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Altair Club Cars Toyota Highlander Hybrid – Lexus RX400H Hybrid Battery Removal & Reinstallation (2006-2013)

Toyota Highlander Hybrid – Lexus RX400H Hybrid Battery Removal & Reinstallation (2006-2013)

This is a step by step hybrid battery removal and reinstallation video for Toyota Highlander hybrid and the Lexus RX400H (2006-2013). This video explains how to safely remove the high voltage hybrid battery from the previously mentioned vehicles.

Hey guys corey with palmetto battery pros and today we are going to be rebuilding the hybrid battery and this 2008 lexus rx 400 and it is also the same process and battery for the toyota highlander hybrid go ahead and move your front seats all the way up give yourself enough room to work here in the back okay once you have turned the car off remove the key go ahead

And disconnect your 12 volt battery all right the first thing you’re going to want to do before you start to remove the battery is take the service plug out and lift it up and you’ll see the service plug down in there the orange service plug to remove it grab the handle pull it forward and then remove it and pull it out so now we’ve cut connectivity to the boundary

And it’s safe to work on next is the most fun part of the job we’re going to remove the rear seats comes out in two sections and first we are going to remove these trim pieces here and these covers okay using your trim pullers or something to pry with go ahead and pop all of these up there are four or two on each seat go ahead and remove them plastic trim pieces

Here and next there are three vents and each bent has two little caps here and basically just going to reach in there pop them open and that will reveal the 10 millimeter mounting screws and remove all three vents okay in regards to the vent when you pull them off a lot of times the batteries fail early because these vents are dirty and if you have one of these

Vehicles the rx 400 the highlander or the rx 450 i highly recommend cleaning these vents out every year or two years um this one’s not that bad but um especially if you have pets they will get very clogged and you will experience battery failure pretty early this one’s not too bad and we can see through it there’s just a little bit of dust in here but we’re gonna

Go ahead and clean this up and make sure they’re 100 percent using a 14 millimeter socket go ahead and remove the four seat mounting bolts on the front of each pair of seats now we’re going to move to the rear of the seat go ahead and pop this is just clipped in just go ahead and pop this cover up and remove the rear seat clips here once you lift these straps

Back there’s a 10 millimeter screw that needs to be removed if there’s tension on it move your seat back a little bit and it’ll come off all right once you have this guy out of the way go ahead and move the seat forward so you can access the rear of the seats we’re going to go ahead and pull this piece of carpet out of the way using our clip pullers here here

Here move this out of the way that’s going to allow us access to these two 14 millimeter mounting bolts here in the back and this third one here and that should get our seat out go ahead and repeat the same process on the rear driver seat you’re going to want to clean this area as you go so you’re not installing a good battery in a dirty spot yeah yeah okay to

Get this carpet up and out of the way to expose the battery we’re going to need to remove this piece of trim on each side and also this piece of trim on each side so to remove this panel here in the rear there are two clips one here one here i’m going to pop those out of place oh i’m sorry there’s a third one up here so go ahead and pop these out of place and you

Should be able to pull this piece of trim out of the way all right before you can lift the carpet the last thing you’re going to want to do is pop this piece out of place you can see that it’s just these clips you can reach in there and kind of gently pop them out of place go ahead and remove those and then you can pull the carpet back exposing the high voltage

Battery the first thing we’re going to do to start unhooking this battery is we’re going to do undo all these electrical connections here so i’ll point them out one to three four five six also go ahead and remove this 14 millimeter and the seat belt bracket there are plastic clips most people break them out i am going to remove them kind of a stickler about

Clips so i’m going to pinch them here from the bottom and we’re going to remove one two three one over here so go ahead and remove those so that way we’ll pull the battery out it won’t catch these wires there are two plastic orange little clips that we’re gonna have to maybe three now we’re gonna have to remove but basically they have these little notches and

You’re going to use something sharp and kind of kind of go left while you hold it still and that’s going to release it one there on the top this is the location of your two plastic orange clips remove your vent tube from the car side let’s go ahead and pull it out using your 10 millimeter remove these two bolts right here and this will allow you to remove the

Cover for the service plug and while you’re over here to not forget about this little guy go ahead and unplug him so next we are going to have to remove these metal covers which were where the vents were there’s three on each side of the battery on the front side and if you look in there now that the vents are removed you’ll see these two 10 millimeter bolts

That are holding this into place so we’re going to remove a six two on each one and remove all these covers and just to correct myself uh the ones on the ends they have the two 10 millimeters in the front here but the middle one the 10 millimeters are here on the side so that’s how you’ll remove this middle one all right next we’re going to go ahead and remove

This top panel and to do that we’ve already gotten the or we’ve already removed the orange clip one two ten millimeters and this tape you can just go ahead and pull that back the first thing we’re going to want to do is test for both voltage here this is our main contacts so we’re going to make sure that there’s zero volts before we remove these two 10 millimeters

And we’re going to remove this one as well and there’s a little wiring harness in here that we’ll remove and we have no voltage so we are safe to work on this battery using our 10 millimeter go ahead and remove each of the nuts remove the wiring harness or the uh your main cables from the battery thank you and there’s also a wiring harness right here so we’re

Going to remove this 10 millimeter and unhook this wiring harness from the relay there are 11 12 millimeter mounting bolts that hold this battery to the frame of the vehicle one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and eleven so go ahead and remove those and we’ll be ready to get this battery out foreign we are now ready to remove the battery the only

Thing that we’re going to do when we’re moving it is we’re going to make sure that these are out of the way because we’ll actually slide the battery these will go through this hole down here and we want to make sure that we’re not grabbing this harness or these main uh wires here once you’ve removed the battery go ahead and clean the battery compartment before

You install the new battery all right we have the battery up on our work table and i’m going to repair this battery i’m going to be installing an aftermarket battery rebuild kit so i’m going to take this old unbalanced pack and turn it into a new battery again and i will also be doing a video on how to rebuild the battery so i’ll link it up in the description but

Once i have the battery finished i will install it back into the car and i’ll briefly show you how to go about reinstalling the battery all right we got the battery back in place and of course we fed the wiring harness and our main positive and negative cables uh up through the hole in the bottom so now we’re ready to go ahead and hook the battery up and uh test

It okay once you have the battery in place go ahead and put your 12 millimeter mounting bolts in and go ahead and start them all by hand and i’ll just point them out one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and eleven so once you have them in by hand and uh you will have to move the battery and adjust it a little bit to get them all to line up so don’t

Tighten any of them down but once they’re all in by hand and you know you’re not going to cross thread them go ahead and tight tighten them all down so we’re gonna go ahead and replace this center cover right here and first secure your wiring harness with the 10 millimeter bolt and this orange clip after that we’re going to use two 10 millimeter bolts to secure

The front vent covers on each module peg so here center and then now we’re going to go back through and hook up all of our fans and wiring harnesses here and they only go back in one way so again you’re not going to get them wrong we’re gonna put the cover for the service plug back into place also two 10 millimeters and the last thing we’re going to do is

Put our plastic clips in for our wiring harnesses to keep them nice and secure foreign now we can go ahead and drop the carpet into place pull your seat belt through all right next we are going to put our trim piece back here on the side and it’s going to put back into place all right once you get the panel back in place go ahead and replace three plastic clips

One two and three and then go ahead and pop this piece back into place and repeat the process over here so i forgot to film this uh before i put the seat on but go ahead and replace the clips up here there’s two up top before you get the seat on and then after we put the service plug in we can go ahead and close this up all right now the fun part let’s go ahead

And get the seats back in and tighten them down and there are five mounting bolts for each seat just like coming out two over here one here and two in the front so we have our seats in and now we’re ready to go ahead and put the back uh carpet down and basically this is what i have i’m going to slide these seats back and once you have the seats back you can put

Your clips in this carpet that’s going to hold this carpet down foreign covers and our plastic trim pieces uh two for each seat here and in regards to these uh the two that are even go in the middle and the two where one of the sides comes down like this those are going to go on the outsides all right the last thing we’re going to do is install our service plug

Get it pushed in all the way it might be able to wiggle it around a little bit but once you get it pushed down all the way flip it sideways it’s engaged shut your cover and it also clips into place pop them in all right go ahead and hook your 12 volt back up and tighten it down and you are now officially finished with the job of removing and reinstalling the

Hybrid battery in a lexus rx 400h or a toyota highlander so i hope this i hope this video helped you out and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and if you have any suggestions please leave those as well we always love learning new ways to do things better ways so yeah please subscribe to the channel we have more installation videos

Coming out and we look forward to seeing you next time thank you

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Toyota Highlander Hybrid – Lexus RX400H Hybrid Battery Removal & Reinstallation (2006-2013) By Palmetto Battery Pros

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