toyota gr supra hyperboost editi
Altair Club Cars Toyota GR Supra HyperBoost Edition | SEMA 2019

Toyota GR Supra HyperBoost Edition | SEMA 2019

NASCAR analyst Rutledge Wood and his build team have brought the GR Supra HyperBoost Edition to challenge GVP Ed Laukes’ GR Supra Heritage Edition at Toyota’s 2019 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show display.

So i’m here with a new 2020 supra getting ready to go into competition with rutledge and ed lucas and as you know that competition is stiff because ed likes to win and i don’t like to lose as you know two years ago rut and i killed the nascar guys and once again is we got another victim in sight edie you’re going down buddy so here’s some of the renderings right

Now that we’ve been working on kind of show you where we’re going the pieces that we’re building looks mean the history of supra is unbelievable i go all the way back to the 93 s and i’ll tell you what i still have a couple of my stable and they’re so fun to drive and the new one is even more exciting than ever so they’re 2020 supra there’s a lot of heritage behind

Super it’s all about the performance we took the old intake we got rid of that thing took the old intake for the turbo got rid of that thing and created some new pieces from boost logic this is our new stainless steel down pipe which we developed for the 2020 supra this is not only going to increase the sound but add horsepower as well this along with our titanium

Exhaust system is going to not only add power sound better but also have a great weight savings from the stock components on the vehicle it’s going to be mind-blowing and it’s going to be the most powerful super in the world so right now we’re talking is what could we possibly do this car a couple things that need to be done is we thought would be nice if we could

Make this come out a little bit farther to get a little bit bigger will we want to put a little bit more styling body kit on this thing just to add some features i’ve been doing this for 25 years it’s always stressful i’ve built a lot of cars but we don’t have any parts available and you have 90 days to do this it’s a really a tough build so ruts got a lot of input

On what he wants to see i got a lot of input what i want so right now rut and i are fighting i think we’re having a little bit of a disagreement i think that voodoo blue is gonna look good he wanted to go sand stones color and i wanted to go blue to blue as everybody knows we do blue is cool right at the end of the day is i think we decided on something that’s

Going to be beautiful for the show exhausted some new downpipe full titanium exhaust system custom-built and you look at this piece right here this is the finest art piece i have in my house right now come on with me let’s check out the car on the dyno to see what kind of noise it makes every car you build for sema is a piece of you this would be probably a

Big chunk of me i think we did a hell of a job and my team did a great job building this car the car is phenomenal all in all is this was a really really fun ride stressful yes fun yes a lot of competition yeah you know typical right i mean that’s what we do we’re racers you know we go out there and we build with our hearts and see what we got you

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Toyota GR Supra HyperBoost Edition | SEMA 2019 By The Wheel Network

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