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Altair Club Cars Toyota Tacoma access cabs 4×4 and 4×2 2022 sitting on the lot/ inside look

Toyota Tacoma access cabs 4×4 and 4×2 2022 sitting on the lot/ inside look

What’s going on youtube looks like we’re back at the dealership so if you’re new to the channel go ahead and hit that like button hit that subscribe button and hit the bell um it has been a while since i’ve uploaded some videos but we got some videos coming today so let’s just start in right here let’s see what we got going on with some of this stuff over here

Looks like we got some access cabs uh first things first uh let’s just see what we’re working with here so these are gonna be four by twos so good looking trucks if you need a house truck um you know four by two is good it’s also good if you’re not doing a whole bunch of you know off-roading and you don’t plan on using four-wheel drive ain’t nothing wrong with

That it looks like you can get this baby for around 25 000 with the and this is the 2022 with the manager special is going for about twenty five thousand twenty five five almost twenty five six but um i’m not gonna really bore you guys with all that let’s just uh let’s see what else we got down on here on this lot i know here’s the sr5 and this is 32 so i’m

Assuming if this is 32 this is a 4×4 let’s see let’s see if i was right no so this is a 4×2 sr5 but again um i see my guy um i can’t think of his name but uh he painted these he’s like he’s not uh i don’t know you know who he is he traded in uh he had a trd off-road in army green but he uh sold it and got one of these right here the 4×2 but he actually uh he

Liked painting things with like spray paint and had him black blacked out so i thought that was pretty creative and pretty cool but anyway uh let’s move on to the next one i’m sure this is going to be the same situation another uh yes uh another four by two if i could talk it’s been a while since i did a video so a little cobwebs but yeah this is a nice color

Um okay now here’s the one right here i’m gonna let you guys see this one now here’s the one right here you can already see what time it is it’s four by four time so if you’re in the market for an access cab and uh i think all the access cabs are long beds let’s see what kind of it looks like it’s a it’s an automatic so you got an automatic it comes with those

Little black wheels um let’s get a price on this baby sr5 grill i’m pretty sure it’s got toyota safety sense let’s see what it what it comes with and let’s get a price so the price is 36. okay and then they got this is their add-on stuff right here that’s their ad on the green card uh care package the guy said the green card care package just the green car

Package i want to know what kind of okay it’s got a power driver seat that’s good i wanted to see if it has okay so it’s got the toyota safety sense pre-collision lane departure okay dynamic raider radar cruise control raider so i’ll just kind of let you guys you guys can slow it down and i’ll let you guys do all the reading not like i’m illiterate or anything

But i’ll let you guys check that out but this is nice color um and it’s sr5 so i’ll just kind of give you guys a little walk around so you guys can see it’s a four by four and if you only let me see i bet you guys who wants to bet who wants the bet if this door is locked or not i’m gonna say it’s locked oh we got an open door we got an open door i’ve been i’ve

Been curious about this so um we got an open door which is a rare rare very rare so this this has got six miles on it i’m doing good brother yeah man i’m helping myself out man what’s going on man my name is kenny man you ain’t uh you must not check out my page you must not know who i am i’m little kenny kenny yeah so you you know youtube no ken where are you

From i’m from seattle man i’m from salem originally but i’m little kitty so that’s my youtube channel so i got a toyota to come i got a 22 trd off-road army green fully loaded awesome and i bought um sorry and i bought it from here i bought it from here i bought two trucks from you guys so yeah i’ve been dealing with jose in there what’s your name ernesto ernesto

Came out he came out man to holler at me so so if you guys was in the market for a vehicle he seems like a really nice guy i’m just meeting him colorado ernesto but yeah i got his day of the week seven days a week oh hey he’s here seven days a week so come see him but yeah i’m just doing a review for my channel just just checking out so my first time really being

Able to get inside here and uh and say yeah thanks man just giving you guys a shout out man nice to meet you too bro absolutely yup i’ll holler at you man i i got you in the video so check me out give me a subscribe it’s little kenny type in toyota tacoma at youtube you gonna be in this video have a good weekend brother thank you you get me talking about you don’t

Know who i am like i’m famous for somebody excuse me for trying to for being extra but yeah let’s look at the buttons down here now you know they didn’t start doing buttons or electric power seats until 2020 which is kind of odd so this must be for lumbar you see that moving in move it out okay now yeah so i want to get back there but doesn’t this open okay

This does open there we go see that’s pretty neat so i never knew that i mean i never knew that look at that so that’s as far as it opens but look at that that’s pretty sweet i mean the access cab they kind of act like it’s like a two-door but i mean look at that i never knew that that’s how it opened i just thought they had to i thought they had to climb over

The seat now i’m gonna try to lower this and i think it’s like it’s like a latch here okay and that comes down like that okay okay now let’s check it out let me hop back here because i’ve never been in one of these access caps okay oh it’s not it’s not bad it’s not super comfortable your back is basically against the wall um you know my knees and stuff right

Here but it’s not bad i mean if you had to throw somebody back here you could definitely do it it’s definitely doable if you had like a little munchkins or something back here you know your little kiddos or something it looks like it’s set up for those car seats and stuff something i need to get ready for but yeah this is from the back view this is familiar in

The back it’s supposed to i’m not sure if this was the same stadium seats but i will say this man i was on a road trip man for four hours or whatever from seattle to center with my nephew in the back in the in the tacoma and man this kid man he was just smacking in my ears i’m like i can’t have him i can’t have him eaten behind me like that that was like he’s too

It’s too close in that tacoma man i’m telling you guys never have nobody sitting right behind you eating chips and he was eating everything my my mom uh bought him a bunch of food from safeway and snacks and everything so this guy was munching for like four hours and like probably about hour two of it i had to tell him man bro you about to be done eating because

I could not take this guy literally just chomping in the back of my ear so he’s too close man we’re gonna have to figure out a bigger vehicle man my wife is gonna have to pull the trigger on one of these over here i’m about to show you because i just seen one over here i’m not sure if it’s a customer’s car it looks like it is but we got some more sr5s over here um

I want to know i want to know if this is um four wheel drive or not let’s see let’s see no it’s another 4×2 so all right all right so let’s just go over here while we’re here while we’re here that’s my steve urkel voice so look look at them look at them when they’re dirty that’s what we’re getting put on today not those tires though they got the nitto the

Nitto grapplers they look like uh they look pretty much like a they’re all terrain but they look really like a road tire but um yeah this is the trd pro right here four runner and that uh silver magnetic gray pretty sweet looking let’s see what else they got on the lot got a 2016 over here access cab but uh yeah i was just checking this out i’m probably just

Gonna end the video here but we’ll do another little walk around to the back of these vehicles just because but uh yeah sorry guys um i haven’t been uploading much material right now uh was it’s been a crazy crazy uh week since the last time i’ve seen you guys and spoke with you guys but thanks for checking out the channel thanks for all the support thanks for

The comments definitely keep them coming and when i got time i will try to respond to everybody’s comments as long as you’re nice you guys have been nice you guys have been cool so you guys have been great hopefully you guys all had a good mother’s day weekend last week that was last week so we like a week behind but um anyway yeah so this is another view i’m

Gonna go ahead and end this um we’re gonna do get the used car segment going so i’m in this video so like i said before you guys hit the like button hit the subscribe button i’ll let you guys see that white so if you’re thinking about i mean if you’re thinking about like a sport or something like an sr5 this is kind of like in white just minus like if you wanted

A four-wheel drive i’ll just walk around here so you guys can kind of see that white i definitely like white on the tacomas i like white on tacomas and on the forerunners too you know white white is a lot better than black as far as the colors on the vehicles because it doesn’t look so dirty when you get a black vehicle and you wash and it rains it just it just

Looks dirty but when it’s clean nothing like a clean black vehicle i can tell you that much nothing’s like a clean shiny black vehicle they look super nice but it’s just hard to keep them clean but with that being said i’m gonna let you guys go peace send me out hit the like hit the subscribe and hit the bell have a good weekend be safe it’s friday the 13th the

Crazies are out bye last little view of that

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Toyota Tacoma access cabs 4×4 and 4×2 2022 sitting 🪑 on the lot/ inside look 👀 By Little Kenny TV

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