toyota 86 day perth wa
Altair Club Cars Toyota 86 Day – Perth WA

Toyota 86 Day – Perth WA

City Toyota Northbridge let us celebrate International 86 day for the club on their property.

Hi guys it’s ken here from the western australian eight seats and boz car club i’m here with errol who’s one of our committee members say hi earl hey guys how are you doing awesome so we’re here at city toyota in northbridge this is going to be a casual style video i’ll put my sunnies on so i can protect my retinas and i don’t get a cataracts and we’ll just walk

Around we’ll have a look at some of the cars we’ve got some pretty cool cars we want to show this event to you guys oh there’s marcus turn over to marcus marcus say hi and um let’s have a look at what cars we have so we got a hks turbo tota 86 i i don’t know mechanic taught so i’m not just going to talk out of my ass um marcus probably do a bit more of that is there

Anything that you can say about this car it’s not even your car so it’s not even my car i don’t know i don’t actually know anything about it okay apply for the fact that it’s http charge but there we go there you go all right we’ll do a little walk around i think uh this is grant is it yes this is mr grant he’s part of the 86 club i’ve seen him on the committee but

He hasn’t been rocking up lately so why is that grant what’s that what the committee yeah i’m not on the committee i thought you were there no no okay i’ve been been around for nearly eight years oh wow in the club here now i know yeah well we’ll do a little vlog we’ll walk around um so we’ll just have a look oh this is your whip is it your white line now i don’t

Have like a proper mic so you have to speak into here it’s i think it’s a one of a kind of white line in addition yeah they have a black line oh yeah is white line an actual thing like is it a brand or what is white it’s a neoprene bushes neoprene bushes rear chassis well where a subframe moves around a lot and you can bush it up so there’s no movement so with

It moving you’re losing power yes i see so i’ve got the whole back end of the car pushed so it doesn’t move right up to the uh well everything but the engine mounts oh nice yeah and is whiteline an australian company or what is whiteline yeah um you probably know um redrew is the name of the company in australia they do um the white line and what was the other

One that it’s uh i can’t remember the name of it now there’s two um i think but they specialize in um componentry bushing yep and mainly um they do camber bolts they do springs uh sway bars that’s what they do yeah so these guys have contacted you and they’ve wanted to do up your car is that how it works no i i they had a show and a sydney motorsport park oh

Nice and um they were giving away these packs yeah right and so they were giving them away and i said can i have a set of those he said well we don’t have any left but you can buy them for ten dollars a pack so i’ll have those oh very well i said you got any stickers as i can have because i got a lot of your gear in the car yeah he said yeah sure i’ll send you

What color you can have black silver or yellow i said i have the yellow oh nice and uh yeah you buy them on their site at 35 plus shipping solid well what we’re going to do we’re going to walk around and get some variety of cars so i’ll leave you grunt cheers to chatham thank you i’ll chat to you soon come on mate alrighty so we’ve got some new generation brzs

Subaru by the way little bit bigger engine 2.4 i don’t know too much more about them except for cosmetically they look beautiful i believe they have some aluminium bars in them rather than the toyota gr version using like an iron one that’s all i know about them so we’ll move on oh we’ve got young ben over there he’s on the drone so uh we’ll get that in the

Footage as well so we’ve also got this pretty cool front bumper i think it’s a varus uh version one two three four i don’t know how many versions i have anymore we’ve got cargo burr anything you want to say about your car um i’m very sad that scott also has a green one oh yes not the only green one we’ll show that in a second oh yeah this is the ls86 you wanna

Have a look at that oh he’s leaving let me put the audio one second give it a little bit of a revere so that was um four times two cylinders yeah everyone loves it do you like it i love it awesome so i don’t think there’s too much more we can inspect there’s sprint x um forced induction nerf this oh this is mr ash oh let’s uh have a chat with mr ash ash give

Us a hug this is ash’s last committee um attendance um i think as far as being an owner of this car so ash has done a lot for this club he’s done a lot for me for my own personal development and growth and it’s pretty cool that we’re able to have an event like this so ash let’s have another hug i know you’re getting emotional but it’s really good to see you mate

I’ll chat to you more in a bit all right don’t leave alright uh we’ll have a little chat at 12. these are some pretty cool wheels as well i like them three piece raise very nice and the number plate says basic this is an awesome i think this is kieran he owns this um it’s probably a fiberglass i’d assume um yeah beautiful car very clean very cleanly kept how

You doing mate wanna be on the video this guy’s a youtube channel so we’ll see if we can plug it hey bro how’s it going good yourself yeah not too bad um people are leaving now it’s a bit disappointing but hey i can’t control people yeah um we’ve got food we’ve got a kebab shop uncle santos maybe we’ll pan over to there one second right there uncle santos is

Helping us out well what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a little speech now so we’ll huddle everyone at 12 yep and then i’ll start talking and claire do you reckon you can earn this stage then okay yeah okay we’ll work together it’s a team effort and just pull my shoulder if you need me to ramble on all right

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Toyota 86 Day – Perth WA By Ken Power

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