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What’s going on you guys welcome back to the channel today’s video is super super exciting i didn’t even know this was going to be happening or anything like that it was literally a last-minute opportunity we’re going to be heading to formula drift if you guys follow me on my instagram you guys know that i’ve been kind of talking about going um so i got an opportunity

Shout out to the homie david uh aka toyota dave for hooking me up with this and thinking of me to use my car as a display for toyota’s booth at formula drift isn’t that crazy isn’t that insane like my i still can’t really like take it in and like really believe it like that it is crazy to me so right now we’re headed to long beach right now it’s it was almost like

A two-hour drive for my house so we still got like an hour and 23 left but yeah you guys this is super super exciting this is like milestone for me and my car my car’s in in a booth gonna be in a booth for toyota this is crazy so um yeah i’m not gonna like take long on the little intro right now but i’ll catch up with you guys once i get there and get through

All this freaking stupid traffic so yeah i’ll see you guys in a bit all right you guys we are here now i’m not really too sure like where i’m supposed to be going but uh david sent us his location so hopefully it’s easy to find oh big old drive down here so we’re here uh we just gotta wait for david khan to come and and get us right now because uh security’s

Not letting us through the gates uh but that’s all good i mean it’s not like we’re not in here legitly so a couple people actually were kind of coming by trying to get through right here but uh yeah gates are closed off so all y’all man with the plan the only reason why we’re here today my dude david thank you so much man appreciate that thank you for coming in

And helping us out this is uh pretty crazy around here dude where are we going right in here yeah no we’re a display vehicle we’re just staying in yeah yeah thank you man then you’re gonna go straight through there all right also this is the truck right here yeah this is the track yeah so they close these walls now so you would have came through here this is

The first turn oh sick dude it goes to the left then go around middle or right on the other side all right we’re here and uh man is super sick around here so right now i’m gonna go ahead and try to wipe down the car a little bit right here got a spot next to larry chan supra which is super dope uh here’s the gr booth super sick you guys i’m gonna go ahead and

Walk around a little bit uh right now but like i said i’m gonna just wipe this down for them make it kind of clean and then they could kind of go ahead and do whatever they need to do with it so let’s get started all right you guys got it all cleaned up definitely took a little bit longer than expected i think other than timmy i haven’t seen anybody else drive

My car before so it’s a little different yes hurt what a nice shot look he’s thinking he looks good it looks good to me not gonna lie i’d probably say that about any position though so yo eric chan supra this thing is dopey’s now that we got our stuff all cleaned up and positioned correctly we’re gonna go ahead and take a walk around before like all the music

Starts happening and all the craziness starts happening so let’s go take a look see what other people are bringing to the table i’m actually kind of excited to see uh because i’ve never done something like this before so i’m glad you guys are here experiencing with me hey you got the ready booth over here that status all right status i see you raises over here

Though hey yeah i’m over here pretty sick sounds like the cars are on the track already everything around here all the tents and everything and it looks like this is where people kind of enter the track so i kind of missed a couple people coming through so it’s definitely going to be pretty loud you guys just want you guys always know that everyone’s kind

Of getting their stuff ready prepping right now i got a bunch of something more to see but i really wanted to try to catch one of the cars getting onto the track right now we got kanan over here some secrets about that but i’ll show you guys that later for all my lexus people out here look at this dope gs right here with the gradient cooler the raised wheels

The rays are these all the graham lights oh sheesh let’s look clean for all you cats out there i love your gs’s got the falcon truck over here guys with the falcon mustang jeff carr super sick i know a lot of you guys might have seen this he’s about to start it up right now actually yeah that startup was insane thing was so freaking loud probably blow out my

Ears every single time i started but if it is indeedy he literally was just watching all this stuff yesterday that they just put together that wrap which is super dope let me get out of the way this is freaking crazy going up it’s b12 or v10 is the v12 but super dope look at those wheels oh i think it’s about to start up this aston martin right here guys look

At this sick ass what is that an electric unicycle that thing’s crazy dude i’m like you even have uh knee pads just for it or what yeah i wrote here i don’t live too far yeah no you wrote this here yeah oh my god no way dude so this thing on a full battery like 48 this thing is insane yeah is that on a full battery how fast about 48 48 miles an hour damn no wonder

You need all this yeah i need all this hey yeah man that’s crazy i’ve never seen one man check them out dude they’re fun yeah they look like i saw you rolling around like what the heck we need one of those i think he said it goes 48 miles an hour on a full battery what he he rode it here i guess because he lives nearby but still that’s freaking crazy dude soup

Dope so i’m not too sure if the music is going to cover write this but i wanted to show you guys the new corolla the gr4 which specs on the specs alone says it’s pretty damn amazing so i want to give you guys a look at it show what it looks like he doesn’t know headed out the venue because i never got to get my wristband so that way we can kind of come in and

Out because i still have to check into my rooms because i’m gonna be here all weekend so yeah oh look we get to see the cars lined up right here before they head out thrilled super sick and then we got the gr down there yes sir oh hello um i was told my name might be on roll call here uh yeah what’s your name yes go from here uh straight down there right

Okay we’re good we got some stars on there yes sir it’s the hks it’s got the rice seeds inside all right so they’re handing these out rockstar you guys know i’m not a fan of any drinks but i’ve started to recently drink more this one’s sugar-free you said it has less you know caffeine doesn’t give you the jitters new flavor or whatever you guys know i’m not a

Big fan of these but uh you know we’re gonna go ahead pop this over and try it out oh let’s see what’s going on actually not bad look who it is dave and david from dde with their new hyper nft t-shirts you guys didn’t see earlier too they had it on the wrap on the viper you guys want to shoot with this all the time do you just for stuff like this yeah because

Like i can zoom all the way in yeah so like that’s like that’s not even all the way in that’s pretty close 200 to 600 so i’m still learning all the freaking knickknacks and stuff i’m not very uh if someone hits a wall you can see it really good yeah i’m sure like earlier just met the guys from dde i had to go and say what’s up to them my first time meeting them

Like i said you guys don’t know me now with your world later on i promise you let’s get some more of this footage all right you guys so i just kind of wanted to take a moment from the craziness there’s a bunch of signings going on along over there this event is super amazing or whatever actually i don’t even know if i’m supposed to be over here i just kind

Of like walked in and it looks like this might be like an executive like a vip like area or whatever but uh we up in here we open here we got these executive uh little parts right here but i do see that they have waters and energy drinks right there and i’m about to go grab one i want to go see right now let’s go let’s take one of these and just take one of

These oh like i said don’t know if we’re supposed to do that but we did it okay but like look so while i have a chance i just really quickly want to talk about like me meeting the guys from dde i was actually a little bit nervous and i also didn’t want to stick a camera in front of the face for my first time meeting them um i think that is something i might do

With anybody that i meet for the first time especially because i feel like i’m my nobody especially to those guys who are like you know up there when it comes to like the level of youtubers they are um but super humble guys i really appreciate you guys being so nice damon and dave thank you guys so much i know you guys would probably never watch this but i wanted

To throw it out there i’d let them know that they’re gonna like remember me next time for sure that they can they can promise that and they it’s funny because they said like oh we met you right now i was like yeah but too many people come up and introduce themselves to you guys and i know you guys aren’t going to remember me today but one day you will remember me

My face because you know i’ll just be popping up a little bit more often so um i just wanted to kind of throw that out there on why i didn’t necessarily like throw them on like you know the face of the camera and everything like that they were also trying to enjoy you know getting themselves some clips uh of the guys drifting and stuff so i didn’t want to bother

That either i was happy enough to kind of get that little window of like introduction let let them know my name i just wanted to kind of say that uh just because i just wanted my my like honest uh i guess thoughts and approach to any of that so yeah but uh what’s mostly on with the show man let’s see what else we got we got going are you guys i know this is kind

Of weird but this is how you know i was in a vip section but it wasn’t supposed to be it um because the little pore pies they have first of all they have a sink okay they have everything inside the porta potty they have lights in here yes i got me another star i don’t know why i’m just tired okay can you guys hear the cards okay let’s go get some more footage of

The cars it’s off the wall quite a bit now took a little bit of a break but uh it’s coming jtp all right dear kelly all right guys all checked into my room today was amazing again big shout out to david appreciate you man it was a lot of fun uh today was just the qualifying race so tomorrow is the real competition where everyone’s gonna be knocking each other

Out on the brackets so uh it’s gonna be way more jam-packed than it was yes uh than it was today so i’m really excited for that um i’ll probably head over there a little bit later than what we did today um but like i said it was super fun man for a first time thing i’m like beyond grateful i’m not too sure how long this video is been running or anything like that

But i’m gonna go ahead and close out the video here i’m super hungry so i’m gonna go find myself something to eat uh and then kind of come back maybe try to edit a little bit and organize the files with that being said thank you guys so much for watching this is a great milestone everything is just you know blowing my mind so thank you guys so much for watching

This you guys first time to the channel be sure to like and subscribe truly helps me out you guys make sure you guys live long and prosper and i’ll see you guys in the next one later you

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