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Top 5 BARGAIN Luxury Cars | ReDriven

We get it, you want to look cool and classy and experience the lovely feels that come with driving a luxury car yet you’re on a tight budget. We totally understand.

G’day and welcome to re-driven now look we get it you want to look all cool and classy and you want to experience all the lovely feels that come with driving a luxury car but you’re on the tightest of budgets we totally understand the good news is there’s a bunch of luxurious rides out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg as long as you conveniently ignore some of

The potential running and maintenance costs but we’ll get to those in a second anyway look let’s get into it and first up it’s the bmw 7 series but a very specific generation well yes here in australia you can pick up the likes of a an e66 745 li or an e65 735i for well under 20 000 but we’d be avoiding these thanks to a near terrifying list of potential and expensive

Common problems so instead we go back in time a little bit further and check out the 1994 to 2001 e38 range and specifically those packing the 4 liter m60 v8 engine the 4.4 liter m62 powered examples look they shouldn’t be completely ignored although they do have some extra worry areas such is the venous system complications and some troublesome plastic timing chain

Tensioners but the smaller capacity m60 is now regarded as one of bmw’s stallwood engines and short of some age-related issues well maintained and regularly serviced examples should offer very good reliability obviously like any car of this age it is critical to check any components made of plastic or rubber and remember we’re talking about a 20-year-old car here so

It will require very regular attention but aside from that like what a car older bmws offer such a signature aesthetic and the e38 bmw 7 series to many represent the apex of bmw’s luxury design plus this series of seven from 1998 at least was the first car to provide side curtain airbags as standard it was also the first seven series with traction control and the

First european car of any kind with satellite navigation although that sat nav these days is a complete joke so you’re gonna need to update that if you do buy one plus depending on the trim the e38 offered things like heated rear seats for 14-way power adjustable front seats parking sensors and premium audio systems however and beyond the now aging tekken features

That may need some tlc the interior still feels premium even by modern standards plus the performance and handling are still excellent and it rides comfortably too plus in optional wheelbase or il form the rear passenger space is immense pricing wise and adjusted for inflation these retail for between 320 to 380 000 when new here in australia these days you’re

Going to be looking at between 8 000 to 15 000 so that’s just a little saving of 365 000 although you will want a few grand set aside for when the gremlins start popping up which they will next up it’s a car that according to its reputation seems to avoid gremlins at all costs it’s the lexus ls430 as we’re talking about bargain luxury cars here the particular

Generation of ls that offers the most style for the minimum spend is the third generation 2001 to 2006 xf30 yes the earlier and previous generations are also more than worth a mention however as they are getting older good ones are becoming a challenge to find but back to the third gen cars targeting the well-established luxury limo industry standards namely the

Mercedes-benz s-class and the bmw 7 series and adopted by those who are happy to forego prestige european brands the ls430 arguably offered a car that was technically superior in many ways to the european counterparts of the same generation and then selectors proving themselves year after year as offering arguably class-leading levels of reliability a used ls430

Is a better chance than most to be a sound purchase that won’t explode expensively in the driveway the week after you buy it and to actually get behind the wheel on a full-time basis you’ll currently be looking at anywhere from 9 000 to 28 000 here in australia although we’d be steering you towards the 2004 and onwards facelift examples as these cars feature the

Upgraded and smoother 6-speed automatic replacing the older examples 5-speed transmission yes many examples will be pushed watching some very high mileage these days but that silky smooth v8 with even minimal maintenance will easily see north of 400 000 kilometers inside everything was designed and engineered to top the german’s best and again with even some levels

Of care and attention which the majority do receive thanks to mature and loyal owners buttons and switches the leather the electrics and everything you touch feel and use should still be up to scratch now you can’t really create a list of luxury cars without mentioning our next option because it basically is the industry standard it’s the mercedes-benz s-class but

Not one you’re expecting see while yes you can get your hands on a fourth generation w220 s350 for as little as four thousand dollars or a fifth generation w221 s 350 from around about fifteen thousand dollars it’s very important to remember the world’s most expensive car is a cheap mercedes-benz yes when new these tech loaded pieces of class leading engineering

Were incredible machines but these days with so many examples used as higher cars or just simply neglected by owners combined with the sheer complexity of technology and features this can all equate to horrific repair costs when things go wrong even in terms of the sixth generation w triple two models which may seem like bargains things can also go pretty horribly

Wrong to see what i mean check out our full review video of one just up here and down there so instead forget the aging electronics and go with something that relies on hardware over software and check out the second generation w126 while the previous generation s-class the w116 laid the groundwork for the s-class the w126 perfected it this was the ultimate summation

Of mercedes-benz quest to make the best car in the world through innovation technology safety and mechanical excellence and while it is still revered and beloved for its timeless design costs no object build quality and immense levels of over engineering the w126 is often called the last true mercedes-benz and it’s without doubt that the brand itself has built its

Reputation based on how truly superb these cars were and in many cases still are these days and thanks to dedicated owners and a loyal fan base combined with the car’s immense levels of longevity many w126s are still running strong however we are talking about a car that is pushing and in some cases has passed 40 years of age so many rubber suspension engine and

Body parts may be well past their expiration dates and rust is also a major point for concern not to mention sagging and worn leather seats and headliners cracked or broken wood trims and dashboards and levels of tech and safety that make even a 1990s hyundai seem luxurious but with pricing starting from as little as three and a half thousand dollars and topping

Out in the mid 30s we argue that a respectfully and well restored w126 will offer a more unique and arguably special driving and ownership experience than an s-class from a more recent generation asking similar money plus look let’s be honest here these older w126 mercs are just way way cooler than the fourth fifth and sixth generation s-class now speaking of og

1990s hyundai’s this next car was instrumental in turning hyundai’s image and reputation around it’s the hyundai genesis surely one of the attractive elements of owning a luxury car is a sense of exclusivity and with many out there still not knowing what the hellogenesis even is this seemingly mysterious vehicle and its subtle and understated good looks equate

To a luxury car that can disappear into the shadows while leaving everyone that saw it asking each other what the hell that car even was in the first place okay with pricing of second generation genesis examples kicking off from around about 25 000 here in australia it is on the very steep side of what we would regard as a bargain but for the asking price you’ll

Get so much car firstly this was the car that hyundai used to inform the world that it was no longer to be known as that manufacturer of small compact budget-priced yet increasingly reliable cars the genesis existed and now as a standalone brand continues to exist to prove that it can take on the very best from europe japan and the us and beat them at their own

Game the very core of the genesis sets up for a superb luxury car a large long rear-wheel drive platform as spacious and premium feeling leather-lined interior a smooth and refined v6 engine ride and handling tuned for local conditions and loads of features and equipment okay it might not match its european counterparts for outright luxury but when you take into

Account not only the price to buy it but the cost of maintaining and repairing it if something were to go wrong which let’s be honest being a modern hearing day it probably won’t what it lacks in brand panation the finer luxury details it more than makes up foreign logic common sense and just value for money however it does come with a warning if you’re in the

Market be very very cautious of x higher cars as these may have been driven with minimal mechanical sympathy and service to purely to get them through their lease period but the good news is the majority of genesis have been privately owned well maintained and driven with care look if you can get past being a brand snob the genesis is one hell of a bargain luxury

Car now before we get to first place look the only way that we can keep making these videos for you guys is with your support and the easiest way of supporting us is simply by hitting those like subscribe and bell buttons down there and sharing our content with your mates honestly just doing that it helps us out so so much okay so our top pick look to be honest

It’s not it’s not commonly compared to the likes of the s-class or the 7 series because it’s on a whole other level of luxury it’s on par with the likes of rolls-royce it’s the toyota century well once an exclusive form of transport for japanese heads of industry and political heavyweights not to mention the occasional yakuza boss the sentry has finally begun to

Be exported internationally filling the gap that existed for those wanting an incredibly unique retro inspired and understated motoring statement of success unlike many of the overt look at me i’ve got loads of money aesthetics that have become commonplace in prestige and expensive motor vehicles the century exudes class while flying under the radar because let’s

Face it very few people even know what the hell it is considered by many to not only be the pinnacle of toyota’s car manufacturing capabilities but what may very well be the pinnacle of car manufacturing across the board the century is surely the epitome of what a luxury car should be and the fact that you can land one of these second generation v12 powered land

Yachts in your garage for 20 to 40 000 cements it as a true luxury car bargain but what do you get for your 20 to 40 grand we’re talking a near magic carpet ride level of a suspension supplements thanks to toyota’s skyhawk air suspension arguably the quietest cabin in all of automotive a full suite of safety and infotainment tech which yes is getting a little bit

Long in the tooth these days but rather than privacy blinds centuries can feature lace curtains and all come equipped with near infinitely electronically adjustable seats that are heated cooled that feature massage functions and they could teach most lounge chairs a thing or two about comfort the century even favors an incredibly high quality wall cloth upholstery

Over leather as standard as leather is considered too noisy when it flexes and creaks under the occupant’s body weight in terms of build quality think think like lexus us levels of fit and finish and then double that or even triple it it’s important to know that this isn’t just another mass produced toyota the sentry is basically hand crafted by toyota’s most

Talented artisans honestly the levels of engineering quality and manufacturing accuracy short of the likes of multi-million dollar paganis and bugattis are quite possibly the best that money can buy basically this is japan’s rolls-royce only more unique far more affordable to both buy and maintain and honestly has possibly even better build quality anyway look

Let’s get into it and what’s in my mouth just do it simply morris not that hard what and the best way of supporting us or the easiest way to you magic carpet ride level of suspension suppleness thanks to think oh man here we go too noisy when it flexes and creaks under the ah you know suspension suppleness thanks to it i did it the first time well i kind of do

It now mate that was the one cow bam so which one would you buy or would you buy something completely different let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you next time see ya

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