toyota corolla 2020 review sedan
Altair Club Cars Toyota Corolla 2020 review: sedan

Toyota Corolla 2020 review: sedan

Do you have a sibling that seems to get all the attention? Feel like you’re playing second fiddle to a superstar? Want one chance to prove you can do everything they can do and more?

Well i know you’re thinking all right a corolla sedan for and it’s the hybrid what no i’m serious see when he comes to the corolla most people go through the hatch but that’s the one to get sedan i’ll explain why it’s better than a hatch and a few other things you should know come on starling lookout lexus this new gen corolla sedan is actually good-looking okay

It’s not a sexy of the hatch but it has that same 20 nose and the back of it with those tail lights in the diffuser is refined and stylish lee grown up compared to baggage the sedans insides look identical to the hatches there’s that giant screen which sits high like a billboard and clink surfaces free of the clutter of buttons but like the hatch there is a lot of

Hard plastics the grains there are three grades in the corolla sedan lineup first of all is the ascent sport which you can have with a petrol engine with a manual gearbox or an auto transmission and it also comes as a hybrid to a bob this is the sx which comes in petrol or hybrid flavors and living in the castle of the corolla kingdom is the z r which you can have

But only with a petrol engine coming standard on all corolla sedans is an eight inch touchscreen with apple carplay and android auto there’s also a reversing camera an advanced safety tech like a eb with pedestrian and cyclist addiction if you want to read the full review where i list pretty much every single food to fit each grade and go to cars today

You and hey hit like and subscribe practicality now we’re really getting into whether sedan bits the hatch i’m 191 centimeters tall and i’m still recovering from injuries after trying to wedge myself into the backseat of the crawler hatch no problems here though look at those legs and the room they have and headroom isn’t bad either seriously i’ve been thinking

About it the hybrid crawler sedan would make the perfect ride-sharing car its small its economical it’s got good legroom and look at that boot it’s much bigger than the boot of the hatch 137 liters much bigger with its 417 litre cargo capacity engines and motor the virtual engine is a 2-liter four-cylinder while the hybrid which isn’t a plug-in type so put your

Powerpoints away people has a 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor what’s it like to drive let’s find out or right now we are in the hybrid and i’ve chosen the hybrid for an important reason and that is because when it comes to a corolla a hatch or a sedan i think a hybrid completely completely makes sense and that’s because corollas i tend to live

In a city or the burbs that gets stuck in traffic and they have owners who like efficiency and reliability and and in the case of this today and they they want to be – practicality as well but generally what’s it like to drive the suspension it is ridiculously comfortable it feels i’m serious it feels like air suspension even though it’s not it’s a multi-link

Rear which is kind of a fancy rear set up what toyota’s done to it is quite amazing it and it’s to do with the new platform that it’s on as well it’s it’s really comfortable even on this really bad country road the steering is actually really good – like it’s not a porsche 911 but there’s good feedback it’s accurate it’s weighted just right all good news there

You know the hybrid toyota have been doing hybrids forever well a quarter of a century the first one came out 95 at the tokyo motor show and then 97 was the first generation prius and that arrived in australia i think around about 2001 so they’ve kind of got it together as far as hybrids are concerned and you can feel it so you can feel it in the transition from

Electric motor to capital engine it’s almost seamless i’ve the petrol is large drive the petrol in the sx so this is the sx and the hybrid drove the petrol equivalent it’s not as fun it’s not as novel as a hybrid you know it’s just a 2 litre petrol engine you know it still rides really well and steers really well but you don’t get the same type of responsiveness

That you do with with a hybrid with a hybrid and when just rolling on at 60 and you stab the accelerator you sort of surge forward and that is the torque coming from the electric motor that’s the future that’s that’s all the future feels like the future feels like the hat it’s not war see at all also fuel economy we’ve driven 97 case today we started in melbourne

And city and we drove all the way through the country and i used according to the trip meter 3.9 liters per hundred 3.9 liters per hundred the official combined serving suggestin is 3.5 so i hit 3.9 there was a guy who was driving a petrol equivalent and he got seven point five seven point five liters per 100 so there you go hybrid is the pick for me so there you

Have it the new generation toyota corolla sedan it’s better than the hatch in a lot of ways and the hybrid hybrid is a pick of the bunch anyway i’ve got to head off to work you you

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