toyota celsior review
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Toyota celsior review

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Hey everyone this is a review on my toyota selsaw i picked this car up probably about a month ago and i thought i’d make a video on it and i’m surprised i haven’t already um so i’m gonna make this video and hope you guys enjoy it so we’ll start with a 360 of the car now it’s currently covered in crap but that’s okay i picked this car up for a pretty good price

It’s got low case well 121 000 which is decently low for a car of its age it is a 1998 and this is toyota’s equivalent of the lexus ls400 it has little markings on the back bumper it has a little dent in the door which you can’t really see but that gray spot is right where it is sunroof whatnot got these 20 inch bgw wheels on it with illegal spaces because they

Don’t fit so probably gonna change those wheels out though in my opinion they don’t really suit the car very well and as for the interior nice leather interior has electric seats obviously automatic these cars were only made in automatic those are the back seats now i’ve got to say these are the most comfortable seats i’ve ever sat on as you can see we’re now in

The car that’s what it looks like from the driver’s view as you can see got your big screen there everything’s in japanese i don’t know what it’s actually saying automatic doesn’t come in manual so we’ve got this cup holder here which is pretty cool so that just tucks away in there and you just head up that comes out you have a cigarette lighter in here a little

Ashtray heated seats and this is all your controls you can control aircon and whatnot there’s um a maps thing but i’m not in japan so that thinks i’m in the ocean yeah is like a dvd player and whatnot i think that was pretty cool this car is meant to be like vip so it is quite like that here we have the glove box standard glove box and when you put your key in

The steering wheel i mean in the car steering wheel moves out turn the key that’s the cluster gives you a little japanese message as for the back seats the split folds down opens up looks decently vip you’ve got some movie cups on the movie cup holders i should say on the leather seat lights and the rear doors and there one there now pretty much everything in

This car is electric which could cause issues as of a car of its age but so far i haven’t had any issues as for under the hood we have a 4 liter v8 pretty tidy bone stock all still covered in its casing and whatnot pretty tidy boom coolant all fluid levels are all good you’ll notice that there’s no pole holding up we’ve got little hydraulic arms which is cool

Sort of going with that vip sort of mindset got a little button here which releases the trunk and these have a massive boot my boot actually had a little bit of a leak in it so we’re just gonna put that down somehow if it will yeah massive boot if you look at my other videos you’ll see that i have a altezza gita wagon and honestly those boots are pretty similar

Size this car up for about nothing grand new zealand which is really cheap for these cars especially with these keys and the condition of it um they usually go for about 12 to 13 sometimes higher if they’ve had modifications done to them um so i got a wicked price on this car one thing i forgot to mention is a sunroof so you pull that back when the car’s on

Click that switch and it opens up and closes not a fan of sunroofs because i always have issues but this car has been pretty good as you can see here there’s cigarette lighters in the back i have a little music thing plugged into that because i want to keep the interior all original in stock this one on the other side too floor mats in decent condition a little

Bit dirty as you see they say sell saw there’s also a little footstep thing not really sure what they’re called say sell sore just a nice touch to the you know japanese origins of it all has four lights which don’t really show very well in the day but yellow fog lights and then very clear headlights on it i got the meanest deal on this car i think i did really well

Now the tail lights they look dope at night obviously you can’t really see much at the moment it’s daytime quite light but this car at nighttime looks sick this wing mirror is having issues it’s broken you just swing it back but that it’s a little bit jammed a bit broken so i’ve got to get on to fixing that it has a couple scuffs underneath it from bottoming out

Even though this car is very high up like the wheel gap is horrific but that will all be changed so that sort of wraps up the video on the toyota self saw i’m going to be uploading a video i don’t know whether it will be before or after this of a zero to a hundred but when i was recording it which was today it was wet so we skidded at the start then the gearbox

Couldn’t figure out what it wanted to do so it is actually a little bit slower than it should be but anyways i hope you guys enjoyed that video if you’re looking to go and pick one of these up they’re not the most common car but you’ll definitely be able to find one you don’t really see them anywhere in my area um but definitely a cool car to grab so thanks for

Watching and i’ll catch you in the next one

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Toyota celsior review By Jesse G

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