toyota camry price review in lag
Altair Club Cars Toyota Camry Price Review In Lagos Nigeria – FENDI AUTOS

Toyota Camry Price Review In Lagos Nigeria – FENDI AUTOS

I travelled to Lagos City Nigeria to make this video about Toyota Camry Price Review In Lagos Nigeria, The prices are negotiable please call the phone number on the video for enquiries.

Welcome to fendi autos we said to hunter products lasers under no all kinds we are located along apart also the expressway this is daughter cameron shawna hates this is actually early that is limited edition we have sle also what is the limited edition four block it’s four plug that is one exhaust it’s very very free economical understand you can see the interior

Now let me show you the interior you can see the assets it’s actually leather seats very very clean you can see the stereo look at everything the ac everything is working perfectly fine let’s let us see it let me show you the back this is the back is total camera 208 the price is four million two negotiable this total camera 2010 okay it’s actually sle that’s

Extra limited edition it has this is that this is engine it’s full option like all i mean by full option is that it’s a reverse camera it’s our dvd dvds you know how much material it’s actually this interior this is the screen it’s our reverse camera and it can actually dvd it connects bluetooth carry backside it’s leather seats very very okay 2010. let’s see

You can see it this is the extra limited edition toyota camry 2010 the average price now is you can see it’s negotiable this total camera 2010 sle okay it’s up many options like direct navigation system this is engine an app full option considering to you this is 2010 and it’s killers also what i mean by like shout out to you in the navigation system is the

Screen it’s quite different that’s the direct navigation keyless that’s ages start and it’s also glass roof you can see is the fullest option of a camry for 2010. at least the bag because it’s a very clean car total camry excellent 2010 the average price now is 5.2 slightly negotiable this total camera 2012 half full option it’s a reverse camera aviation system

And it plays dvd for plug that’s where the engine is can see the interior this interior is actually having meek and black interior mixture of boots just enter accident free you can check all through the very very blinker and mix and this is the back there’s it back this back color it’s actually limited edition what i mean is le total camera it has reverse

Camera this is the camera right here and the average price that is 6.5 negative these two camera okay sle what i’m buying sl is extra limited edition nissan it has reverse camera navigation system keyless entry you can see the interior you see i have reverse camera i have navigation direct navigation system let’s just see the interior you see what it looked like

It’s a very very clean car clean tires and a very good interior it’s a receiver interior you can see everything the stereo is working perfectly fine the reverse camera is very very clean and sharp and it’s having sunglasses sort of glass i can see the back also actually it’s very clean silver color the price is actually five millimeter that’s the average price

Now negotiating this total camera 2012 2013 sle i have reverse camera navigation system and dvd it’s keyless entry one by class and tracer is the fullest option of the water camera you can see the interior it’s a very very clean that the bronze river and the silver color mix interior keyless entry very very clean extra limited edition look at the back it’s

Actually great color with the simva interior 2012 camera the average price now is 8.5 negative this total camera 2013 edition it’s actually silver color i have many options sle what i mean by sle is extra limited edition it has all the fullness options the toyota camry can actually takes you considering i’ll show you the interior now so i can see all the features

Of it come and see the interior what i’m by the future is that it have a very versatile it’s different you can see the the screen it’s a reverse camera i have navigation system i also play dvd on this same screen and it says keyless entry siva on siva anytime any day we’ll give you the best car that’s all we do best and very clean car total camry 2013 sld every

Price is eight million five to this course this toyota camry 2011 early one by alice limited edition limited options you understand if you look at the interior now you see what i’m talking about because it doesn’t have reverse camera doesn’t have navigation system come and check the interior it’s a white color white color with a silver interior it’s actually

Correct for my car in the interior you can see what i mean by the formica is all those brand things there that’s it for my car follow call for america brother app dvd and navigation system 2010 twitter camera limited edition this is actually it to utah camera 2010 le limited edition with less option and the average price is 4.5 to this course this total camera

2012 limited edition it has a limited edition one by limited edition is that it’s our dvd and our reverse came about because they have navigation system it’s quite different from sle this led is sla come and see the interior and i’ll tell you about the pictures what what the difference between the ali and the hesseli i’ll show you now come and see how looking to

This interior here we are now they actually have the same screen but the difference is that this doesn’t have navigation system these are dvd and reverse camera you can see the option it’s a black color with a mix of silver and black interior you can see it’s very clinker accident free twitter camera 2012 l.a afraid price is 6.5 this total camera sla keyless

Entry the future is that you have reverse camera add navigation system and play dvd also come and look at the interior so that i can see the futures i have this is the silva interior saturated seats with alpha mica keyless entry reverse camera navigation system and dvd very very clean this is engine you can see at the back it has a windbreaker at the back

And i have a reverse camera very very clean accidentally you can see the body this is actually how the car looks in the real life okay so you can actually come and check on our cars we have it in love here fendi autos toyota camry 2012 sle the average price is 5.9 because you talk on the price oh we’ll talk about whatever to ulta products camera is actually the

Best among them because camry is very very economical like like they always say they say cut your suit according to your size okay we have different type of cameras we have limited we have extra limited and we have the sport edition what i mean by the limited is the early what i mean by the extra limited edition is the sle i mean what i mean by the sport edition

That’s the s e i want to talk about limited edition that is very that’s one of the best because it’s very economical it’s not physical engine it’s for plug you can use let me say it’s a token to take you to wherever you’re going but maybe you want to upgrade maybe you want to come up you can go for the sle that’s the v6 engine that have more options because they

Have reverse camera they have navigation system and they play dvd i want to talk about the sport maybe you want something big something huge you know that you can use as a guy man you know i call that car a guy man car you understand it’s actually okay cam recorders are the best photo i can ever have they are the best total camera they are the best car i can always

Check on all these fendi hot hoes can you contact us on zero nine zero six eight 6804 3838 if you want to reach us we’re actually at abapa oshode expressway beggar on that bridge when you get there you can put us on a call we attend to you we are here for you i will give you the best we can’t wait to have you

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