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Altair Club Cars Track Time: The 2014 Range Rover Sport V8 Supercharged – Worlds Fastest Car Show Ep 4.1

Track Time: The 2014 Range Rover Sport V8 Supercharged – Worlds Fastest Car Show Ep 4.1

The Range Rover Sport is an undisputed titan of the automobile industry. Between its storied off-road heritage and Beverly Hills curb appeal, the Range Rover Sport is a brand unto its own. But what exactly does the sport designation mean? Saddled with a supercharged V8 engine producing 510 hp, Justin takes the Range Rover to the track to see just how sporty this mega SUV really is.

From the jungles to the red carpet range rover really is the only one that does it all but does it do sport range rover really is king of the hill isn’t it and i mean that quite literally whether you’re climbing mountains traversing rivers slip-sliding our way across ice range rover is renowned quite rightly for its off-road capabilities and of course on the

Flip side it is equally at home in beverly hills or on the school run it is the favoured vehicle of the rich famous and quite frankly people with a little bit of class but when you go and slap sport on the side of a range rover – people like you and i that means a great deal we don’t just take that at face value which is why here on the world’s fastest car show

I’m about to put that sport thing to the test in the only way we know how not many times you can say this in an suv but today it’s all about the start because this is one very quick suv let me put it into sport mode hold on oh i love doing that jesus it hustles that by the way around 4.9 seconds to 60 but what is so impressive is taking it probably out of its

Predictable environment and giving it hell on a racetrack for me that’s just a quick period of adjustment right now because my heart my senses are telling me that i’m in it really fast capable sports sedan in a way and yet my mind say no justic you’re in a range rover sport so treat it with respect because she’s a a big girl but it doesn’t feel like it as you

Come out on the track from the heart and soul of the range rover sport is the five liter v8 supercharged 510 horsepower 461 foot-pounds of torque and you certainly tell them they done a lot of work in the mid range because that 5-litre v8 is just pumping out sun’s gobs of power right where you need it most which is mid corner and midway through the power bet

And i think you can tell if you feel it it’s just frickin magnificent gee whiz it’s got an 8-speed gearbox obviously automatic but i’m making the most of the world plays little paddle shifters on the steering wheel i’m going to doing 110 115 120 125 to slow down down to third gear pop it into the corner that the car digger said obviously very important to let

The weight transfer even more so in something that has quite a high center of gravity but the regular boys actually eight hundred pounds lighter than its predecessor they’ve achieved that through the extensive use of aluminum 75% of which is actually recycled but in almost every way it’s bigger than the range rover sport that you may know from the past flicking

Through these edges here i love it normally i hate tire squeal what right now it’s quite rewarding has really quite good fuel economy on paper but the way i’m driving it it’s probably pretty miserable for like all fun cars to drive i kind of say bollocks to that just make the most of it jesus is fast around that corner there was 85 mile an hour which round the

Long right hander there now remember the predecessors to range rover sport were really just based off the lr4 platform the land rover platform now this is 100% a purpose-built range rover platform good girl oh my course if you get it wrong like i just did there let’s go across the grass bollocks go across the gravel no one cares because we’re in a range rover oh

That’s the way to do it okay this would have been handy the moments in my career do you know that i could have avoided a lot of embarrassment oh okay there we are god i really love this car ah i really only have two words to say about that experience bloody brilliant if you ever get the chance to drive one or hopefully own one then i urge you to give it a little

Bit of stick because she really enjoys it it is a very very fast car you know last week i was actually asked in advance of driving this if i can have one car for the rest of my life what would that be as such a difficult question but i think it will probably be a range rover because they just do everything like a girl that says she never really enjoys it suddenly

Enjoying it you know me wow ashiya i don’t know what i mean but i just wish i had a couple of the queen’s corgis in the back right now they’ll be formatting everywhere is nothing – sniffer sniffing not for them

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Track Time: The 2014 Range Rover Sport V8 Supercharged! – World's Fastest Car Show Ep 4.1 By MotorTrend Channel

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