toyota bz4x overview an electric
Altair Club Cars Toyota bZ4X overview | An electric car with 10 years warranty

Toyota bZ4X overview | An electric car with 10 years warranty

We take a look at the recently revealed Toyota bZ4X – the first EV from the Toyota brand. What do you guys think?

Hey what’s up youtube welcome back today we’re going to be looking at the recently revealed toyota bz4x we’ll come on to the name uh in a moment and we’re going to do the format a little bit different today i’m basically going to start off doing a very quick summary for those of you who just want a quick one minute overview and then you can continue watching if you

Want or just end the video there and then so just to summarize this is toyota’s first electric car and it is a good one it may not be the best looking or the most striking car as we’ll see in a moment if you do remain uh and stick around but the way it drives is basically what will get people interested it’s super comfortable has lots and lots of space inside it’s

Well made and finally toyota cars are starting to come with plenty of tech it’s definitely not the cheapest electric suv but toyota with their reputation of reliability the toyota lexus group and the prospect of a 10-year warranty so if you if you service your car with toyota you get beyond the standard three-year warranty you can get up to 10 years which is a

Really massive selling point um this is this now then becomes one of the most appealing evs that you can buy but if you do want to see a little bit more about this car do please stick around let’s go okay so first let’s kick things off as mentioned with the name so toyota is planning a family of evs now they are a bit late to the game especially considering they

Were pioneers 25 years ago with the hybrids which became super popular especially the second model iteration anyway the name the bz stands for beyond zero and then the four indicates its size so we are looking to expect a one two three and then a larger five as well and then the x indicates that it’s an suv or a crossover so there is some method behind the naming

Convention so bz4x i’m i personally am not too much of a fan i think it’s just just too complicated but there we go that’s what um toyota in japan have decided and the size of this particular car will have it competing with the eniac ionic 5 ev6 and the volkswagen id4 and also coming out soon the nissan aria and even renault putting out a model in this particular

Space so it’s already a congested and competitive market um to put the con the size into context it’s a little bit longer than the toyota rav4 and also gives you more interior space so it is quite spacious and i i think it puts in more than just a crossover it’s definitely an suv let’s go on to the spec so in terms of battery and specification there is at least

A launch just one battery capacity of 71.4 kilowatt hour but with two power outputs so one is going to be front wheel drive and the other is going to be all-wheel drive so fairly simple the front wheel drive model will give you 201 brake horsepower and a claimed range of 317 miles and the all-wheel drive version is going to be quicker a little bit more powerful

With 215 brake horsepower and a claimed range of 286 miles so both of these i think considering the size of the car are definitely respectable now regarding fast charging because that’s something that’s quite hot topic at the moment you can charge at speeds of up to 150 kilowatts to get 80 charge in about 30 minutes or so so that’s pretty good and in terms of the

Cargo space as well the boot is a 412 litre boot that offers decent amount of space so it’s again it’s not the biggest you if you want that you will go probably for the escrow the eniac but it’s it’s respectable and then at start you’re going to get three equipment grades so the it’s the pure the motion and then the vision and then also our launch is going to be

Uh as it usually is the case with these cars an extra limited premier edition prices will start at 41 950 pounds so keep set in line with other v other cars in this space with for the entry model but it does rise to a staggering 51 550 for the special premier edition you’re looking at tesla model why pricing is starting to touch that for the top top top of the

Range so i don’t personally think we’re going to be going for that one if you’re going to be if you’re in the market for a toyota ev so it’s not the cheapest but just like kia and hyundai toyota has given its cabin a little bit more of a premium feel to try and justify these price increases it’s a smart looking car inside and out with a hint of a real 4×4 to it

It’s not just a crossover so you know if size matters then this is definitely something to consider coming now onto the rear you can see his coupe like and also features another current trend which is that rear roof spoiler that split with two uh winglets either side uh there is efficiency here apparently and this is another model that doesn’t have a ray wiper

Just like the hyundai ioniq five i know that’s gonna upset some people i don’t know why they wouldn’t put a rear wiper there surely can’t make that much of a difference to efficiency but apparently because of the coupe the slope that water should trickle down it so i don’t know let’s see that’s up to you now moving on inside as well we can see the dash layout

Is attractive um and it’s covered in sustainable rib material that brings some sort of or sense of rather warmth to the cabin that we can see here things seem comfy spacious even including the fake leather we have to say covered front seats now what stands out here and toyota finally after years of being behind in tech have stepped up this is above toyota and

Lexus with a 12-inch infotainment screen and this is really up the game in terms of usability graphics and speed so you know we’re starting to come on par with other infotainment screens and however most importantly especially if you are after a family ev here the most important thing is a lot of reviewers obviously haven’t driven this myself yet but a lot of

Reviewers have claimed a really impressive rive quality so it’s been reported that even over some pretty broken roads the bz-4x does its best to smooth things out now it’s not gonna remove bumps completely because of the size and the weight of the car but considering its size and this is suv weighed down with heavy batteries and 20 inch wheels potentially the ride

Is apparently remarkably on fast so ride quality uh and space is important definitely a thumbs up for the toyota so conclusion should you buy or consider this car i certainly think you should assuming that your primary concerns are reliability and space toyota of course were the hybrid kings back when they introduced the prius all those years ago about 25 years

Ago or so and they are a bit late to the game when it comes to an eevee um but just like apple and i’m going to use this analogy now just like apple they sometimes introduce features later than competitors but they’ve you know they’ve mastered those features you get something that works as opposed to a beta or alpha version that comes out as an early iteration

So sorry to android fanboys out there um but yeah um and alongside that anyway you’re gonna get that 10-year assuming you service that toyota you’re going to get a 10-year warranty for the car and the battery which is phenomenal so if you’re looking to keep this car long-term you are after a family ev i would say absolutely consider this alongside the high-end

Ionic 5 and the kia ev6 definitely the japanese and the koreans are doing something really cool in the eevee space as always youtube thanks for watching please please please give this video a thumbs up if you did enjoy and subscribe if you haven’t already and i will be back with another video next week peace out

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