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Altair Club Cars Toyota Tundra CrewMax Review (2007) – AutosForSale

Toyota Tundra CrewMax Review (2007) – AutosForSale

Is Toyota Tundra a reliable truck?

It has one of the highest horsepower ratings the highest payload capacity and the highest tow rating of any four-wheel drive in its class hi i’m bruce smith why don’t you go with me on a road test and we’ll see how well this thing really does perform toyota’s new entry is the real deal when it comes to full-size pickups it’s also big a full 10 inches longer and

Overall length nearly 5 inches taller 4 inches wider than the tenor of old our testament comes with a 381 horse 5.7 liter v8 and the equally new six-speed automatic not only is this model the most powerful 4×4 half-ton in its class the crew max we have here can tow 10,000 100 pounds when properly equipped giving one of the highest tow ratings of any four-wheel-drive

Half-ton if you plan on towing a boat be aware that toyota limits towing on the ball or in conventional mode to 5,000 pounds towing a trailer of greater weight requires a weight distribution hitch and a sway control device we abided by those restrictions when we put our four-wheel drive truck through its hauling and towing basis we taught a 4,000 pound triton

To the launch ramp to see how it tracked rode accelerated and stopped in typical traffic conditions we noticed the tundra ride remains somewhat stout was such a trailer and the fuel economy of the monster 5.7 liter v8 drops into the low double digits what we found is there’s never a lack of either power or traction with the four-wheel drive crew max at the launch

Ramp the six-speed automatic and the low axle ratio that comes with the towing package makes it really easy to launch and retrieve a boat and trailer even under slippery conditions after we headed back to our office we dropped the boat and then we loaded the 5 foot 5 inch crew max bed with a 400-pound atv what is so impressive with the new tundra crewmax though

Is not only the power to tow and haul but what you find when you open the doors and pop yourself into the seats there’s more leg and shoulder room and the crewmax cab then the dodge mega cab we liked the idea you can both slide and recline the crew maxes 60/40 split bench seat everyone who drove our test truck complimented the spacious interior the nice wide

– Layout the large knobs and easy-to-use sound system and heating a/c controls it all makes a very comfortable and convenient packaging no doubt anyone driving the new crewmax 4×4 is going to be spending a lot of time behind the wheel and like our truck outfitted with the optional trd off road package it brings a lot of pleasant surprises it is very stable at

Interstate speeds towing or the occasional for a off-road it’s also a lot of fun to use the six-speed automatic manual shift mode for more spirited driving another pleasant surprise we found in this big pickup is it’s very precise steering thanks to a new rack and pinion steering system and a new front suspension that keeps the new tundra tracking smooth and

Straight this is especially noticeable on the interstate the tundra for before is equally at home off pavement we’ve switched our crew max into four low and took a few short well off road forays tundra power full role drive and quick steering help us plow through some really nasty stretches of road here at the gulf port drag way is where the tundra crewmax and

The new 5.7 liter i-4 v8 really get to shine our new tundra blue – 60 miles per hour in an astounding 6.9 seconds and it eclipses the quarter-mile in shade more than 15 that also has huge brakes bring it down from 70 miles an hour to a dead stop in a hundred and seventy feet folks those are muscle car numbers you know from bumper to bumper under the hood and from

Inside out the new tundra is a true american full-size pickup that will be setting new benchmarks from now on in the full-size half-ton market you know outdoorsmen are gonna find this truck really intriguing with four-wheel drive and all the power you know it even lets my imagination run if i owned it what i would do with it you know what i said about letting my

Imagination run wild oh this is what i was thinking of a toyota tundra crewmax 4×4 with all kinds of great toyota and aftermarket accessories

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