then let’s see the other side i think there’s a different color so let’s see the other side here oh they don’t have the other color on here but i’m pretty sure

I saw in the video that there was another color supra i think it was just a black and white one but i think what we got let’s see what the bottom does bottom is just another side profile that’s we already saw that thing all right let’s get something out of the box we know how to do this what wait it didn’t work ah there you go oh man look at that thing that

Looks so sick look at those tires the tires look so freaking beefy a nice big wing the details of the super looks so good quick overview on what comes in the box your typical spring spacers um your little tools that you don’t want to use looks like it comes with a different gear maybe a high speed gear and it comes with a regular tq radio not the tqy meaning it

Doesn’t have tsm with these tires grip good enough you’re not gonna need tsm guys but look at that wow guys i cannot get over how good this thing looks look at the back that is sick the details are freaking awesome all right let’s take the body let’s see if we can do with one hand we should be able to do with one hand let’s see there’s the back there’s the front

Oh man that’s so easy okay we’ll set the body back here here is the chassis the traxxas vortec 3.0 look at these tires oh my god they’re big those are some big freaking tires there is no way you’re not going to keep traction with those things um typical vortec 3.0 chassis i’ll pull these out right here so we can see them side by side guys i lied to y’all i i’m

Not gonna i bust this out i put it next to the hot rod it confused the crap i’m actually having to call my guys about traxxas get some clarification look this vortec 3.0 is longer than the new toyota supra for tech 3.0 so i have to compare it to the 2.0 so here’s the 2.0 so it’s longer than the 2.0 shorter than the hot rod and also shorter than the corvette so

Weird but look at those guys look okay look at the tire difference those that’s hot rod the hot rod the supra look at those tires there’s the gt40 oh man not even gt40 sorry the ford gt that’s a vortec 2.0 you can tell significantly shorter chassis from up top i believe it’s also narrower so it’s definitely just a shorter uh platform wheelbase stands everything

Here is the corvette the corvette is almost the same as if not exactly the same as the hot rod but definitely longer here it is he look longer than the toyota supra so very very interesting um that’s that might be even better i feel like that’s gonna be that’s gonna be a game changer should handle corners a little bit better um i think the power system in here is

Perfect guys i know a lot of people want brushless in these things i did put brushless in my corvette but honestly it’s it’s all it’s too much power to me i think this is a perfect amount of power it’s a perfect power unit for it’s very smooth being brushed i don’t plan on changing out the power unit at all on this thing i’m going to keep it with the xl5 because i

Have the xl5 in the 4gt and my mustang and they both are fun to rip they’re definitely fast but what i am going to do which i feel like they got right with this car the ford gt came with tsm i’m gonna put tsm on this one after we drive it the first time uh because i think it just makes it it makes it a more enjoyable driving experience for just in general because

You don’t really peel it you don’t really peel out you don’t really spin out it’s a lot easier to drive with tsm but nonetheless it like i said i haven’t even driven it it might not even need it because of these tires we’re driving hours in the rain right now so i don’t think we’re going gonna catch super traction but nonetheless look at that setup man all the

Four tanks that looks so freaking cool the four tech 2.0 the vortech 3.0 hot rod supra ford gt corvette oh man look at that that looks so freaking sweet oh man it looks so good so my guess is the reason why the different wheel bases is that they’re trying to get closer to the scale look and i think they nailed it with this one this supra looks very scale so does

The corvette and so does a hot rod so they’re changing wheel bases it actually makes sense because in real life they’re not all the same wheelbase so hats out to them on that man that looks pretty good all right let’s let’s drive this thing oh man my fortec stack is looking good look at these oh i got some cool freaking vortex guys all right in the comments below

Tell me which one your favorite is that’s the gray truck hot rod supra the coop the corvette the gt oh my god they just look so freaking amazing all right so in regards to how it drives i stand corrected guys i don’t think it needs i don’t think it needs tsm i mean these tires are so big and wide and they’re so planted it was cold and wet outside and it was still

Catching traction like i was having to force it to rotate um but not where it wouldn’t turn right it was it was just like i did a vlog not that long ago where i talked about how it’s good that the car pushes out of the box this car pushes out of the box which is good it’s easy to drive however you can’t break the back end loose just enough to do some drifting but

You really gotta force it but these tires again in the cold and wet were super planted not overpowered at all it doesn’t need tsm out of the box i think this would be a really cool like spec racing class because it’s so fun and easy to drive i did wreck it pretty bad once i was really pushing it i let the tires cool down it’s coming out of the garage i hit the

Water hit the turn and uh slammed into the curb but the good thing is is i didn’t do damage to the body because the way they designed the front bumper now the front bumper comes out further than the body so when it hit the curb it actually just hit this big plastic front bumper piece didn’t do anything to the body look this is after it ran i’ve already cleaned

It off after it ran the front of the body is perfectly intact that was nice because i hit that curb so hard the front of the body actually popped off but the body’s perfectly fine in regards to running your car in the rain i know this isn’t just about the supra but whenever you run your car in the rain and the wet just stay away from salt water stay away from

The beach and then also stay away from a lot of really really muddy water in that case i was just running out in the front yard i was just going through water that’s perfectly fine after you’re done blow it off and put a nice coat of wd-40 on it it’ll look brand new again and nothing will rust i’ll show you this one this one was already ran like this was the one

We just ran in these videos and look at it now i mean it looks brand spanking new again it cleaned up really really well look at how wide look at how wide those are they’re still they blow me away um i thought about taking these tires off and putting them on the corvette i did confirm that they will work on the corvette so i’m excited when these tires come out

Because i’m gonna put these tires in the corvette i think it’s going to really change it up with these tires and tsm that could make a pretty hardcore high speed car but man this car is super planet and the way it looks i can’t get over how good it looks it looks absolutely amazing when it’s driving it’s just it looks like you’re driving an actual track race car

And it looks so scale so good oh man and i mean i can’t believe i drove this one and it still looks this freaking clean so overall i’d definitely give this car a thumbs up super cool car hopefully i’m gonna try to get some vortex out and do some spec racing because i think that would be a lot of fun to do some spec racing with these things well hope you like this

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Traxxas Toyota GR Supra GT4 | Why This RC Car is Extra Special By Mark Santa Maria

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