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Hello and welcome to my channel well today i’m going to show you guys toyota tundra interior legroom how much does the double cab has legroom when people look at the tundra there’s things usually even me and myself that kind of says that it doesn’t have enough leg room when they look at the window top window well if you look at top window and then if you look

Down how much wider it is it’s a light wider actually the leg room on tundra is much bigger than comparators with the same size doors you know whatever they call them i yeah every brand is it’s not double cab it’s you know what i’m talking about so for comparison how much does it well i am six foot and how much legroom we have so we have about and give you

Guys the actual numbers because if you look online trying to find some of this information well you can’t really find so we’re talking about maybe i should do this i don’t know four inches four four and a half or so about four inches yeah so about four inches legroom for you know and i said comfortable in the passenger seat so this is comfortable for me and uh

Let’s zoom out another view so what about this as they say jumps into the sex seed in the middle seat in the front how much leg room is there you know that’s another another interesting topic keep in mind here a tundra this the back actually it’s it reclines see if i can find it lever yes which is very convenient i’m not sure how many other pickup trucks on the

Market that have this feature headrest very few that have it i know ford has it uh and that’s it chevy doesn’t have it and rem doesn’t have it or dodge whatever you want to call it so which is nice you know you can adjust so if you have a passenger a child whatever it’s very nice to have it so how much leg room is here for adult i guess it depends on adult size

Size and height so talking about what ten ten and a half inches legroom here and probably around eight eight and a half inches so not too bad you know if you have something like a f250 f150 newer ones older maybe it’s a mother of chevy dodge let me know in the comment sections what is the leg room you know what i mean especially like the jumpsuit i’m curious

To find out you know how much leg room it has and you know this is which is very nice it storage what about the bag the deck is comfortable you can see you can put a child this seed and child can sit comfortable i just have a t-shirt so when they kick they kick in the t-shirt instead of you know making the seat in the back dirty so as you can see you know how

Comfortable am i you know a long long distance or short distance i guess it depends on you know what level of comfort so we’re talking about roughly three and a half inches or so three and a half to four inches not too bad you know definitely better than walking or there are cars are much that have a lot more less legroom so that’s pretty much with this and

There is something else i want to mention to you guys about the legroom of double cab in the back double cab leg room in the back of the return is is same as like toyota camry same as theory cambridge mid-sized cars it’s it has the same legroom but in toyota camry you sit lower so the distance between the seat and that might be longer but because you see higher

Here you have it’s the same actually leg room i’m not sure how they measure but according to the specs and actually i had a camera here now i can compare to my lexus es 350 which is same thing as camry in terms of legroom however if you compare double cap to f150 uh crew cab like 2012 2013 it has four more inches of legroom in the back more that’s we’re talking

About with steel body not aluminum i’m not sure how much difference with aluminum body you know their 2012 their biggest cap i think it’s a it’s not a double cab i’m forgetting the name that the port uses for their the biggest cab that they have so the difference is four inches between terra tundra and ford however if you’re looking at a camry accord maybe subaru

We’re talking about about same legroom so that’s pretty much wraps up you know if you have uh a truck that has three rows in the front drop me a comment i wanna hear what’s the legroom you know i showed you guys with my type measure if you don’t mind measuring and dropping the comments now very interesting to see and compare which one has more which one has less

And just for comparison not to say that you know one is better in terms of legroom versus the other you know it comes down to personal preference and need you know for someone who’s tall yes they will need more room but for someone who’s average or maybe short person for them that leg room not gonna matter because it’s big enough either way so thanks for watching

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