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Altair Club Cars Top 8 Luxury SUV (2022 – 2023)

Top 8 Luxury SUV (2022 – 2023)

Today you will see the Top 8 Luxurious SUV trucks / cars in the world (2022 – 2023). We hope you liked this video, see you soon.

Cadillac escalade. the cadillac escalade is a full-size  luxury suv with room for seven or eight in   three rows of seats the 2022 escalade offers every  high-tech item and the utmost and luxury features   this massive suv features fine leather genuine  wood and shiny metal trims line the cabin it’s   powered by a standard

420 horsepower 6.2 liter v8  engine or an available 277 horsepower turbo diesel   3.0 liter six-cylinder both engines team with a  10-speed automatic transmission and both rear and   four-wheel drive are available the 5th generation  cadillac escalade is the most technologically   advanced iteration of the full-size luxury suv

Yet  it sports 38 inches of oled screen space on the   dashboard and cadillac offers a head-up display  if buyers want a bonus screen an augmented reality   function is available as part of the built-in  navigation system the 2022 cadillac escalade is an   excellent full-size luxury suv with features and  performance which

Represent what it means to have   both style and technology the standard v8 engine  provides smooth power on the road and the spacious   mercedes amg g63 the 2022 mercedes-benz g-class  is a highly capable luxury suv it’s also one of   those vehicles that transcended its initial reason  for being and became a cultural reference

Although   some things are not different at all the g-class  retains the traditional body on frame construction   and it’s still hand assembled over the course of  100 hours and the mercedes amg g63 all passengers   can enjoy more space newly designed seats in the  finest nappa leather with rhombus shaped quilting  

A 12.0 inch digital instrument panel high quality  materials conveniences such as cup holders and a   luxury but also a certain sense of security   a 577 horsepower twin turbo towards v8 engine  gives the g63 incredible performance want to go   off-road the g63 can tackle that task too the  grand wagoneer the grand wagoneer’s

6.4 liter v8  ensures that you’re never struggling for power   even with a full passenger load or a trailer in  tow unloaded this big jeep easily reached 60 miles   per hour from a dead stop in 6 seconds large side  glass tinted and u-shaped has been incorporated   into the design to give a great view out to grand  wagoneer

And there’s also an attractive belt line   running all the way around the vehicle 20-inch  wheels are standard 22s are optional in addition   to 22-inch wheels the grand wagoneer also offers  a two-tone roof option inside a macintosh sound   seats and night vision and a console cooler   with memory settings and a massage

Function   jeep grand wagoneer starts at 88 440 dollars   mercedes amg gls 63. when the s-class of suvs  meets the champions of amg higher levels of   performance and luxury are achieved the largest  mercedes-benz suv is also among the sleekest   extensive aerodynamic development from its amg   specific vertical bar

Grille and exclusive front  and rear aprons to its 21 to 23 inch wheels and   color keyed fender flares the gls-63 shape hints  at the innovation within but makes no secret   of the breathtaking power that awaits you the  acclaimed amg by turbo v8 propels performance into   a new era again generating 603 horsepower and 627 

Pound-feet of torque from a modest 4.0 liters it   can rush to 60 miles per hour in 4.2 seconds and  deliver swift response at any speed an electric   add gas-free torque the interior offers broad   sky views to one st and second row passengers the  fully functional glass sunroof features a front   panel that can either

Tilt up for ventilation or  slide over the rear panel for an open-air feeling   adjust the amount of sunlight entering the cabin   enjoy a greater view of the sun and stars   advances to the forefront of innovation   including a touch screen touch sensitive   controls bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming  and an

Available industry advancing voice   control system that responds to your everyday  w x7 if you want a big luxury suv and have a  big budget the bmw x7 is a strong contender   it’s a three row suv and the biggest model of bmw   as the smaller x5 but has a larger cargo area   all of bmw’s latest luxury and technology  

By a 335 horsepower turbocharged 3.0 liter   turbo 4.4 liter v8 that makes 523 horsepower   transmission and all-wheel drive is standard   destination to the next in your luxurious bmw   x7 to satisfy your cravings for adventure and  not lose connection with the rest of the world   the 2022 bmw x7 is engineered to

Give you seamless  connectivity while inside your first class sav   bluetooth capabilities bmw connected drive   integration access to bmw remote services   for the v8 powered m50i model pricing  starts way up at 99 800 dollars like the mercedes-maybach gls 600. grand  proportions flow into elegant details from   the

Chrome mesh grills and its front apron to  a standing hood star and bespoke rear emblems   polished chrome including its distinctive   upright grille door puller accents and blade-like  lower side trim the mercedes maybach gls cabin is   designed and appointed to be a haven of comfort  and quiet enjoyment napa leather is hand

Tailored   surface even the ceiling hand finished wood   encircles the passengers the gls 600’s twin   turbocharged v8 makes 558 horsepower and go from  cullinan the new rolls-royce cullinan is  engineered to deliver one of the smoothest   relaxing and quiet driving experience as possible  at the same time all models

Come equipped with   a large strong engine that allows you to take  advantage of tremendous horsepower and athleticism   a spacious cabin is lined in box grain leather  lambswool carpeting beautiful with trim and   milled aluminum accents if you want an even higher  level of luxury rolls-royce will customize almost  

Every part of the cullinan’s already luxurious  interior with whatever delights you can imagine   other details include that famous rolls-royce  clock lead crystal champagne flutes and just   in all meticulous attention to detail went   is unparalleled in the automotive world   turbocharged v12 engine that exerts a

Whopping   563 horsepower with the ability to reach speeds  of 0 to 60 miles per hour in as little at 5.2   strongest and boldest luxury suvs available   drive providing you with great attraction   and control during your trips every cullinan has  a large touchscreen infotainment system with a   carplay is also

Included on every model   the available rear seat entertainment option adds  a 12.0 inch screen to the back of each front seat   along with a wi-fi hotspot the cullinan has a  introduced for the first time in 2016 the  bentley bentiga is the only suv from the   of the bentley bentega v8 include 4.0 lv 8   four-wheel

Anti-lock brakes integrated  navigation system side seat mounted airbags   occupancy sensor automatic air conditioning  21 inch aluminum wheels and cruise control   trim and glitzy metal accents the bentega’s   cabin stays true to its luxury branding bentley  allows buyers to customize just about everything   drivers

Can get comfortable immediately and the  multitude of seat adjustments allows for detailed   fine tuning for the perfect position also rear  so guys we hope you like this video  telling us which car did you like the most foreign

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