toyota gr86 vs supra gr analogic
Altair Club Cars Toyota GR86 vs Supra GR: Analogical versus Digital experience…

Toyota GR86 vs Supra GR: Analogical versus Digital experience…

Toyota GR86 vs Supra GR: Analogical versus Digital experience…

Is there a car to play on the race track that isn’t too cheap to melt in two laps or too expensive to take some risks toyota would answer that question with the new dr86 the evolution of the gt86 is available and already has a big line of buyers what is his real power to find out we compared it to the supra dr let’s see like and subscribe because there’s an insane

Production coming out for you every day for free on this channel here is the only place you find comparisons and reviews of any car despite its class price and category all supermodels came with an 8-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive a 6-speed manual is finally an option but only with the optional tuba charger 3.0 liter in line 6. at some tests

It hits 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds or less and 100 miles per hour in 9.5 seconds that’s in the same league as the chevy camaro ss porsche cayman gts and bmw m2 competition the supra gr has a sequentially tuple charging in line 6 with 340 horsepower and 500 newton meters of torque despite its performance potential the super suspension is forgiven enough

To drive daily its steering is accurate nicely weighted and direct which enhances its fun to drive personality toyota presented the new gr86 dually signed by the sports division gazoo racing which is the second generation of the 86 gt model launched in 2012 already in partnership with subaru the 86 model was developed with the aim of bringing back to customers

The dreams and joy of driving inherent in sports cars to be honest i’m surprised by this evolution of sport models in 2022 approaching the deadline of combustion engines to see brand new cars with manual transmission naturally aspirated and cheap price tag is something satisfying congrats for toyota well this new gr86 shares a platform and mechanical sweat with

The subaru brz but toyota already says that each brand has its fine tuning according to the style of which one in the look the basic lines were preserved but now with more aggressive finishes with cuts and creases in the right measure of elegance the interior has already undergone a revolution and looks nothing like the spartan cabin of before digital instrument

Panel 7 inch touchscreen dual zone automatic air conditioning push button engine start and various controls give a ton of comfort the new 2.4 liter 4 cylinder boxer engine has power of 235 horsepower at 7 000 rpm and torque of 25.5 kilos at 3700 rpm acceleration to 60 miles per hour is done in 6.3 seconds but some tests can do it in under 5.5 seconds and reach

A quarter mile in 14 seconds flat the boxer tuesday subaru’s heritage brings together several benefits in addition to being light and compact this type of engine ends up reducing the vehicle center of gravity improving its performance and pervs the transmission can be manual or automatic both with 6 speeds and rear wheel drive is the only option it is important

To remember that the gr86 is naturally spirated while the supra is turbocharged so in some tests the gr86 made the quarter mile in 14 seconds flat while the supra made it in 12.7 seconds the supra is made to break records and go beyond the limits while the gr86 brings you to a raw experience pretty much like the old jdm cars for example but of course behind the

Wheel of the gr86 you can find a lot of fun but a lack of power and that’s why at half the price of a supra you realize that a gr86 is positioned in the perfect spot and is a good choice to make but tell me what do you think of the new toyota gr86 would you choose it instead of the legendary supra the comment section is your place to talk here every opinion is

Valid and we will choose the most rational comments to pin watch the suggested video we prepared for you right now and be sure that you won’t find this content anywhere else mainly because we are free and we deal with different subjects and don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel there’s new videos coming every single day see you you

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