toyota just shocked the world wi
Altair Club Cars Toyota just SHOCKED the World with a NEW lineup of Range-Topping Crown Models

Toyota just SHOCKED the World with a NEW lineup of Range-Topping Crown Models

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I just got back from austin texas for the official us reveal of the all-new toyota crown hasn’t been here for about 50 years so it’s great to see it back but as i went to sleep that night in austin texas in my lonely hotel room i checked my phone and saw akio toyota during the live stream of the japan reveal not only showed the new crown that we get here stateside

But three more crowns coming what is going on we’re over at the toyota news room and look at the headline here akio toyota in front of the new crown lineup if you looked at what china was doing they had a crown version of the kluger which is the highlander they also had a crown version of their luxury minivan the vel fire so it’s it’s just a part of the identity

Of high-end toyotas at this point is the crown badge and i think it’s really genius marketing but unfortunately we’re not getting the crown badge on our vehicles we’re just getting a normal toyota batch but it does how it say crown on the trunk and it is called the crown i just wish we got the cool unique badass crown badge so interesting enough toyota is calling

At least in japan the crown that we’re getting here stateside this global model a crossover so this is what toyota was calling a sedan just last night at the reveal but toyota in japan is calling this a crossover this is supposed to be the sport variant or sport suv variant or sport crossover variant that just says sport this is of course the saloon or the sedan

Variant that a lot of people were sad to see the departure from this thing is going to look insane i think it’s the coolest looking in my opinion now this one would probably do the best in the american market this wagon this is called the estate an estate is the same thing as a wagon we just call it something different here stateside and all of them look pretty

Damn good now we’re gonna start with this guy in red because we’ve actually seen this vehicle before it is the exact same model that toyota showed off in december i wouldn’t be surprised if this is the exact same vehicle they just switched out the license plate on the front it just has crossover ev and this goes right in line what i was saying about the wheelbase

Of the new crown at 112.2 inches that lines up perfectly with the bz4x and lexus rz electric vehicles i think this is just confirmation that the crown will have no problem being a fully battery electric vehicle i think the dog just ran over something the crown will have no problem being a full battery electric vehicle when the time comes when the markets are ripe

So pretty crazy what do you guys think about that we already saw this vehicle and nothing has changed about i think it’s the exact same model but we do have higher more and higher resolution images that we got in december of this vehicle okay here’s another angle of this vehicle i mean i’m getting like porsche macan sort of dynamics and design cues from this

What do you guys think i think it looks really really sharp um almost almost infinity fx right infinity fx throw the v8 v8 in that fx but no no v8 for this um i like the rear taillights on it i like how it says crown just like uh the sedan suv crossover version that we currently have uh coming for the united states but this thing i mean would sell so well it would

It would be like what’s the point of the venza right at that point unless they make this version just fully battery electric which they could i think it all just depends on the market and that’s the crazy thing with the scalability of the tnga platform look how tiny that toyota badge is you know i feel like that’s almost like a an afterthought right that is the

Smallest toyota badge i’ve ever seen on a vehicle we’re getting into the sedan and this my friends this thing is insane this would be like a direct replacement for the avalon and i think this is going to be almost a precursor for possibly the lexus es in some ways with maybe the overall design just look how long this audi a7 like smooth sloping roof line is i like

This design piece on the front fender makes it look a little bit more sporty a little bit more futuristic i love these like engine turbine wheels i think they’re super sick i i like how there’s also a theme here that is congruent if we go back it’s not really congruent with this model i feel like this model may have been like a last second decision to make this

Vehicle crown not quite sure but the front end of this guy lines up perfectly with the crown cross thing that we have coming here stateside this fall so i feel like this vehicle was designed from the ground up to be a crown vehicle and toyota’s like hey let’s just keep adding to it let’s let’s go all in on the crown nameplate the crown heritage and let’s make crown

More relevant and better than ever by just giving it the kitchen sink they essentially have you know like let’s say tesla tesla startup or you know a fairly star they only have a few models now there’s enough crown vehicles to essentially have or be equivalent to the whole tesla lineup at this point right that is absolutely insane let alone all the other vehicles

Toyota and lexus makes i could talk about the red the sedan for a while i think it is it’s a pretty cool hype machine uh for the upcoming lexus es i mean i get a little bit of toyota mirai vibes and if we looked at the this crown coming here stateside this fall i feel like this is if the mirai and the venza slash harrier had a baby and we got this thing okay so

Anyways let’s get into the last vehicle which would sell like hotcakes no one really has a competitor against the subaru outback kind of like this lifted wagon thing that’s fairly affordable this thing came into the market it would sell like hotcakes now the front end of this vehicle to me could it’s hard to say it looks like air could actually pass through

Here so this absolutely could be a gasoline-powered car um unlike which which that red one may or may not be this one is definitely a shoe and to be a gasoline car huge 21 inch wheels i think that’s a theme on all of these maybe not the sedan let’s go back we might only have 20s here but we have probably 20 ones here a very unique light headlight display it’s

Kind of like the red one we saw earlier but not quite you just see the overall dimensions here it’s almost like they took a yara’s cross and just stretched it and made a toyota crowned outback so this thing would sell so so well it almost looks like the wheelbase is longer on this vehicle i mean it could be it’s hard to say and then the light bar across the back

Looks good crown another really small toyota badge here so i mean the toyota badge is secondary to the crown badge and crown naming of these vehicles the crown is the primary brand a toyota is kind of like a secondary thing so anyways i think that’s about everything we have for these vehicles i would expect all them to have the same power trains that we currently

Have on the hybrid max so the 340 horsepower with all-wheel drive as well as the standard hybrid system with 236 horsepower and nearly 40 miles per gallon i think all-wheel drive would be standard for the ev now whether they would give it the bz 4x’s all-wheel drive at 200 horse or the rz’s rz450es all-wheel drive system with a little over 300 horse hard to say

You would think it would bend a little bit more towards the 300 horse because if we look at the crown i hybrid max that is essentially the same powertrain as the new rx 500 hf sport performance just detuned a little bit for uh regular gasoline so what a surprise to see all these crown vehicles um i just i can’t believe that toyota did that i don’t know i don’t

Know which ones would come to america i think this one would make the most sense um due to the fact that no one has a direct competitor against the the subaru outback and subaru can’t make enough of those vehicles it’s their cash cow essentially so toyota comes in with a nicer outback a better looking outback which i mean that’s subjective but i mean that would be

Incredible also hybrids if you can get an outback that gets 40 miles per gallon that’s pretty incredible anyways one more thing i wanted to address about the crown is trunks face i didn’t know trunk space yesterday they just told me like three golf bags it’s 450 liters which is nearly 16 cubic feet it’s like 15.9 cubic feet which is pretty much virtually identical

To what we have in avalon so it’s essentially a taller more sporty looking avalon so which of these models is calling out to you the sedan is number one for me uh not not what toyota’s calling the sedan here stateside i get it i get it because the avalon is lower to the ground and this is easier for older avalon buyers to get into i get it i mean this car is just

Incredible the sedan and this is probably going i mean this could be the first crown puv it’s really hard to say it’s just a complete shock to me and there’s nothing else for me to say because none of this was even mentioned other than there was talk that there would be crown variants but not even like a spy shot or a render now even best car was coming up with

Images to detail the the mini variants what we have here is just mind blowing it’s it’s it’s out of left field as the toyota battery electric vehicle lineup in december so toyota keeps surprising us this crossover here this state wagon vehicle subaru outback sort of thing would do incredible here stateside but i’m going to end it there if you enjoyed today’s

Video hit the like button if you haven’t seen the full breakdown of the crown that’s coming here stateside make sure to watch that video that i filmed in austin before the reveal i didn’t really get a chance to do an official walk around on the vehicle because um when i got there it was under wraps they did the the reveal and then it was dinner and then it was

Just a bunch of journalists afterwards like taking pictures and sitting in the car and stuff so i didn’t get an official like walk around of the vehicle i got some b-roll but wait for october because i will be driving in october i will be driving not only the crown in october and the both powertrains mind you i’ll be driving the new uh corolla cross hybrid yes

The crawl across hybrid the new corolla hybrid and the new refreshed highlander with the turbocharged engine so that is all coming in october can’t wait to share that with you guys on the channel thank you guys so much for your support i am dead tired i’m ready to go watch a couple shows with my wife and just pass out thank you guys for your support catch you

The next one peace you

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Toyota just SHOCKED the World with a NEW lineup of Range-Topping Crown Models By Kirk Kreifels

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