toyota bz4x concept showcase
Altair Club Cars Toyota bZ4X Concept Showcase

Toyota bZ4X Concept Showcase

Toyota bZ4X Concept Showcase

So i’m here today to share an exciting addition to our electrification portfolio fresh off the plane from shanghai motor show in april this concept next to me is arguably one of the coolest vehicles that we are bringing to market under the new moniker bz which stands for beyond zero the battery electric toyota bz4x represents our commitment to carbon neutrality

And our goal to expand our global electrified vehicle portfolio all that and it’s a real head turner too the styling is as bold as the vehicle itself and it has an aggressive stance achieved with that hammerhead front styling built on the all-new e-tnga bev dedicated platform this concept looks authentically toyota and when you combine that with all-wheel drive

Capabilities you get an exhilarating yet comfortable driving experience that is like no other now this high-tech edgy styling extends to the interior also with premium finishes resulting in a distinctive look with every detail purposely engineered it offers a driver driver-centric feel that makes you feel like you are part of the car one with the car the losa

Instrument panel and precision placed mid screen expands the vehicle’s sense of space while also increasing the driver’s visibility and connection to vital information now this concept will soon become a reality with worldwide sales that begin in mid-2022 it’s roughly the size of a rav4 with versatility to stand apart from the rest and it will be well positioned

In the sweet spot of the market and the best part is of course it’s a toyota with the legendary quality durability and reliability that our customers have come to expect from us now i wanted to take just a minute to address the elephant that’s in the room there’s been this misperception that toyota’s electrification efforts are lagging but in fact we’ve been a

Pioneer in this field we have been the number one manufacturer of alternative powertrains for 21 years in a row so as texans would say this is not our first rodeo it all started with the introduction of prius in 2000 i know this because i was actually an early adopter and i’ve always been a huge fan of alternative powertrain vehicles so here’s a picture of me

With the all-electric i-road that i test drove in japan and then me again with my personal vehicle one of my multiple pre-i and yes we’ll settle this debate once and for all the plural nomenclature of prius is in fact pre-eye so since the introduction of prius toyota’s electrified portfolio has grown significantly and it includes battery electric hydrogen fuel

Cell electrics hybrids and plug-in hybrid vehicles we launched four new electrified vehicles just last year we went exclusively hybrid onto all new models those were the sienna and also venza and we launched the second quickest model in our lineup next to supra the rav4 prime but it doesn’t end there we launched the all-new hydrogen fuel cell electric mirai now

Are you starting to notice a pattern here a lot has happened since 2000. now we’re even putting vehicles on the track like the hydrogen powered corolla race car that we brought to japan’s super thai q series two weeks ago we believe our portfolio approach will get us that much closer to our goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 electrified models will make up 70 of

Our u.s vehicle sales and bevs 15 it will take the combined efforts of automakers governments dealers suppliers and of course our customers to reach that goal but in our view the customer is the boss they will be the ones that ultimately decide which technologies best suit their needs and of course we will be there for them with the right mix of products in the

Right places at the right time as we all work together towards a carbon neutral future the bottom line is we are all in on bevs as we’re proving here today globally toyota is underway to introduce 15 battery electrics including seven under this beyond zero brand by 2025 and toyota bz4x is just the beginning this concept represents our philosophy that technology

Should contribute to people’s happiness and health and we can’t wait to share more u.s product details this fall

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Toyota bZ4X Concept Showcase By DPCcars

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