tour the 2023 lci x7 m60i in bro
Altair Club Cars Tour the 2023 LCI X7 M60i in Brooklyn Grey

Tour the 2023 LCI X7 M60i in Brooklyn Grey

Another refreshed X7 M60i has arrived. This one was originally for store inventory, but sold on the way here. Brooklyn Grey has become the most popular ordered color across the line up for us (especially the M4). What do you think of Brooklyn on the X7?

Foreign welcome back to channels today i’ve got another 2023 x7 lci version lifecycle impulse it’s the m60i version it is in brooklyn great because of course this brooklyn great is new to the x7 it’s making its way across almost every single being that you can think of with m sport package so brooklyn gray at least for most these cars actually all of them requires

M sport and by default the m60i is an m sport version of it so it’s powered by the s68 new motorsport engine so same power as the outgoing n63 so 523 horsepower and 523 torques so this is a spec car that we did for the speedo inventory and sold on its way here so it’s customer sold so new things for 23 obviously the front fascia you can see the lights are vast

And hitler split headlights now and we’ve got m badging on the grill also at the 50 should be into m emblems as well you can see driving assistance professional package in the center there bottom portion of the grill i don’t have a lot of time this one’s going to try and make this as quick as we can so over on the side we got our style 913m wheels they are

Bi-color looks to be orbit gray and sort of a chrome effect here shell line package both the back the chevrolet impact blacks out almost everything here since the hockey stick is in black got shadow line lights on these halos give it like that from the ix all right so let’s take a look around oh also forgot almost forgot there so the m style mirror caps as well

On the m60i all right so move around the side we’ll see taking brooklyn grades a lot to take in on the x7 our fifth anniversary video emblems on the center caps as well so still have some of the productive film on it out back x7 m60i badging in chrome our emblem of course very nice addition i think last time i mentioned this chrome thing so this is also on the

Pre-lc version it’s not as aggressive and stops basically here this is a little bit more continuation here headlights a little bit more darker as well there’s no taillights all right so let’s take in brooklyn gray on the side out of direct line so it does have a blue hue to it in certain lights it’s not like an ardoing i know people say no it’s naruto it’s not

Well why am i great either it’s a uniquish grip so i have nick’s right word but it’s its own gray it’s not like any nardo or lime rock all right so opening up we have our extended black merino leather we got bowers and welcome sound system which is back on the x7s we’ve got our idrive eight so instrument panel in front of me and this is in comfort mode right now

We got our idrive 8 main screen a little light up emblem thing here against a little light here but this will change based upon your ambient color or the driving mode you’re in we got carbon fiber interior trim as well so it’s a lot of carbon fiber as well so along the dash a little bit on the door and in the center console area all right let me pull up parking

Assistance so there’s a couple new views on here so basically this is parking assistant professional you can actually record a new path on here for your backup assistant and we change to the assist view i’ll show you where you’re going to go and get your parking view our panoramic view and if you hit the more then you have 3d view this one does has a does have

A trailer hitch so you have the trailer hitch uh view so top down view on this side and then on this side basically if you back up hopefully hit the market and get your trailer attached so pretty cool views and of course car wash view so top down in the front so line up with those tracks if you are brave enough to take your vehicle to an automated car wash all

Right so let’s talk about pricing all right so starting price 103 100 dollars the black extended marine level is included as as well as the paint 1700 breakfast driving assistance pro package another 300 for the m sport pro package twenty one hundred dollars for the exact package we get you also the executive sky lounge another sixteen hundreds of the climate

Comfort package moving on down trailer hits for another 600 bucks 200 for the emblems so 250 bucks for the space saver sparesol so find that as well 300 bucks for the carbon power trim it’s actually a pretty good deal considering how much carbon fiber you get 900 bucks for the leather dashboard got second rows cats interiors for 850 bucks dollars i’m looking for

The 340 bucks all told msrp of 116 295 and here’s our bowers and looking system up here leather dashboard as well let’s take a look at the back all right so we got our second row captain’s chairs in the back as well so again that loses you some storage space because these seats do not fold down all right let’s take a look at the back here and kicked open as back

As well kick the close this one basically okay so we’ll have to fold down the third row here all right so not much in here extra space wise all right so let’s back up so again don’t have a lot of time this one and the customer wanted most of those protecting things on here let’s take a look around the corner here again brooklyn gray it’s a fabulous gray it’s

Just extremely popular gray as well again i don’t have a lot of time with this m60 so guys show you guys what brooklyn gray looks like on the new x7 so any questions drop in the comments below and see if we can address anything with a future video and we’ll see you at the next video

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Tour the 2023 LCI X7 M60i in Brooklyn Grey By BMW of Mountain View Geniuses

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