toyota supra vs bmw m4 drag race
Altair Club Cars Toyota Supra vs BMW M4: DRAG RACE

Toyota Supra vs BMW M4: DRAG RACE

Thanks to Mahmood for lending us the M4 –

Hi everyone matt watson here so i’ve got an awesome car wide drag race for you today so i’m sat in a toyota supra which as we all know is effectively a bmw z4 and next to me is a proper bmw a bmw m4 so i’ll tell you what’s going on with this race so this car has a three liter turbocharged straight six engine 340 horsepower though they don’t usually make that actually

Get one the diner they’ll be doing about 350 360 horsepower that bmw has a three liter straight six twin turbo engine a proper m engine the s55 if you’re a bmw anorak that has 430 horsepower that car’s completely standard this one you probably guessed isn’t it’s got a unique wrap on it it’s actually been tuned by a company called evolve and they do loads of bmw

Tuning hence why they’re tuning this bmw supra toyota supra anyway what they’ve done they’ve fitted a down pipe and an ecu and that gives this car 440 horsepower it’s actually got an air intake fitted to it a real smart carbon fiber eventually intake and a super sprint exhaust to enhance the noise and that does add more power so normally with the tune and all that

This would have 460 horsepower but they’ve dialed it back to 440 because really you get that on the dyno that’ll be doing 440 not 430 as bmw claims basically both these cars have the same power obviously we’re going to drag racing now there are some differences for instance this has a lot more torque 680 newton meters that has 550 this has got 8 speed automatic

Gearbox with a normal torque converter it does have launch control that has a 7-speed dual clutch with launch control weight-wise this is 15 70 kilos that is 16.45 so this is a bit lighter it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens before we do that let’s just check the sound oh man just get an aftermarket exhaust on your super right now and if you

Want the tune head over to evolve in fact if you click on the pop-out banner up there you can go to their youtube channel and see what they do when they’re tuning all these bmws and these toyota supers and stuff like that now the tune itself on this car you’re looking about two grand if you just want the downpipe and the ecu with the extra stuff fit to this when

You’re looking around five grand but you don’t really need that if you just want the performance of 440 horsepower anyway let’s have a listen to that bmw it’s all right this is better it’s worth the money just for the noise alone now we need to warm up our tires i should do it oh and if you want to check out the instagram account of the guy who ends that car

For lots of bmw m stuff and performance car stuff it’s mahmood ansari and the link is in the description below now before we get into all of this please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on so you’re alerted when we make a new upload that way you won’t miss a single drag race that was really slow to start

This didn’t launch right that’s really interesting so i just practiced launch control there and it seems to curtail it it seems to not let you have full beans when you’re launch controlling because it does allow it to take off smoothly without spinning wheels but it just holds that engine back i’m just going to hold it on the brake still spinning up and now

We’re off and now you can put its power down this is interesting oh this is so close it’s so close oh that bmw just won this spun up a bit and so the traction came in and could tell but i think that was better than me trying to feather it with my right foot i don’t think i’d have had the skills to have managed it as well as the system itself and with launch

Control not working as well as it could do that was pretty decent really so then what exactly happened while the bmw m4 just about managed to beat the tuned toyota supra by the narrowest of margins though they both cross the line in 12.3 seconds how is that for you oh the amount of div on this gearbox controller somehow i managed to time it really well and

We both started exactly the same time so that was a really good race it was a really good race for him it was an okay one for me because i didn’t win anyway next challenge now we’re gonna have a rolling race from 50 miles an hour cars in automatic in comfort just chilling as you would be on the motorway let’s see what happens three two one go this kicked down

Good so did he with his dual clutch now it’s close but that m4 just seems to have the legs a bit but now there’s nothing in it i’m on him i’m going quicker now i have no limiter i have no limit and i’ve come past that’s enough break we don’t want to run over away i had you there i had two in the end this didn’t seem to have a limiter did yours well it got to

160 indicated and it seemed to just stay there it’s getting pretty windy towards the end but did i come past you before it started to hold itself yes certainly yeah you did you were coming past by that point i think that’s a win for the old supra one each don’t know why i’m doing that because that’s two one each same thing again this time in sports mode locked

In third gear and manual here we go three two one go i’ve got loads of boost i’ve got the boost i’ve got the boost i’ve got the boost i’ve always got the talk yeah that’s enough for that i’m backing off yeah yeah yeah you can compass now but i need to let you in gear on boost this is a bad boy i’ll tell you what two grand for that extra performance over the

Normal supra get your super down to evolve this is not sponsored content it’s just blooming quick so i’m just telling you what i think now we have a great test 70 miles an hour when we reach the live full emergency stop oh this sounds freaking awesome i’m going to left foot break this baby here’s the line here’s what’s going to happen come on wait a minute have

I called this prematurely have i won this i’ve won this haven’t i i’m not convinced now hello ese one i reckon you won that by inches maybe five inches no it’s definitely six inches louis it was it’s definitely six inches at least maybe even seven he’s not playing along with the innuendos just trying to ignore it anyway we should all ignore it so brake test win

Rolling race win didn’t win the drag race because it was struggling with traction but if it’s launch control have been tuned you probably would have won that as well but it didn’t anyway hope you enjoyed that video make sure you check out evolve links below the description if you’re interested in tuning cars and tuning bmws in particular check out my mood ansaris

Instagram as well for more stuff on that car and lots of other high performance car stuff and of course why not follow me on instagram as well matt watson cars oh i forgot if you want to compare reviews of cars videos and check out different offers you can get on cars and even get a car valuation tool where you can just scan any cars number plate to get a value

On it click on the pop-out banner up there to download the car wow app anyway that’s enough of the hard sell see you next time for the next car wow review or drag race video it’s quite funny i’m looking at the back through the rear view mirror and i can see five year warranty i don’t think that still applies to this car we’ve doomed it cancelled nav stop stop

Just stop stop stop it how do i stop it do me i didn’t stop now just stop the nav just stop the nav how do i stop it in 200 yards you will have reached your destination area cancel navigation route guidance has been stopped thank god for voice commands that work

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Toyota Supra vs BMW M4: DRAG RACE! By carwow

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