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Altair Club Cars Top Things To Know About the NEW 2023 Porsche Macan

Top Things To Know About the NEW 2023 Porsche Macan

The latest Porsche Macan is out! Let us know your thoughts on this Compact SUV in the comments below.

Welcome back to rs insider my name is enrique today i’m super excited to go over the new model year porsche macan we’re going to go over some of the new exterior as well as interior styling in addition to some of the new trim levels that they’ve introduced so without further ado let’s get right into it now the first thing that i wanted to touch base on with the new

Macan is some of the new exterior styling features you’ll notice up front you’re going to have some wider openings for the new grille you also get a new textured material up front now the same texture material you’re going to find on the side blade as well one thing to note on that is you can get it in a few different color options you can get it standard which is

Matte black you can also opt for gloss black body color or you can even do carbon fiber you also get a new range of wheels this one specifically that we’re working with has macan s wheels i think there’s some great touches there rear bumper also gets some of that textured material they did a great job the new porsche macan just looks super sporty now i’m excited

To go over the new trim levels for the all new porsche macan keep in mind that they have gone away from the turbo trim level and instead given the power of the previous turbo to the new gts they’ve moved the power of the gts to the new mechanism and they’ve even upped the power for the base macan now it’s 261 horsepower so whatever macan you get it’s going to be

A really great daily driver and sporty looking suv now they’ve also introduced a macan t trim what this is going to do is it’s going to give you an enthusiast specked out macan built around the base trim level so you’re going to have that two liter four cylinder but now with some of the cool features that you get in some of the higher end macons like the sport

Chrono and you can even now add the adaptive air suspension on that vehicle they’ve done a great job with the new trim levels and i’m excited for you guys to experience this if you’re in the market for one of these guys now moving on to the interior of the new macan as you can see they’ve really cleaned it up there’s not a whole ton of plastic now on the interior

It’s all integrated into this really nice touch panel that’s going to include all of your climate features they did a really great job because now there’s not so many blank switches that are sticking out if you didn’t opt for certain options everything is just integrated into this touch panel looks really sleek they’ve moved the position of the gear shift selector

So now you can’t switch it over into manual it’s now going to be a button on the steering wheel you have some additional storage under overall it’s a really clean and modern take okay moving over to the drivers cockpit and the new macon they have some really cool features this steering wheel is taken right off the 911 so you know you’re in something special and

You can see the porsche crash just right in the middle you do get some new fonts for your gauge clusters i think a neat touch is that this clock is standard regardless of if you opted for sport chrono and one really cool feature to keep in mind if you’re in the market for one of these is that adaptive cruise control is going to be standard for 2023. now here’s

The big question guys is the macan still relevant for 2022 and the upcoming model years in my opinion absolutely it is going to be a little bit of a higher price point as it compared to some of the competitors that are out there and some of its rivals but at this price point it’s also a great way to enter the porsche family keep in mind you can get into such a

Bespoke car for under seventy thousand dollars and i think that’s really great because you’re getting some great features nice customization you really get to choose what you pay for and what you don’t pay for i think they did a great job with making it such an a la carte system but at the end of the day that is for you guys to decide so let me know down in the

Comments below if you think that the porsche macan is still relevant that about wraps up the points that i wanted to make on the all-new porsche macan great suv but i’m excited to hear what your guys’s thoughts are on this vehicle in the comments below i hope you found this video helpful if you did make sure to give us a like and click that subscribe button this is rs insider you

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