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Altair Club Cars Top 5 Luxury Electric Cars Of 2022 ( Tesla No Longer #1 )

Top 5 Luxury Electric Cars Of 2022 ( Tesla No Longer #1 )

Welcome to Luxury Livings Top 5 Luxury Electric Cars Of 2022.

Welcome to luxury living’s top 5 luxury electric cars of 2022. number five 2022 porsche taken gts in addition to challenging ev rivals like the tesla model s and gas powered rivals like the amg gt porsche’s electrified taken has given its core fanbase a continuous prods battery-powered performance in 2021 a more affordable base model in the sport eurismo with a

Shooting brake body were added to the lineup to broaden its appeal with the 2022 taken gts porsche has now added another level of complexity the name which is available on both the four-door taken and its wagon-like sport turismo companion harkens back to porsche’s sporting history and yet another heartfelt appeal to porsche aficionados customers looking for

Similarly priced non-ev super sedans like the bmw alpena b8 grand coupe are also extended another open invitation by its mid-level cost to experience the future of battery-powered transportation as the first electric gts models in the brand’s history the taken and taken sport jerismo in 2022 represent a turning point in automotive history as porsche’s evs are

Becoming more distinctive in order to appeal to more battery-powered enthusiasts however porsche did what they’ve done with past gts’s including the most recent 911 gts they bundled sporty features but positioned the cars for buyers seeking a mid-level value proposition instead of endowing the two models with top line performance statistics the taken gts differs

From the taken 4s and taken turbo by having a power plant that falls between the two models a 93.4 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery pack powers two motors in the taken gts and taken gts sport turismo which have a combined output of 590 horsepower and 626 pound of torque as with the pricing that puts it above the 4s but shy of the turbo the front motor of the gts

Versions has been slightly detuned while using the turbos rear motor the gts’s handling characteristics are even livelier by the rearward power bias a new soundtrack emphasizes the personalities increased aggression the gts amplifies its simulated exhaust tone by using a generated rendition of the regional motor recordings to give the otherwise clinical feeling

Of accelerating in an electric vehicle a more emotional element a more aggressively carved nose blackout trim red brake calipers and a louvered rear diffuser distinguished the exterior bodywork gts purchasers have the option of the lighter 21 inches rs spider design wheels or the standard 20 inches taken turbo s aero design wheels the interiors of the gts variants

Have 18 inches adaptable sport seats plus trim accented with brushed aluminum race techs and alcantara-like material that has a velvety gripping feel is used on the heated steering wheel headliner and seats fans who enjoy luxury timepieces can get the sport chrono package which places an analog timepiece on the dashboard starting price for the 2022 porsche taken

Gts is 143 880 number four 2022 mercedes amg qs the performance focused amg brand’s first production all-electric car is the 2022 mercedes amg qs 4matic mercedes amg had previously provided a fully electric sports car in limited quantities but the amg qs is the brand’s first electric vehicle to be produced on a regular basis the mercedes-benz eqs the company’s

Flagship all-electric vehicle is a high performance version of a standard mercedes-benz similar to other amg products the lengthy 126.4 inches wheelbase of the normal eqs is shared by the amg qs making it a full-size van the amg the most powerful eqs sedan available mostly competes with other ev powerhouses like the tesla model s plaid and lucid air but it also goes

Up against the lower slung more performance oriented porsche taken turbo s and audi rs e-tron gt in comparison to the bigger ev sedans the amg qs has a large appealing interior that can accommodate five passengers but with a manufacturer stated 3.4 seconds 0 to 60 speed it also provides performance comparable to the sportier choices according to the manufacturer

It has a 277 mile range per charge though not as far as lucid or tesla porsches a long way behind the amg qs can receive an additional 180 miles of charge from a dc fast charger in just 18 minutes when adding juice the amg dynamic plus package which increases the maximum power and torque while in race start mode to 751 horsepower and 752 pound-feet respectively

Is included as standard equipment with the amg qs the top speed is 155 miles per hour when the vehicle is powered into race start mode higher output and torque are briefly available the amg eqs produces 649 horsepower and 700 pounds of torque under normal driving conditions standard head up displays with augmented reality and the enormous 56 inches hyper screen

Dashboard which houses mercedes mbux infotainment system are presented to drivers voice control wheel controls and touch screens are used to access features exclusive and pinnacle are the two mercedes amg qs 4matic trim level that are offered as you progress up the line the powertrain stays the same but the exclusive trim comes with mercedes air filtration and air

Fragrance system rear side airbags heated and ventilated seats power rear seats with memory comfort rear headrests a comfort rear center armrest and rear wireless charging are all included in the pinnacle level the amg qs is a luxurious swift chariot and either configuration pricing for the 2022 mercedes-benz eqs starts at 147 500 number three 2022 tesla model s

The 2022 tesla model s is still one of the most attractive and desirable options in the luxury ev category and don’t forget we wouldn’t have the expanding selection of electric vehicles we do now without it depending on the model the s’s anticipated driving range can reach up to 412 miles and its 10 20 horsepower plaid variant can provide supercar performance while

Accommodating four persons with a sizable back baggage room and an additional front trunk for more space the model s is extremely useful the porsche taken and the audi e-tron gt are two recent additions to the luxury ev sedan segment that compete with the model s in terms of comfort and performance however however the model s’s greater range in available semi-autonomous

Driving technologies continue to drive customers to this tesla no matter whatever version you choose the model s boasts full-time all-wheel drive thanks to dedicated electric motors for the front and rear axles the different types acceleration varies greatly from fantastic to fierce our model s test vehicle had a blistering 2.4 second zero to 60 miles per hour pace

And proved to be extremely entertaining due to its rapid power delivery however we haven’t tested the model s long range or plaid yet the plaid variant has a third electric motor which increases combined output to 1020 horsepower which allows it to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.1 seconds the base model s has established itself as a nimble sport sedan

With precise handling and well-controlled body motions a battery pack hidden beneath the tesla’s floor gives the vehicle a low center of gravity an evenly distributed weight from front to back the battery life varies between models with the standard versions battery delivering up to a 412 mile range and the plaid model offering up to a 390 mile range given that

The model s starts at nearly 90 thousand dollars consumers might reasonably anticipate some level of luxury inside the vehicle the interior is pleasant enough but it doesn’t compare to some of the other vehicles in terms of comfort the slanted roofline of the model s definitely conceals a rear lift gate that opens to reveal a massive 26 cubic foot trunk without

Folding the back seats we were able to store eight of our carry-on size cases the interior’s meager small item cubby storage particularly in the back seat is made up for by a sizable underfloor bin in the rear cargo area the model s’s interior which features a massive infotainment screen that comes standard and manages practically all of the vehicle’s function

Will appeal to fans of contemporary minimalism while technophiles will be in heaven some drivers may have to slant forwards in their seats to reach certain icons due to the location of the screen on the dashboard particularly those that are located near the top right of the display in contrast to the less expensive model 3 the model s offers a small touchscreen

In the back seat as well as a supplementary display for the in instrument cluster the starting price for the model s is ninety four thousand nine hundred ninety dollars alright guys we’re halfway through our video on the top five luxury electric cars of 2022. if you’re enjoying this video we’d appreciate if you would take a second to like and subscribe as it

Shows us that you value this content and helps us to know what videos you would like in the future now back to the remaining cars number two 2022 bmw i4 for electric performance vehicles like the 2022 bmw i4 will need new terminology and adjectives fast is for things that come out of your microwave or amazon deliveries but the bmw i4 is a whole different animal

The body in adaptable car platform design of the 4 series grand coupe are shared by the i4 which explains why it resembles the vehicle that applies to both its luxurious cabin and adaptable hatchback shape however when equipped with the 503 horsepower i4m50 the i4 accelerates more quickly than the more expensive m3 competition sedan or m4 competition coupe this

Is true even though the i4m50 weighs 700 pounds more than the m440 ix drive the 4 series grand coupe with the greatest horsepower despite weighing 700 pounds more than the most powerful 4 series grand coupe the i4m50 outperforms it the roughly identically sized bmw presses other advantages over tesla’s model 3 which is among the fastest electric vehicle and is by

Far the best-selling one in america this is a genuine attractive luxury sedan both inside and out and far superior to a model 3 in our opinion additionally it has larger cargo room is quicker and sharper in its handling and is more imposing at the curb than the subdued pole star 2. it outperforms the pole star but cannot match the range of the tesla the enormous

Double kidney grille on the i4 is the only fashion faux pas its size and orientation are incredibly divisive just like on the 4 series however the i4 is so wonderful so intelligent and environmentally friendly that this characteristic gradually becomes less of a problem the i4 delivers a mind-blowing 3.3 second sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour the i4 m50 with

All-wheel drive produces an absurd 536 horsepower and 586 pounds of torque that surpasses both the 450 horsepower of a tesla model 3 performance and the 503 horsepower vm3 and m4 competition models a starting model the i4e drive 40 produces 335 horsepower with a single rear drive electric motor the bmw launches like a starship departing the dock when autonomous

Launch control is activated or when the accelerator is depressed at any time in order to do that you must select the sport boost function which uses the two electric motors full potential for up to 10 seconds at a time these commands are carried out by bmw’s most recent idrive 8 infotainment connectivity system which also features the striking curve display which

Is a one thousand dollars option also found on the bmw ix electric suv whose 12.3 inches driver’s display and 14.9 inches center touch screen curve over the dashboard one of the best and simplest entertainment systems in the luxury segment bmw’s ever evolving i drive offers a variety of user interfaces from a rotary console controller to a particularly wide range

Of natural voice commands the system is enhanced by an optional color head-up display with a huge viewing area the i4m50 starts from 66 895 dollars number one 2022 lucid air one of the most important new automobiles of 2022 is the lucid air which demonstrates that an electric startup can produce a vehicle that can compete with or outperform those for more known

Automakers peter rawlinson founder ceo and former chief engineer of tesla’s revolutionary model s is to be credited for creating a sedan that outperforms the model s in several crucial categories including driving range charging time design interior luxury and cargo space the maximum 520 mile epa rated driving range of the arizona-built lucid out distances tesla’s

Greatest by 115 miles the air transforms into a five passenger glass topped spaceship thanks to its ridiculous 1050 horsepower reaching 60 miles per hour in less than three horizon blurring seconds with a secure grip and more pleasant steering than many evs handling is x excellent the air is also the fastest charging ev in history with a 900 volt architecture

An onboard wonderbox charger capable of refueling 300 miles in as little as 20 minutes a 131 mpg rating for the 800 horsepower air grand touring beats the 120 for the model s long range the lucids with all-wheel drive are equipped with two powertrains that can each produce up to 650 horsepower the electric motor transmission inverter and differential for each

Powertrain weigh under 161 pounds in total the air according to lucid is the most aerodynamic premium car in existence all of this functionality is presented in a flawlessly extended sedan design with a striking glass roof considering the roughly honda accord sized footprint the rear seat appears spacious but getting in requires ducking under the sloping roof line

The largest front in the industry helps cargo space surpass any direct rival another strong aspect is the interior luxury which rivals the best european brands in terms of both design and materials the dash is dominated by screens which isn’t always a a good thing but lucid made the smart decision to keep some analog switches like those for temperature and music

Volume a 34 inches 5k array in front of the driver is one of the eye-catching displays and the center dash also features a clever tablet size touchscreen the first full lidar unit in the industry is among the many driver aid capabilities and over-the-air software updates are also available the greatest problems with lucid are its unfamiliarity and newness as well

As its exorbitant costs the 1050 horsepower grand touring model cost 155 560 dollars the one hundred eighty thousand dollars 111 horsepower dream edition is sold out and even the more manageable 620 horsepower air touring starts at 109 050 although given current availability is a minimum of 115 900 on lucid’s website a single motor air pure with a range of 408

Miles will be available in late 2022 for eighty nine thousand fifty dollars by using a seven thousand five hundred dollars federal tax credit that comes 81 550 although the costs of lucid and tesla have risen recently everything is still relative the air pure will cost seventeen thousand dollars less than a tesla model s with a nearly equal range and twenty four

Thousand dollars less than mercedes-benz most affordable eqs well guys we hope you enjoyed the video if you haven’t done it already please tap the like button and hit subscribe as we really appreciate it and it helps us to bring out more content that we know you love thank you for watching luxury living

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