toyota gr86 overview
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Toyota GR86 Overview

The all-new GR86! Low center of gravity, high precision fun. The 86 gets the GR treatment with a gripping all-new powertrain delivering 174kW.

Hi guys michael from penrith toyota here now we’ve been lucky enough to have this gr86 with us for the past week now me personally i couldn’t wait to get it registered so we’ve thrown a trade plate on it so we could take it out let’s see what this new gr86 brings to the table starting off with this beautiful front end new bumpers new headlight design functional

Ducting at the front now we all know this car has been rigorously tested on tracks to maximize performance there’s engineering on this vehicle is to a whole other level so the new gr86 really embraces the toyota gazoo racing dna featuring these ducts on the side of the vehicle here behind the wheels so with these michelin pilots bought four tires they are wrapping

These beautiful new 18-inch alloy wheels now these tires are known to perform very well in wet weather conditions dry conditions they’re just an all-round fantastic tire starting off with this side molding here really enhances the aerodynamics of the vehicle now this car has been rigorously tested on race tracks through mountain roads has been really put to the

Test by toyota’s racing team coming to to the back of the all-new gr86 now in my opinion it would not be complete without this beautiful jr badging on the back really touches on that sporty feel as well as one of my personal favorites the new dual tip stainless steel exhausts i also really like the design of these new tail lights really enhances this really sporty

Look of this vehicle led indicators and led tail lights very very nice touch on this new back end now i’m a big big fan of this new rear end design really caps off that nice sporty coupe styling that toyota has gone for with the 86 and what it is really known for definitely sure to be a fantastic statement piece and have a very nice road presence so coming into

The interior of the new jr86 now i am a big big fan of this new design there’s a lot more cabin space me myself i am six foot i’m not the smallest person in the world i do find it actually quite comfortable in here there’s fantastic vision out the back fantastic vision with these side mirrors really really nice new seating now these are bucket seats with the gts

Model which is what what we were in at the moment they are leather accented ultra suede down the middle and also featured on either door really enhances the sporty feel when you’re inside the new gr big big fan of it now with the gts as well you do get heated seats for both the driver and the passenger this all-new dash design which you’re going to get a look at

In just a second changes with putting the vehicle into track mode you get a nice formula one style dash and obviously color changing with dependent on what modes you’re in all new switches or new toggles or new dials a new multimedia system which is miles ahead of the previous model a big big fan overall paddle shifters as well again enhancing that sporty feel and

Really encapsulating what toyota’s gone for with this new gazoo racing dna so now we’ve gone around the vehicle from the outside we’ve touched on the interior let’s get it out on the road and let’s see what it’s got so we’re out in the all-new gr86 now as we all know this new model features a 2.4 liter boxer pumping out 174 kilowatts 250 newton meters of torque

Now we’re out on some normal roads cruising around in comfort mode this car is fantastic really handles the road noise quite well fantastic grip this suspension is fantastic we’re not on the best roads at the moment and it’s handling the bumps quite nicely overall fantastic drive steering wheels nice and light very precise coming up for some twisties now so let’s

See what it has big fan of the gearbox already nice precise shifts i can’t stress enough how much i’m loving this suspension is fantastic so we’re about to get a couple of hairpins let’s see how it goes first corner oh wow very nice inside lane sharp one down to second well foreign tires are phenomenal suspension tire combination out of this world steering

Is very precise a lot of control nice feedback now remember we are in the gds with the auto transmission is doing a very very good job so far i am thoroughly enjoying this drive it’s actually very quiet as well it’s doing a good job of maintaining road noise the suspension handles these bumps phenomenally now if you want to come down you want to have a tattoo

And overfill you want to get a look at this car in person it is available on our showroom floor for any inspections alternatively if you would like to place an auto if you have any inquiries you have any questions feel free to give us a call we’re all more than happy to handle any questions any inquiries and go through the car in depth

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Toyota GR86 Overview By Penrith Toyota

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