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Altair Club Cars Toyota Rav4 Prime Charge Hold Feature Test & Review

Toyota Rav4 Prime Charge Hold Feature Test & Review

What is the “Charge Hold” feature on a 2021 Toyota Rav4 Prime? What does it do? How much does it cost to use? That is what I talk about in today’s video. Please hit that thumbs up button!

Hey guys welcome back my 2021 toyota rav4 prime had a very interesting feature i really wasn’t sure what it was used for and i’m still not quite sure why it’s there but that is the charge hold feature and that’s what we’re going to test today i’m going to use the gas engine to recharge the ev battery and we’re going to see how much gas it takes to recharge that

Battery so here we go all right guys i’m ready to start this test first off i should say that my guess is that it’s gonna take a long time it’s five o’clock right now five o’clock on the dot i feel like i’m probably got to stay awake for this one to charge the car on a wall charger and the test that i did previously i’ll put a link up in one of these corners

But in that test it took six hours using a level two wall charger i can’t imagine this car doing it any faster also this is a really inefficient way to charge so i really don’t recommend doing this unless you have to it seems so useless i don’t know why you would need to i’ve heard online that downtown london for example only lets evs there so maybe that’s one

Place where you would need it but otherwise this seems like kind of a useless feature to me but anyways my plan is to come out here about every hour i’ll shoot some footage with the gopro that i have here on the dash and we’ll see what the progress is but here we go looks like at 8 36 it stopped wonder why it’s not at a hundred percent that’s weird i guess

I can’t take it all the way to 100 fall the gas engine is totally off bummer the car is making a little bit of noise up there fans and stuff i wonder if it just got too hot because it is very warm inside here here i’ll try to hold down the button and see what happens unavailable because battery is full but the battery is a hundred percent well i have to look at

The numbers after i do all this editing and see how long that took but the car said it’s full and it’s not going to charge anymore now the battery gauge isn’t up to 100 so i’m a little surprised that it’s not going all the way up to 100 so i don’t really know why it stopped but the car said it’s full and it’s done so what i’m going to do next is drive the car

Over to a gas station fill it up and see how much gas it takes when i filled it up the first time i filled it all the way up to one click and then it stopped filling and then i clicked it one more time so it was totally full and now this time i’ll do the same procedure and we’ll see how much gas it takes and then maybe the next few days whenever i get around to

Editing this video i will do some math and i’ll figure out how much gas i use to charge the battery to whatever it thinks it is right now i wish i was able to read the battery voltage easily but if the battery gauge isn’t at 100 it seems like there’s just a little more room there at the top that they could be filling but before i head out of here and get some

Gas some of you guys would have noticed the mile per gallon number that’s in there don’t consider that towards anything because i was driving around trying to use up some of the electrical power before i got here so whatever the gauge said it’s not accurate we’ll do some math here at the end but i feel like this is probably an extremely inefficient way to charge

Your vehicle but that’s all for the update i’m gonna go get some gas well i don’t know if you can see me because it’s dark out here i always think of these things after i say i’m gonna go do something but i thought i’d plug the car in just to see if it took any more electrical power from a wall charger and it is so you can’t charge a totally full using the gas

Engine alone because right now it is charging and taking more power that’s interesting to me at least i might have bored you guys to tears already by now but i don’t think it really matters at this point i’m not going to let it continue to charge really at this point i just want to know how much gas i used to charge it to full whatever it said it was full so

We’re going to head back to the gas station all right so here i’m at the gas station made it here on 100 electric so that wasn’t a problem at all didn’t use any more power there and we’ll see what it takes gotta hit it a few times i guess all right let’s see how much gas it takes all right that’s 1.644 gallons one more click that’s one 1.791 gallons so that’s

How much it took to charge this car on gas alone so i’ll go home put all the numbers together start editing this and in the next clip i’ll come back in with some more details and the numbers and stuff hey guys welcome back i did this test a couple days ago so here i have the results and we’re gonna go over exactly how it all panned out i’ve got my tablet here

To help me remember all of these numbers so here we go first off the ev stuff the car as you saw in the video didn’t charge itself to totally full i was a little surprised about that i thought it would i had nothing to base it on but i just didn’t even think that was a possibility i estimated that it charged to around 12.25 kilowatt hour i am basing that kind

Of guess off of my last test in which i tested how many kilowatt hours go into the battery pack through my evse my wall charger but also the car said i had 38 miles of ev range my current average right now is 3.1 miles per kilowatt hour so having those two numbers i could do some math and that means i had probably pretty close to 12.25 kilowatt hours inside the

Battery pack if you’re curious about my last test that i just talked about the charging test tested the charging time how long it took and also the total capacity that into the battery pack i’ll have a link up here one of these corners so you can check that out what i should have also included in this test though was recharging the electric battery to full using

My wall connector i didn’t think of that at the time but if i had done that i could have measured to see how much went into the battery and then i could have compared that number to the numbers in my last video where i tested the total capacity yeah i didn’t do that oh well i still think 12.25 kilowatt hours inside the battery should be quite accurate and now for

The gas stuff it only took about three hours so i was pretty surprised that’s all it took to complete this test then after i went to the gas station refilled the gas tank i got 1.791g into the vehicle at a cost of 4.05 now for the cost breakdown this is where i thought it was actually quite interesting and it wasn’t nearly as bad as i thought it was going to be

Like i said approximately 12.25 kilowatt hours was added to the battery so that is a cost of 33 cents per kilowatt hour i really honestly expected that to be much worse i’ve heard california rates are 20 25 maybe even 30 cents per kilowatt hour so that really doesn’t seem that bad actually here uh in new york in my area in central new york we pay around 11 to

13 cents per kilowatt hour so it’s definitely higher than that and then also here at my house we’re off-grid we’re all solar and i do have a playlist detailing my whole home system if you’re curious about that but yeah so it doesn’t cost me anything to charge here recharge off the sun but then it gets more interesting so my ev range that was rated inside the car

When it was completed was 38 miles 1.791 gallons to drive 38 miles is 21 miles per gallon that’s really not bad at all the crv that i had before this was getting 22 miles per gallon so it’s really not bad but that’s it for the results stay tuned though because i have another test that i want to do that i think i can make this charge hold feature a lot more

Usable and have it make a lot more sense but what i’m going to do in this upcoming test is i want to turn this car into a home generator and the way i plan on doing that is i’m going to have an inverter in the rear of the vehicle and the gas engine will power the battery the inverter will convert the power over to ac power for the house i haven’t tried it yet

But i’m pretty sure it’ll work i just gotta put it together and test it but that’ll be for an upcoming video so make sure you’re subscribed and you hit that bell notification icon if you enjoyed this video please feel free to hit the thumbs up button it really helps me a lot and doesn’t cost you anything but that’s it thanks a lot for watching guys and i’ll see you in the next one bye

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Toyota Rav4 Prime Charge Hold Feature Test & Review By James Klafehn

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