toyota 4runner gen 1 v6 commodor
Altair Club Cars Toyota 4Runner gen 1 V6 commodore motor 1st time offroad Final part 2.4 turbo diesel ln60 4runner

Toyota 4Runner gen 1 V6 commodore motor 1st time offroad Final part 2.4 turbo diesel ln60 4runner

Final part of the trip

Final part of this series starts with mick uh coming up the the hill climb that you would have seen the other three in the last episode so now a bit of pressure on mick here what’s up mate ah eat it easy nice adam and mick took off they had appointments to be at michael myself the kids and what three or four rc cars we stayed around and played a bit longer

Nice drive so far up yeah baby easy what were you worried about he’s gonna be a pro by the end of the day you know i can feel him ah you got to hit it you’re not going to hit anything there i swear back tell me double wheelbase thing but you’re almost here can you get back a bit if you know what i’m trying to do though like i’m trying i’ve nearly

Got you ya you’re gonna get one shot at it right before you throw the rocks out now just win momentum come forward go so close the front needs more packing and he’s knocked one of the rocks off at the um bottom where the piece of wood is all right stop all right you can do it again as you are go go okay up here the easy way is just to the left so put

Your driver’s wheel here so which way you want to go drive this ball there i’ll do that yeah like that come yes it stops bouncing it’s bad you got back a bit nice stop stop he’s got his hand under the car and then come up like steer right other way right right right stop stop you don’t go back anymore just try and come forward like that like this yep just a

Little bit of gas all right we’re at our freeing hubspot let’s have a bit of a quick look at the week that was the nightmare cross member week that bullock gave us and we finally went with the stock cross member got to adams we fabricated a little tail that would hold the second case uh it’s going to be good enough for this run no hole saw needed here it’s going

To be a pretty hectic run from what i’ve seen on the photos the kids and i were still playing rcs and millie asked me she said dad can you hear a car stuck and we thought oh dear so we walked up would have been 50 60 meters and poor old michael was just stuck come back a bit nicholas he’s stuck in mud he said he can’t come back keep coming keep coming let me have

A look from the front keep going back you got to go up higher come up here you got to go slow but come over here nicholas you need your passenger wheel higher come here you’re going kick out push left left left left left left you got it go back a little bit and just go left hand down hold left hand down go back more back more until this back wheel hits the

Ground yeah okay now go just hold it left hand down and go for it whew rock hammer’s got a brand new front diff and cvs to go in it and what i thought with bullet mini bullet um we might put these on i found these chrome looking wheels they’re a tsl super swamper they’re a little bit taller uh but at the same time they’re chrome so they might look more like

The real bullet than these ones please stay tuned for that upcoming series it should be a good one they’re all com trucks they’re all big all the drivers are semi-mad keep an eye out for it or subscribe for notifications and as always thanks for watching

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Toyota 4Runner gen 1 V6 commodore motor 1st time offroad Final part 2.4 turbo diesel ln60 4runner By Team Bullet Offroad

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