toyota recalls all bz4x electric
Altair Club Cars Toyota recalls all bZ4X electric cars – says wheels falling off

Toyota recalls all bZ4X electric cars – says wheels falling off

Toyota recalls all bZ4X electric cars – says wheels falling off

Toyota has produced 2 700 bz4x electric suvs in total 2 700 and it’s just recalled every single one of them because apparently the wheels are falling off i’m not joking hello my friends welcome to the channel i’m the electric viking great to see you many of you who have subscribed to the channel been watching for a while now know that i’m not a particularly

A great fan of toyota well toyota has now issued a recall on 2700 bz4x electric cars all of those produced to date though most have been undelivered over the potential of the wheels falling off now i think in about maybe five years time we’ll be able to say that about toyota the company the wheels will be falling off so it’ll be kind of this ironic moment where

We’ll go hey remember when we said the wheels were falling off the cars literally well now the wheels are falling off the company figuratively anyway that’s my prediction the bz4x is toyota’s first global electric car it was launched in the us earlier this year with a pretty competitive starting price of 42 000 us dollars and it’s a very important vehicle for toyota

Because i mean toyota has been lambasted recently by investors who say they’re not doing anywhere near enough and really not taking the whole transformation transition to electric cars seriously they’re not that was a fair point from investors i don’t know why you’d want to invest in toyota but um you know apparently mutual funds and big businesses do now clearly

Toyota is not off to the best start with its electric vehicle production they confirmed they’re recalling all of the vehicles over hub bolts that can result in losing a wheel this is what they said after low mileage use all of the hub bolts on the wheel can loosen to the point where the wheel can detach from the vehicle if a wheel detaches from the vehicle while

Driving it could result in a loss of vehicle control increasing the risk of a crash the cause of the issue and the driving patterns under which the issue could occur are still under investigation so toyota doesn’t know why it’s happening and so therefore they’ll have to figure out you know what they’re going to do about how to fix this issue now i just reported a

Few days ago on the two billion dollar class action going on here in australia for a faulty diesel particulate filters and problem with the dpfs that are causing massive problems for owners i’m talking two billion dollar compensation having to be paid out by toyota now this is another example of this kind of myth of toyota it’s showing the myth of toyota of their

Reliability their amazing reliability now personally i have tried i had to replace the engine three times i know that you know that’s not the case for everyone but this concept that toyota has these amazing vehicles with amazing reliability i think it’s largely built from marketing they’ve spent millions and millions of dollars marketing to us telling us that

Their vehicles are liable i’m not convinced based on what i’ve read or the recalls that i’ve seen over the last few years the issues that i’ve seen that toyota vehicles are actually any more reliable than any other car on the road i don’t think they are now toyota is asking the owners not to drive their vehicles until it completes its investigation and issues its

Official recall so if you have taken delivery uav it has to just sit there until they’ve completed an investigation and worked out what’s going on they disclosed that it affects 2 200 vehicles that went to europe as well 260 to the us 110 in japan and 20 in canada now fortunately most of these vehicles haven’t actually been delivered to customers so dealers just

Have to moth for them not owners personally i think this title ev even though there’s the specs of it aren’t really all that great the charging’s not all that fast the range is not all that awesome but the price is pretty good i think if they produced a lot of them they could sell hundreds of thousands if not millions of them but unfortunately they’re not planning

On doing so the vehicle is more of a compliance car as you can see right numbers what were those numbers that i just told you 200 2 600 vehicles that produced so far and where do they all go 2 200 to europe right where toyota has to pay well fines if it pollutes right so they’re sending them all to europe so the whole idea of this car in my view is a compliance

Car send them to europe sell the majority of them in europe and therefore they can reduce the fines that they have to pay to me this whole story is kind of bizarre i don’t really understand why securing wheels to a car is really all that difficult and why toyota would actually need to go through some sort of investigation to establish why the wheels are falling

Off they’re saying they don’t know why the wheels are falling off their cars that’s slightly concerning to me and it does put paid a little bit to this concept that toyota is the key of manufacturing maybe they’re the king of manufacturing internal combustion engine vehicles but not electric ones who knows i guess we’ll find out at some point in future thanks

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