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Altair Club Cars Top 10 Items I Dislike About My 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range | Do I Regret Buying This Car?

Top 10 Items I Dislike About My 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range | Do I Regret Buying This Car?

This is my 2022 Tesla Model Y long range 7 seater! I have owned this 2 months now and in this video I discuss the 10 things I Dislike about this car. Is the car awesome? Yes! These are just a few things that have bothered me over the past 2 months that a someone looking a buying a Tesla Model Y should know about.

Guys welcome back to the channel thanks for joining me this is my tesla model y it’s a 2022 i’ve had this a couple months now i’ve done several videos on this so the video i want to do today is i want to tell you the top 10 things that i dislike about the tesla model y long range all right this might not be applicable to the performance version as well just quirks

Things i don’t like things that i’ve kind of annoyed me over the last couple months now i do want to say this before you guys start typing away and telling me that i’m a tesla hater and i need to just not say anything at all guys i really like the car the car is awesome but there’s a these 10 things i just don’t like about the car or they could be improved it

Could be changed or they’ve just kind of been an annoyance for me so let’s get in top 10 things these are in no particular order and i want to give you a perspective too some of these things i’m comparing to my other teslas this is the third tesla that i’ve owned i currently own a 2015 model s p85d and then prior to this i’ve had a 2016 model x so i’ve had the s i

Have the s i have add an x and this is my y so this is my third tesla so some of these things i’m like well i like how the other cars how the design is on the other car better and so i want to reference that so if this is your first tesla these things may not be an annoyance to you but they are to me and so i want to get into them let’s get started all right here

On the driver’s side rear is the charge port i don’t like this charge port axis it seems like this opens way too easy if i just brush by this sometimes it opens up sometimes it doesn’t open up at all and this door really seems extremely flimsy i feel like this is going to break off eventually with this being up in the air while you’re charging your car it really

Feels like this because is susceptible to vandalism like i’m gonna i’m gonna break it off also whenever i’ve been using a public charger and i’ve been having using the 7j1772 adapter and this is in there okay when this is in there and the the the charger is is connected to this if i go and i unclip the charger from this this door will always come down and hit that

Thing and i’ve got to like manually like hit it back up seems extremely flimsy so it does seem like it has a mind of its own and that it comes up and down at times when i don’t need it to or it won’t come when it needs to so i think the way that tesla used to do this in my in my model s so in the 2015 model s they have a better i think this this is it’s a smaller

Little door it comes open it’s not going to bump it’s not bumped as easily because it’s a little more recessed behind the fender the rear quarter panel here so even if you just hit it or you run into it it doesn’t open up you have to manually you have to really put some effort into it to open it okay for number two i want to come inside here i want to show you

One thing that i think that my model s does a lot better so when i’m in here and i want to change the fan for example when i go into the climate control which the icon is saved right here every time i want to increase or decrease every time i want to increase or decrease the fan speed i have to come into this menu and i have to slide my finger across this bar to

Be able to change the fan speed now i don’t like to use the auto feature all of my cars have that option i don’t like to use that i don’t know if you guys like to use that either but i i like to manually control my fan speed and control where the air is going so i do like that i do like this how you can kind of control the uh the airflow kind of pinch and zoom as

Far as the the airflow is concerned but having to come into this menu and adjust the fan speed and you have to keep your finger here and slide it back and forth i think is it’s a little bit of annoying for example if there was just a plus and minus option right here for the fan speed that would be better on my model s i can go into this scroll wheel on the model

S is customizable and i can change it to different settings so i can have it control the fan the radio i can have it control different things and here this is only for for autopilot so i wish that i could customize this scroll wheel to change my fan speed and i could just increase or decrease it because i can do that in the model s i did that in my model x and i

Think that’d be a much more useful use of this scroll wheel when i’m not using autopilot i could adjust the that the fan speed for example all right the only complaint i have about the driving and that is the when i’m on autopilot so when i’ve engaged the autopilot and i’m on auto steer and i’m driving down the road there’s this thing called phantom breaking you

Might have heard of this if you’ve done any kind of research on these teslas it senses something that’s not there and it’ll slow down it’ll it’ll uh you know try to do a maneuver and mainly it’s been slowing down for the couple times it’s happened for me over the last couple months it’s been where the car the car has slowed down or tried to stop more abruptly than

It should for something that wasn’t even there now this is a concern because it’s a safety issue i feel like i was going to get rear-ended the few times that it happened because i just randomly stopped for nothing and the the flow of traffic was kind of interrupted from this phantom braking so this is something that tesla needs to iron out the bug i know other

People complain about this but that’s just something that i think tesla needs to get right especially when they’re trying to achieve full self-driving status and i don’t feel i have much confidence in this car’s ability to full self drive if it can’t even go on autopilot without doing this phantom brinking the next item that i have a concern with is the autopilot

This car only has autopilot only it does not have full self-driving it does not have enhanced autopilot which means when i engage auto autopilot which is a double click down like that it engages autopilot it’ll also engage the auto steer now when i’m driving on the road and i want to change lanes so if i want to go into the left or right lane i put on my blinker

It lightens up the steering wheel i move into that lane and then it disengages auto steer and i have to double click this down twice in order to re-engage the auto steer i think that’s kind of annoying mainly because my 2015 that has autopilot 1.0 does the auto lane change automatically like it’s included now if i was to pay extra for the enhanced autopilot or

Full self-driving that would be included but it’s just kind of an extra step that you have to take when you’re trying to change lanes and you’re on autopilot and the auto steer feature so be aware that the base autopilot on these cars you’re not getting auto lane change and you have to re-engage the auto steer every single time you want to change lanes all right

The door handles the door handles on the tesla model 3 and y have this lever action thing where you have to push the wide part of the handle it pops out this and you pull this now it’s not bad it’s not a bad system it feels like it’s a pretty robust it feels like this isn’t going to break off it’s it’s pretty it’s pretty uh they’ve been pretty reliable from what

I’ve from what i’ve read the problem is is it’s it’s almost best if you have two hands available if you if you have two hands available you push in the big part with one you pull out with your other hand so if you have two hands available all the time it works pretty well where it’s where it’s kind of awkward is for example my my right hand has something in it i

Need to open the door i’ve got like one finger here and move my hand over there and kind of awkwardly do that if i’m walking from the front of the car and i try to go here i’ve got to go like that and kind of bring my hand to the back of the handle so one-handed it’s kind of awkward so i don’t love that feature with this card that the the door handles there’s some

Awkwardness to opening them one-handed and in certain positions certain angles they’re just they’re just kind of i think there’s a bet there i think there’s a better solution out there i don’t i think tesla needs to improve on that the next thing i want to talk about is the kind of build quality just the some of the materials uh being used in this it just feels

Like it’s it’s not super luxurious as far as the materials are concerned here’s an example so see the carpet here this is in the rear passenger side where passengers are getting out this is only a two-month-old car it has 1300 miles on it you can kind of see the carpets kind of getting worn out right here where there’s no protection on it if you don’t have floor

Mats the floor mats are gonna your carpet’s gonna wear out like the carpet around the seat risers here i feel like is going to get kind of like worn down even this area here after two months of ownership that’s really looking like uh i don’t know i i need to find some kind of protection for there but this area is going to get worn down the carpet just feels really

Cheap like if you don’t have protection on it it’s going to get worn out and it’s not going to look very good after even after a couple months okay for the next two items i’m sitting here in the car and i wanted to show you something here here’s how i open my garage door i have to keep my garage door opener a manual garage door opener on my visor here to open my

Garage door the homelink system the gps activated and you set your garage door up to is not included in the car automatically it’s an upgrade you can upgrade it after the fact it seems like it’s always sold out on the tesla online website here on the tesla website you can add the automatic garage door opener 350 dollars it seems like that should be included for

The price of this car i just i guess that’s kind of a concern is that i have to pay 350 to include something that probably should have already been included anyways in the car all right i’m looking out the back window i’m in the front and i’m looking the back this is the back when that’s the view out the back window the rear window is kind of small and it’s really

Just because of the angle that it sits you know it’s at a really sharp angle so the viewing area is very small out the back so you don’t have a lot of visibility out the back when you’re backing up when you’re looking at traffic behind you there is however a nice feature here that you can i keep the rear view camera app right here available on my bottom so that

Way i can kind of see this i can push that anytime so you can see so even though visibility out the back window isn’t great you do have a great camera system to be able to see out the back in that regard all right when you buy your tesla model wire 3 you get a key card this is in 2022 i got this key card you get two of these and to open the car you swipe it on

The door pillar and then when you’re inside the car you tap it near the back of the of the cup holder and then that’s how you kind of start the vehicle how you’re able to go so you’re encouraged though to use the phone key with the phone key you set up your phone bluetooth to the car so that way when you’re when you’re with you we have your phone with you and you

Have the latest version of the app you’re able to open the car door now one time since i’ve owned the car over the last two months i haven’t been able to get into the car it took me like 10 minutes to get in the car because some something was happened there was no communication between my phone and the in the car i had to log out log back in i wait it took like 10

Minutes to kind of play around with it before it could open it up i didn’t have the key card with me also one other issue i have with the key card phone system is if you have let’s say you have something in your hand and you go to the back of the car and you want to open the hatch or you want the hatch to be open when you get there you have the only way to do that

Is you have to go into the app and open it with the app you can’t open it with a key card the key card was only is only used at the door pillar on the driver’s side so there’s no way to like swipe this near the rear of the car and it’s going to open the hatch up also the phone sometimes the phone doesn’t read you have to have your phone pretty close to the rear

Hatch of the car in order for it to register that your phone is close enough to read it so you can’t like i’ve had a couple times where the phone’s been on my back pocket i’ve walked up to the i’ve walked up to the the hatch push the button it didn’t work i decided to take my phone out i had to put my phone closer to the rear hatch push the button for it to come

Up so it’s kind of quirky like that this would all be resolved if you had a nice key fob like the model s or the x come with a key fob where you can double click the back hatch and it opens up or double click the top and it opens the doors i do i do have heard that you can buy a tesla model y or three key fob and it can be used for that purpose but it’s a couple

Hundred bucks to be able to buy the key fob and it just seems like kind of a necessary expense to be able to spend that to get the functionality that you need out of the key card so the key card is kind of quirky so is the phone app when they work it’s great but sometimes i’ve rented a few inches where it just is not working well as well as it’s designed to work

All right one thing i want to point out here on the front this is a slight annoyance and that is that this front trunk lid is not powered up or down it’s manually up manually down so you have to pop it open on the on the touch screen on the on the dash or from the app you can pop it open but it pops open and then you lift it up and it opens up very very easily very

Smoothly very nicely and it’s it’s a it’s got nice hydraulic strut assist on on here it’s not heavy to open up but to close it you have to bring it down you got to set it down and then you have to put both hands on either side of the tesla emblem like this like so and you push down until it locks in place now that’s not that bad that’s not that big of a deal all of

The teslas do this none of the none of the teslas have power up or down front trunk but a lot of the electric cars are having that option it’d be nice that if this was powered up or down i feel like i’m not using this as much because it’s just not as convenient as say like the back hatch that can go up and down powered i have to put both hands on the on the hood

You know i put put a big hand print right here on my nice clean black car and so it just it just seems like it’s a manual process that should be automated it should be powered up or down and i think that’s an improvement that tesla could make and you know we could see that in the future but this is something that needs to be improved on so guys that’s my top 10

Things that i don’t like or dislike or kind of annoyed with the model y i love the car the car is awesome are these deal breaker items no they’re not i think they’re just small little quirks they’re kind of nitpick items i get that and i really had to kind of stretch to find 10 items because there is a lot to love about this car there’s a lot of great features in

An upcoming video i’m doing a top 10 things i love about this car and that’s going to be a lot easier because there are a lot more things to love about this car than there are hate about it but there’s some quirks there’s a few things with maybe a few software changes a few material changes things like that tesla can really improve on these items and it probably

Wouldn’t cost them a whole lot to really make an improvement on these things and just kind of make it a better car i think we’re going to see some change changes and improvements refinements over the years since this car came out in 2020 there has been improvements you know the ride quality is fantastic the the fit and finish is good i think the quality of materials

Can be a little better and be stepped up especially when you’re paying this car now 20 in september 2022 this is a 75 000 car so to pay that much money for a car and have you know just some quirky things like this you know it can be it can be improved every car has some some positives and negatives so these are just some of the negative things that i just kind of

Stood out to me over owning this for the last couple months uh would i still buy the car absolutely i love the car and still buy it these things are not going to be game changer items these are just things that i just would think need to be improved on the car to really make it just you know that much better anyways guys leave your comment down below let me know

If you guys agree with these things if there’s other things that you you dislike about your tesla model y and let me know if you agree with the things i said hit that thumbs up button subscribe the channel and we’ll see in the next video thanks

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Top 10 Items I Dislike About My 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range | Do I Regret Buying This Car? By Myks Garage

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