top 5 affordable evs to purchase
Altair Club Cars Top 5 AFFORDABLE EVs to purchase in 2023 Kona Electric, Kia Niro EV, Ioniq 5, Bolt EV/EUV, and ID.4

Top 5 AFFORDABLE EVs to purchase in 2023 Kona Electric, Kia Niro EV, Ioniq 5, Bolt EV/EUV, and ID.4

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In this video I review 5 affordable upcoming EVs for 2023. Which would you choose? Does it matter if you can or cannot get the federal tax credit for your vehicle? Let me know in the comments below!

Hello and welcome to the average ev on today’s episode we are going to be going over five affordable evs if you are interested in joining the ev revolution out of the five evs i’m going to talk about today only one is currently available uh but the other four will be coming sometime in 2023 and these are definitely worth waiting for if you’re interested in

Purchasing an eevee so the first one i’m going to talk to talk about is near and dear to my heart and that is the 2023 hyundai kona electric um they have refreshed it even though they just refreshed it last model year and um they haven’t posted anything about it so uh it’s hard to tell what it’s going to look like but i do have some information that i was able

To dig up so first thing is that the price is likely to stay around where it is 34 000 ish however in my opinion i think that hyundai especially since they no longer get the ev tax credit is going to have to lower the price even more because if i’m being honest it’s 34 000 right now i could pay five thousand dollars more for the ioniq 5 standard range which has

Faster charging and i would be able to charge faster and maybe even convert that road trip that even better so um i think hyundai is going to have to get a little bit more competitive in their pricing however i’m not sure what all their costs are and if they’ll even be able to do that but i think it’s something that definitely going to have to consider so as

Of right now we would assume that the charging for the hyundai kona electric is going to stay at the 77 kilowatt uh charging speed but it’s cousin which i’m going to talk about later uh has charging speed that’s been up to 85 kilowatts so i think it’s very possible that the hyundai cone electric is going to have faster charging as well but we will see when they

Finally post all of that information as of right now the hyundai kona electric has a range of 258 miles but like its cousin i think it’s going to get a little bit of a range bump but we’ll see um so maybe it’ll go up to 270 maybe it’ll stay the same but it’s definitely a great range and like i said 258 is what i have on my um kona and it’s it’s perfect for me and

Um for my daily driving i could road trip it if i wanted to but it definitely would not be as um uh comfortable of a drive if i had a car that could charge faster and lastly based on some photos i was able to see um it looks like the interior is going to be more like the ionic 5 which is i think for me a definite win so it’s going to make the inside feel a little

Bit more um futuristic and a little bit more updated than my current interior for my kona so i definitely think the hyundai kona when it comes out is going to be a great option it’s going to be an affordable option the range is going to be good the charging is good enough like i’ve said before in some other videos i charge at home and that’s perfect for me so i if

You once this comes out i would definitely strongly consider uh getting the hyundai kona uh but like i’m going to talk about for many of my suggestions it does not get the federal tax credit anymore um so you’re gonna have to take that into consideration but hopefully hyundai prices it competitively where you would be able to purchase it even though you do not get

The tax credit so we’ll see what happens now on to the next car all right the next car i’m recommending is the kia niro ev um this is a cousin to the hyundai kona electric um we’re not sure what the price is quite yet or probably probably be close to 39 000 like it is right now um i’m thinking they’re gonna have to lower the price because uh kian and hyundai no

Longer qualify for the tax credit and additionally the boat euv which is probably the closest competitor is price currently uh almost twelve thousand dollars less so and it gets a tax credit so i think that they’re gonna have to they’re gonna have to lower the price but we’ll see what happens and additionally for two thousand dollars more you can get the kia ev6

Wind with faster charging uh and the wind may not have the the range but it has the charging and you could easily road trip with that if you wanted to and kind of not um you know spend too much on an eb so we’ll see what they decide to do with the pricing but you know it is what it is for now i do like the refreshed design i’m not a big fan of what they call the

Aero blade helps it be a little bit more aerodynamic obviously for um for aerodynamic reasons it’s great but for a look it’s uh it’s a different tone than the rest of the car so um i’m not a big fan of that they’re supposed to uh be able to be an option to get the same as the body color but we’ll see we’ll see um the kia nero ev charges up to 85 kilowatts it

May only be eight kilowatts more but it’s eight kilowatts more uh and allegedly it the 10 to 80 is um what was it 40 45 minutes which is uh faster than uh before so that’s good uh so hopefully um the hyundai kona gets that charging as well like i said earlier it has 253 miles of range which is great a little less than the uh hyundai kona but obviously not that

Much of a difference where if you’re deciding between one or the other that you know you had to go with one so that’s good uh and it also has some other nice options now it has vehicle to load so you could use it to plug in your they always show like a coffee maker your coffee maker or whatever else you would want to do if you went camping it has an available heat

Pump and battery warmer which is a must-have for um colder climates uh and that that’s kind of that’s kind of it with the key in here that make it kind of awesome so uh this is a really great option if you’re looking at the evs hopefully they lower the price i’m not sure if they will so it’s definitely on a little uh on the higher end of these affordable evs but it’s

Definitely a car to look out for all right my third affordable eevee i’m recommending is the 2022 ionic standard range or the 2023 when it never uh comes out uh so this comes in at 39 950 and it is of the ones i’m recommending the last one that does not qualify for the tax credit unfortunately unless you were to get it uh purchase it by the end of this year um it

Has 220 miles of range which is good enough especially for like a daily driver and you’re gonna charge it at home every night um it has fast charging but it shouldn’t have the same speeds as its larger battery um sibling um i was not able to find any information about the charging speed um but just by doing a little math it should be probably around 160 to 170

Kilowatt max charging speeds um especially since it has this the smaller battery pack we’ll see um but that’s just kind of my i’m trying to give you something to go off of um i would um love to test out the uh the ionic five standard range so i could provide you that information but um i don’t have enough uh views yet to uh to get a press card to try out for you

All so right now i’m just i’m going off theoreticals but if you uh give me some likes and subscribes tell your friends about it uh maybe i will uh be able to get a press car uh from some of these uh manufacturers and then the last thing i want to talk about this car is since it has the 220 mile range and since the charging’s fast-ish and you can still do that the

You know the what is it the 5 to 80 or 10 to 80 um in 18 minutes it’s still possible to road trip in it it’s not going to be as fast as the full battery pack version of the ionic 5 but it’ll be good enough and i think that you could easily road trip if you wanted to i wouldn’t do it all the time but if you had a road trip you could and you would not be miserable

And you would not spend all of your life uh waiting at a charger so ionic five i it’s a great car i love it and i think it’s a really good option um but again to just to bring to bring it up again with these cars that are not manufactured in the united states they might have to lower the price we’ll see hopefully they’ll still sell because they’re great cars and

They charge fast and they’re they’re made well but i don’t i don’t know what the average consumer is going to think about the price compared to the bolt ev and the bullet euv and even the id4 that are all going to qualify for the tax credit so we’ll see what happens but definitely a great option to get the ionic uh five standard range with the smaller battery pack

And the um the the lesser amount of range so there’s that all right my fourth recommendation for an affordable eevee to purchase is the 2023 id4 standard range um obviously if you’ve been following me uh you know that we currently have a 2023 id4 on um reservation uh it’s waiting to be produced right now which is super exciting we are getting the bigger battery

Pack um but i think the small battery pack is right for a certain market of people and i think those are individuals who just do daily commuting they don’t you know drive over i don’t know maybe 80 80 miles a day and they can easily charge at home i think that is a great uh demographic for this car and if that’s you maybe you should check out the id4 so a couple

Things about it the starting price is uh thirty seven thousand four hundred ninety five dollars it’s a pretty decent starting price you can also spec it up but it’s about five thousand dollars and you get like all the nice stuff the the moon roof the power lift gate everything you would get in the the pro s so that’s definitely worth looking into as well um and

One more thing with the price i forgot to mention the volkswagens because they’re made in uh chattanooga tennessee now are likely to qualify for at least half of the uh tax credit um the battery is manufactured in the united states uh i’m pretty sure it’s uh georgia so you know just just south um so it should get at least half of the tax credit and what we’re kind

Of all waiting to find out is um the mineral content in the battery is it does it meet the qualifications to get the full tax credit most people think it won’t most people think most ev companies won’t because they source their um minerals from non-uh free trade countries but we will see so i’m thinking at a minimum you’re going to get the 3750 tax credit for your

Ev and again that tax credit can actually be used at point of sale if your dealer chooses to do that the range is 208 miles which is not great but i think that’s perfect for the the daily commuter and that’s all you’ll really need i would probably not road trip you could but it would take a while um since the charging speed it’s not quite to um the level of the

Id4 that i’m going to be getting and on that note the charging speed is likely to be around 110 to 115 kilowatts i got that based off of some of the id sorry if you hear my dog storing she’s right next to me um i did that based off of some charging tests i’ve saw regarding the id3 which has the same battery pack size of 62 kilowatt hours so again it’s not going to

Be the 170 kilowatt speed that my id4 is going to get but it’s going to be good enough especially for the daily driver to charge up if you need to on a public charger and yep so again i think that the 2023 id4 standard range or they just call the 2023 id4 this is what it’s called or the 2023 id4s are great options if you’re looking for a more affordable um ev it’s

A little bit bigger than the um the bolt and the uh boat euv uh but i think it it’s it’s definitely right for the right person and with the potential of getting at least half the credit i think it might be a go for some people so go ahead put in your 100 uh deposit now and get on the wait list all right and coming in at number one on my recommendations even though

I would probably never drive it even though the look is actually growing on me but i’d probably never drive it is the chevy bolt ev and the chevy bolt euv um price wise they’re coming in very affordable at 25 600 for the boat eevee and 27 200 for the boat euv and again this is for the 2023 models um they dropped the price a lot for the 2023 models um these are

Likely to get at least half the tax credit that i’m aware of uh we will see again it’s it’s the sourcing of the minerals that is causing a lot of manufacturers to not get the full tax credit um so first off the fast charging is slow it’s it’s 55 kilowatts it’s not great um the hyundai cone electric and the kia niro ev have much faster charging and you’re going to

Be waiting a little bit longer uh people still road trip with their bolts good for them but i would never road trip in a in a in a bowl um one thing that is good about the bolts charging though is the home charging can be as fast as 11 kilowatts if you have the right home charger so that’s pretty awesome actually and that’s better than the hyundai kona and the um

The kia niro ev so that’s that’s worth considering especially since if you have watched any of my videos you know i think you should charge at home instead of charge of public chargers and leave the public chargers for people who are road tripping but that’s just me or for emergencies um next the boat ev comes with 259 miles of range which is great and the bolt

Ev comes under that because it’s a little bit bigger at 247 miles of range something that’s pretty awesome about these two as well is you can go a little premium and get the super cruise which on certain highways it has a level of self-driving capability which is nice uh you still have to have your eyes on the road you can’t like not pay attention at all but it’s

Definitely um nice and helps kind of reduce driver fatigue which is a cool option um i’m not sure how much that spec is to get that but it’s probably worth it if you drive a lot and um lastly which is the best part of chevy uh is the level 2 charger install they provide for free if you buy one of their evs so i mean that’s about 15 i just got it priced out it’s

About fifteen hundred dollars including the purchase of the charger and that’s totally worth it that’s fifteen hundred dollars free of uh off the price and i mean it’s it’s really hard to not get one of those cars if you’re looking for an affordable uh ev especially if you get the half the credit and you’re paying 22 22 grand for a brand new car i mean it might

Be the option and then though i just i do want to bring up i’m really excited about the um the chevy equinox ev it’s going to be very affordable it’s going to be under all of the um the suvs in its class and it’s probably going to get the tax credit and the charging is going to be oh sorry about that and the charging is gonna be pretty good as well so um i didn’t

Put that on here yet because there’s nothing there’s not really that much about it um but i will when it comes out um if i don’t somehow like buy it myself because i’m super excited about that car all right thanks again for tuning in um i hope i was able to help make some of your decisions if you’re looking at different evs especially coming in 2023 um i mean it’s

Hard to not get to not choose the the bolt ev or the bolt euv they’re they’re made well the range is good the charge is not great but the home charging is amazing you get a free level 2 charger i think that that might be the play um and you probably get half the tax credit maybe the whole tax credit we’ll see how that kind of plays out um but uh you know that’s

That um personally for me i would probably go with the kona just because i love my kona uh but they would have to lower the price it’s just um it’s really not competitive price right now um given the fact that the bolt comes in so low and you can’t get the tax credit uh and again that’s my opinion but when that car is kind of targeted at um uh it’s like as a step

Below the ionic five and the price difference is only was it five thousand dollars i i think they have to lower the price but we’ll see or they need to raise the price of the ionic uh so i don’t know we’ll see what happens with that but i would probably go with the kona um the nearest nero’s cool maybe the ionic but i think the ionic is just really good for people

Who want um a nice looking car kind of futuristic and would like to road trip occasionally because it could i think it could road trip well again i’d love to test that uh if you’re listening hyundai uh so anyways um and lastly the id4 i love the id4 i can’t wait to have our id4 um but that’s definitely a good car for a daily commuter um who who you know wants

A well-bit a well-built sorry well-built german car uh but i definitely wouldn’t recommend that for someone who wants to do a lot of road tripping it’s i think the range is just not enough to do the road trips so hope you enjoyed this video if you could please like and subscribe below helps me grow my channel helps me bring you more content and i’d love to bring

You a lot more content um especially to do some more reviews of cars uh live reviews of cars would be awesome so thank you and i will catch you all next time on the average ev thank you

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Top 5 AFFORDABLE EVs to purchase in 2023! Kona Electric, Kia Niro EV, Ioniq 5, Bolt EV/EUV, and ID.4 By The Average EV

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