toyota prius review india
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Toyota Prius Review India

Is the Prius just a hyped product or does it actually make sense of being practical, efficient and very modern?

Today we have got a superstar amongst ourselves and no it is not for the fact that a toyota prius has been bought by many hollywood superstar it is for the fact that a toyota prius is an iconic car it is the first mass-produced hybrid car and today we at will test this new and extremely interesting car so let’s go the toyota prius is a bit of an

Icon when first launched in 1997 the perce was the first mass-produced habit in the world this massive success of the prius has resulted in a total worldwide sales of about 3 million the prius has paved the way for other hybrid launches and today tata cells known as the 19 hybrid passenger cars in the world toyota prius is an icon but first unique styling

What we have here is the 3rd gen facelifted model with added features like daytime running lights and leds as a result the toyota peers look sharp and futuristic plus it looks unlike any other car in the market the interior of the toyota prius actually feels like a spaceship what we are driving is a facelifted version and it has some cool details details like

This brilliant blue gearstick and of course this energy monitor level which actually shows you from where it is going for hybrid to electric and the whole details the quality of the materials used are actually very nice while we love the futuristic styling of the interiors the real deal in the toyota prius is the amount of features and technology on board the

Prius gets everything from usb thaksin connections in the armrest plus multi information display a 6.1 inch full-color touchscreen interface bluetooth ipod rear view camera and well the list just goes on and on a driver seat is actually semi electric and the front two seats can also be heated and lastly you also get cruise control plus a keyless entry and a

Start/stop system the best bit though is a solar panel roof which even when the car is locked has fans so that when you step into the car again you do not need to immediately switch on the aircon amongst all this the prius is also a capable family car with enough space for five and a decent boot the tour de prius has a come of a petrol engine and an electric

Motor the petrol engine makes 198 which an electric motor total is around 36 so in essence you are getting on 134 brake horsepower and in actual city condition it actually feels quite fast but the real reason to buy the prius is actually the phenomenal fuel economy around 21 kmpl which is actually pretty much more efficient than other petrol hatchbacks that

Despite the huge size features is absolutely excellent value for money as said the toyota prius feels quite quick and with the total output of 134 bhp – actually shames are the cars in its class but the real deal in the toyota prius is if smooth cvt gearbox this is an electronic cbd gearbox and is quite responsive now speaking of efficiency let us hear water

Ater has to say regarding the toyota prius after he subjected it to a real word efficiency test now what are the main usps of a hybrid car apart from the fat it’s very good for the environment is that it’s very light on the pocket as well in our case we have been driving this hybrid prius insulated traffic in delhi in terry ncr for the last two days and in

Spite of driving the car for almost 140 kilometers with the ac running after the display over here this p is giving us 21 km vl that’s fantastic probably the most efficient car we have driven in traffic for a long long long time now this kind of a magic that kind of learning course is possible because of the magic under the bonnet for 30 lakh rupee car

The prius is completely loaded you get a sunroof the gate electric seats heel it sees completely keyless entry and star stop and other gizmos and these gizmos include two screens over here the one in front over here shows what’s happening in the car right now beyond traffic and the battery condition is pedaling and that is why the engine is powering the car

Further on the engine is also charging the battery over here but in case i look to the frontal like this the engine will shut off and regeneration of energy will take place and the battery gets charged again if i go back on the throttle the engine comes to life in fact if we have enough battery over here it can propel the car with the motor up to 48 km ph or

30 miles per hour and if the battery is more than half it it also cools at a constant speed of 65 or 70 in traffic without the engine coming to life now a famous myth associated with hybrid causes the fact they are slow but in this case gota have been very clever they are given the car three different modes if i want to have good acceleration and fun with the

Car i can use the power mode right across over here this would enable the system to give the car the best possible acceleration but of course at the cost of fuel economy but if i want fill economy the second mode comes into the play call the eco mode over here and likewise if the battery has enough juice and you want to drive the car up to 40 80 mph you can

Use the evey mode where the car is only propelled by the electric motor over here brilliant engineering

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