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Altair Club Cars Toyota RAV4 Hybrid racetrack challenge | Car Lovers | Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Test

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid racetrack challenge | Car Lovers | Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Test

Vaishali and Ronny give the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid the Car Lovers treatment. Is it any good on electric only? How fast is the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid on electric only?

So this time we are sitting in the toyota rav4 hybrid the only way to convince rani that the toyota rav4 the world’s best-selling suv is also a fun car to drive because he can actually manage to pull up his really cool crossing trick and let’s see if he can actually do it no right now he hasn’t been able to do it i know he’s going to give it another try because

What he’s done right now is he’s put the car in the sport mode and he’s managed to deactivate the esp at least a little bit so now we’re going to see whether ronnie can actually manage to get the car into the parking slot right now can we do it this time let’s see he’s giving it one boy that was pretty close but he couldn’t do it what’s wrong ronnie impossible

Not really impossible i try it okay so ronnie’s giving it one last try he switched off the esp put the car in sport mode and now he’s definitely gonna try and get it into the parking lot the idea is that he managed to do this when the cameras were off so ronnie what do you think have you just lost that little magic touch that you once used to have or is it

Really the toyotas electronic support systems that are spoiling your fun today i think the truth is it’s all about the handbreak it’s like a magician okay has this trick yeah and i must say the trick is you hand break it and it’s not there my name is vaishali donna karan i’m a motorsport journalist from india and i live in berlin now i travel around the world

Covering races and following race car drivers so that i can get some interesting interviews hello my name is ronnie vekselberg ah aka ronnie sirach and i am living on the accelerator since i’m 11 years old today i’m 36 and my professional stunt driving race driving and driving training by charlie is my wife and i have met her in india ronnie is a whole lot of

Fun he’s my best friend in the whole world he’s a kind person he’s a funny person you’re never bored when ronnie is around i fell in love with vaishali because she has a very specific amount of humor he’s also a really talented driver he’s a racer he’s got 16s world records five are in the tightest parallel parking it’s also a bit of a monkey so sometimes you

Need to be careful when the cameras are on so this is the first time i’m driving a hybrid i didn’t know what to expect entirely to be very honest with you i think i had something slightly different in mind but when i’m driving this car i don’t really feel like there’s a lot to complain about i can understand that a lot of people feel like it’s not the most fun

Car to drive perhaps which is something i’m willing to sacrifice just because of the peace of mind and the relaxed feeling you have when you’re driving this so it makes driving through small tiny little roads like this you know built-up areas in the city residential areas it makes that incredibly easy and calm i also like the fact that the electric motor is so

Silent when it starts up but of course when you give it a little bit of gas there’s no denying the fact that the sound of the petrol engine really does i mean it’s a bit of an assault you can really hear it quite loudly just press it right out you can take it down trendy do edge being 222rn 22 what are we driving like a moped or something it’s quick when you

Push the pedal down it’s it doesn’t feel like it’s got any sort of lag so i don’t mind it at all and resin as your v do you think it’s accelerating good to be to be completely honest with you i don’t feel like i’m sitting in an suv at all i feel like it’s a stretch to call this an suv maybe it’s a little more like a a soft roda or you know it’s it’s not really

A hard cohesive yeah and i don’t feel like i’m sitting in an suv that’s really high up today we are in boston near berlin and we have the toyota rav4 hybrid with us and i would like to challenge my wife in a very specific way because the toyota m is not a plug-in hybrid it’s a normal hybrid so it has a specific amount of range in pure electric we don’t know how

Much it exactly is yeah but we want to find out and in that way i was thinking to drive reverse and set a time in reverse in this specific little circuit curvy circuit here and try to do it as fast as possible if the electric motor goes on or not it doesn’t matter in my case okay but as soon as my charlie takes a wheel over she has to stay in the electric mode

If she is able to make it mm-hmm and beats my time she has won if she if the combustion engine is kicking him she has lost and if she is slower than me she has also lost but i get to do it forward you do it forward i do it reverse okay so ronnie are you ready to drive backwards yes let’s see what happens okay – one go okay this is interesting the toyotas

Been very kind to me are you sure you’re heading the right away but you anyway have to be smooth on acceleration so yeah and be prepared – yeah yeah it’s not now yeah you just need to tell me you call it concentrate concentrate and and and and stop 54 driving fast because limit it in reverse which means that ronnie had a certain amount of restrictions at

The same time i believe the challenges that you’ve thrown my way is quite complicated because if i get a little excited and end up pressing the accelerator the combustion engine could come on and then i am in trouble okay papi are you ready yeah i mean the idea that i would be okay concentrate and remember you need to be come on you’re hearing about fossil

Okay okay three two one go oh it’s no it’s back so we continue it’s big business and through the study fish and 115 and two times combustion engine okay so we’re back now unfortunately i took one minute 15 seconds to do the challenge but i will also say that whenever i tried to drive an only electric mode i had to go really slowly the minute i pressed

On the accelerator just a little bit the combustion engine would always kick off so either way i would have lost the challenge if i was in electric mode only the coward of roll roll roll roll roll on its own a little bit and i would have been really slow and the fact is that in order to beat the time i tried to press the accelerator a little so the combustion

Engine kicked in twice so either way i have lost and that situation i have to be nice to you because it was impossible to steer the situation even if we created a challenge like that i think ronnie just wanted to show off how nicely he can drive in reverse that’s the only reason he came up with this challenge so it is what it is

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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid racetrack challenge | Car Lovers | Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Test By DW REV – Cars \u0026 Mobility

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