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What’s good youtube today people today we are covering a very controversial story that is blake alvarado’s gr-86 motor blow if you’ve been living under a rock like myself you might not know that there’s been a very controversial story involving a toyota dealership toyota corporate and this individual blake alvarado with his newly acquired gr-86 so without any

Further ado let’s just jump into it avocado purchased his gr86 in january to be a daily driver and the occasional autocrosser 13 000 miles on it and he has changed the oil twice 5k and 10k using modal fluids in the engine transmission and differential remain selling points of the car was that toyota advertisers providing a free nasa track day and a 12-month

Nasa membership with the purchase of the vehicle though he has not taken advantage of either yet based on that one could assume they support motorsports to some degree i’m july 10th alvarado’s 86 suffered from engine failure due to oil starvation teardown found it that it was cylinder 4’s rod bearing that failed there’s gray sealant in the oil pickup which is a

Well-known warrantable defect occurring since 2013. a field technician was assigned to the case but rather than inspecting in person as typically done they did not inspect the motor instead either he or someone at the dealer looked me up on social media me being alvarado and they showed him a photo that was taken of alvarado at a local test and tune event that

Was untimed and non-competition in late march alvarado was testing different setups and playing around with the tire pressures this is the only time the car was driven in the way the photo shows they also showed alvarado an onboard video of him driving in someone else’s white gr-86 his was black this proof along with the fts’s remark that the issue is common when

Drifting he is a local drifter well known in the community prompted him to deny ai the warranty claim and the service manager to agree with the decision alvarado was then prompted with an estimate of 11 000 for the repair alvarado himself inspected the motor and took photos of the oil pickup and excess sealant which he then showed to the service manager and toyota

Corporate he explained to toyota corporate that according to the service manager the fts had still not been to the dealership to physically inspect the motor even after the sealant issue was raised the case manager with the toyota corporate stated she had taken it as high as the regional manager for gulf states toyota and everyone involved is standing by the fts and

Dealers decision alvarado then spoke to the service manager at the dealer and requested further escalation or cancellation for a goodwill claim he did not entertain this nor any other compromise on the repair such as the 50 50 parts only labor etc service manager then stated that he valued the dealership’s reputation with toyota and did not want to compromise that

By approving something the fts and toyota corporate have already determined was not warrantable the service manager provided alvarado with only two options one pay eleven thousand for the engine repair or two have the car and the motor removed from the dealership basically saying to get out alvarado had the car towed to a local subaru specialty shop and ordered

A low mileage pull out motor total cost is expected to be around seven thousand for that alvarado claims that this is a huge misstep for toyota he says that toyota claims on the website that the gr-86 is track tested with the sole of a true sports car which implies being on the track at 100 plus miles per hour for 20-minute sessions as seen at many track events

Including the ones they pay for their customers to participate in which are very demanding on the car the oiling system in particular which is alvarado’s issue in this case alvarado then goes on to say if a manufacturing defect occurs and causes a failure while participating in said track day or even in autocross course that will never exceed highway speeds nor

Last longer than then 60 seconds on average toyota has essentially said that you are on your own and they will comb social media and other sources to reinforce that you abused the vehicle due to this situation alvarado strongly urges anyone that uses their gr86 for anything beyond street duty to take all possible precautions cover or remove your plates while on

Site and be very cautious about posting to social media and event isn’t privately shared amongst friends can be found and used against you even then screenshotting and sharing is out of your control be warned and be safe so that is alvarado’s story here and we’re just going to take a look at some of the screenshots that alvarado has provided us here we can see

Cylinder 4 bearing failed and was deemed by toyota not a warrantable issue here we can see the sealant that did not hold up and here we could see the picture that the dealership was referring to where alvarado seems to be drifting his gr86 and here we have a video of alvarado’s run in a white gr86 alvarado has also included an excerpt from toyota’s website here

You can see toyota says you are in the right place to register for your complimentary track day take advantage of your new nasa membership and secure your spot today nasa’s high performance driving events fill up quickly and space is limited then we have a big red button here to help you find a track to take your gr-862 as an ad benefit for 2022 gr supra and gr86

Owners only geforce racing gear is offering a one-time 30 discount on the purchase of a new helmet so it seems to be toyota has a small partnership going on with geforce racing gear based on the controversy of this topic we could probably come to the conclusion that the public is confused on whether to support alvarado or to support the dealership here we have an

Individual stating to speak to a lawyer here we have another individual stating that the reality is that there’s a disclaimer in all cars manuals saying it is up to their discretion to determine if off-road usage competitive driving events may impact warranty covers if we take a look on toyota’s website we could find that you are paying upwards of 30 000 for a

Brand new gr86 with its earned gr badge which means the gr86 comes track tested with the soul of a true sports car the gr in gr-86 meaning toyota gazoo racing if you take a little closer look here into the gr racing badge you can see that it is toyota’s global racing division in which they indulge their passion for motorsport not yours guided by their obsessive

Desire for speed every vehicle that’s earned the gr badge has been thoroughly pushed honed and perfected through extensive testing with their numerous wins and finishes in numerous championships world rally world endurance etc so it seems that toyota definitely takes pride in their track tested gr-86 my question to you guys is how would you feel paying upwards

Thirty thousand for your new gr86 to have its motor blown by an issue that’s been occurring since 2013. so the community is clearly divided on this controversy this guy states from everything he’s seen on their website and on youtube they’re trying to sell gr86 as a track car that’s blowing up driving hard in a parking lot for 30 seconds then that is definitely

Another track car this guy’s saying cylinder 4 knocking on heaven’s door at 13 000 miles that’s what makes a subaru a subaru this guy says he does not agree with them not honoring the warranty if you want to do any form of racing with a super engine you need a baffled oil pan anything goes on to say he doesn’t know why the gr86 is not baffled from the factory here

Is a baffled oil pan for a boxer motor a baffled oil pen prevents the oil from splashing all around and keeps it more contained if you have another situation that occurred with another individual this guy’s saying whatever happened to using purpose-shaped gaskets to seal covers on engines applying a ribbon of rtb seems far more imprecise and prone to errors so

Far the trend has been oh look you revved the car to redline that one time warranty void you drove your sports car like a sports car warranty void and then this guy says maybe they should rename track mode to warranty avoided mode this guy claims that the issue is excessive volume of rtv used to seal the pan it breaks off and it makes its way into the oil pickup in

Theory they either need to reseal the correct process of rtv use or use a standard cut gasket in its place a baffle isn’t a solution here as a starvation is via rtv debris blocking the pickup tube and not starvation from improper flow during cornering presumably clearly we can see that the community is divided however toyota on the other hand is not as of august

4th toyota has a change of heart and covers the warranty repair for alvarado’s blown 86 engine this article here states that these stories popularity seems to have caught the attention of the higher ups at toyota because they are automaker has changed a course on the decision alvarado told the drive his warranty claim will now be approved after speaking with a

Representative from toyota that representative also told alvarado he should be able to use the car at future autocross and track day events without putting his warranty in jeopardy and here we have a statement from a toyota spokesperson the toyota gazoo racing brand is driven by enthusiasts and focused on delivering incredible experiences wherever the driver may

Take their vehicles including closed course settings for which their vehicles are designed so long as they are driven in a manner that falls within the terms of the warranty while the vehicle’s warranty excludes damage that results from activities such as misuse and racing simply participating in national auto sport association high performance driving events or

Similar nasa instructional events provided complementary to gr owners would not in and of itself void the warranty warranty claims are evaluated on a case-to-case basis based on further review we’ve determined the repair of mr alvarado’s vehicle in this case is covered under warranty a small update on toyota resolving this issue toyota has yet to issue any sort

Of service bulletin or recall regarding this issue and then to wrap up today’s video we have one last statement put out by alvarado himself toyota has decided to honor the warranty claim on my engine very happy that my situation is finally on a path to resolution i’d like to personally thank my motorsports family as well as the internet at large for supporting my

Situation public response ultimately brought light to the elephant in the room that is marketing versus warranty policy this is something that won’t get solved overnight but i would like to see toyota regain the trust of the enthusiast market and intends to capture with their gr brand a step toward this would be reaffirming that track days and similar events should

Not void a valid warranty claim for a manufacturer defector then goes on to say that he’d love to see more involvement in toyota in supporting amateur motorsports and the enthusiasts who buy these cars so to wrap this whole story up my question to you guys is do you agree with the dealership’s decision to void the warranty of alvarado’s gr86 do you believe that

Toyota received too much backlash for this and they just met the bullet did alvarado drive his car too hard if the gr86 was not so heavily advertised as a track car would they have covered this warranty be sure to let me know in the comment section down below and while you’re down there be sure to hit the like button it really does go a long way if you’d like to

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Getting the heck up out of here i’ll see you guys in the next one you guys what do you think of this toyota evaluate what the evaluated or evaluated what the evaluated why can’t i say evaluated evaluated oh jesus nope

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TOYOTA GR86 CANCELLED. By Julian Telesco

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