top 10 flatbed questions answere
Altair Club Cars TOP 10 Flatbed Questions Answered – Q&A

TOP 10 Flatbed Questions Answered – Q&A

We received a ton of questions about our new flatbed! So, here are the answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions. If I didn’t cover your questions in the video, please leave them in the comments!

A few weeks ago we got this hillsboro flatbed installed in our truck and then last week we made a video about the process and then much to our surprise we were overwhelmed with questions from instagram facebook and youtube about the flatbed so in this video i’m going to go over the top 10 most frequently asked questions about our new flatbed make sure you watch

All the way until the end where i’ll go over the actual invoice and tell you what we did with the original factory bed for a little backstory we travel full time in our cirrus 920 truck camper which is currently off the truck while we mooch stock with a friend in michigan we have a 2018 ram 3500 dually diesel crew cab with about 65 000 miles on it foreign so the

First question is what is the weight difference between the new and the old bed and that was actually something i had a really hard time finding an answer to so the 2000 series flatbed that we have on here is about 485 pounds that doesn’t include the boxes these are rc tool truck boxes and i actually couldn’t find the weights online i would say they’re probably

Somewhere between 20 and 60 pounds a piece the one item i really couldn’t find a specific answer on is what the original factory bed weighed i saw everything from 150 pounds to 600 pounds i think the actual weight is right around 500 pounds so i’m going to say that swapping from the factory bed to the aluminum bed is pretty much a wash weight wise but if you guys

Know what a ram 3500 dually bed with a spray in bed liner waze please let me know down in the comments the next question is does the new bed allow us to keep the factory hitch installed and it does believe it or not that was actually one of the deciding factors for us in choosing this bed model over some of the others a lot of the other flatbeds out there come

With their own integrated two and a half or three inch receiver hitches the main reason i wanted to keep our factory hitch is because it’s already a 20 000 pound hitch and it’s going to work well with the torklift super hitch that i plan on getting it also saves us quite a bit of money to upgrade from the 2000 series flatbed to the 2500 series flatbed was going

To be roughly fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars more the next question was does this flatbed interfere with our factory installed gooseneck or fifth wheel prep kit so i ram 3500 did come with a gooseneck or fifth wheel prep kit which there’s a big metal plate underneath here which i’ll try to climb under there and show you in a second foreign this bed does

Come with an integrated 30 000 pound gooseneck the integrated gooseneck setup sits right on top of that factory installed option it’s close but it looks like there’s plenty of clearance for it to fit the next question was could i show the bottom and back of the flatbed so let me do that right now this is the bed this is the headache rack and then in the back here

You just have the headache rack bolts down there’s let’s see one two three four bolts on the bottom and then three on the sides way over there same thing over here i decided to line the bottom of the boxes with the leftover cedar it’s going to protect the bottom and then it’s going to give me a bunch of blocks if i ever need them it’s also very light and rot

Resistant so even if it gets wet in there shouldn’t be terrible i’ll check it occasionally though love the boxes the toolboxes mount right up against these beams you can see it right in there the side of the bed is about four and a quarter inches high the rub rails are roughly two inches these main i-beams are three inches high and this beam is also three inches

High so that gives me six inches of total height to the deck well actually no because the deck is an inch so from here it’s three inches up to here three inches up to there and then one more inch up to the top of the deck so that’s seven inches from this plate whatever you call this bracket right here so that steel strap is welded on and then bolted through same

Thing right there in the back they welded this rectangular tubing to the the actual uh hitch mount which is this so it’s not welded to the frame which is here this is the factory hitch i don’t know what you call it pitch mount i guess it’s this whole thing right here so they welded to that which i think is okay i didn’t really expect them to weld directly to it but

I’m not going to complain i really expected the whole thing to be bolted on but i still realized that if i needed to take the bed off all i need to do is take those three bolts out and it’ll also come off but it will come off with my hitch this is the gooseneck mount right here and then it’s pretty hard to access underneath here so that rectangular tubing which

Is acting as a spacer is also bolted to the body mount on the other side if you look around these are some of the sensors and light cables that they filled with uh this looks like silicone there’s another one there these are all the lights these are the sensors that they relocated from the factory bumper and put them up inside right along the edges here they

Also in order to make it fit really tight they notch this out so you can see looks like you just used a die grinder or sawzall and just cut it out so it fits in there really tight i asked them to retain the double seven pin because i had one that was mounted in the bed and one on the back of the bumper got the lights got our sensors and on this side it’s pretty

Much all the same the original fuel fill they had to cut off about here they added this flex tubing on and then they welded this in so originally this ran all the way to here and they cut this out and they kind of weld in their own bracket they explained that to me i think we mentioned that in the previous video too cap right here weld in the bracket the def tank

For my truck is actually under the driver’s seat so the tubing runs all the way back and used to run back to here but they simply shortened it and mounted it here when i was in visiting them they they asked me what i wanted to do with it and i thought that this was an ideal location for it or we can make a bracket well two tabs that’ll actually hold your death so

This is the back side of the lights there’s a little drainage underneath because these are not extremely tight so i’m sure water gets in there but the lights themselves are sealed so it should be fine there’s a couple other styles of headache rack they were more of like a fence i like the openness of this because i can still reach through and wash the windows and

Then looking down at its closest points about an inch and a half away from the cab so the next question is where are the overhang and tank drains on our camper i don’t have it mounted on the truck right now but it’s virtually identical to the previous bed our cirrus always sat right about here on the old bed and i think the new bed if you look at it there’s a

Little bit of chafing right here so it’s about three quarters of an inch farther back pretty minimal i would say it’s it’s just about the same so that means all of the clearances and everything that we had for the factory bed basically stayed the same it was no problem at all and keep in mind that’s with the bumpers of the camper touching the headache rack which

I found out is a bad idea because it’s going to leave chaff marks next time i’m going to load up with probably some a piece of wood or something up here to protect it was what is the exact length of the bed looks to be 98 and a quarter eight feet two and a quarter inches the width of the actual flatbed is 92 and a half and the overall width is just about eight

Feet the next question is why do we choose a hillsborough bed over another brand like cm well i’ve been looking at flatbeds for a while now and i’ve kind of narrowed it down to cm hillsborough and eb-y i don’t know if that’s how you say it maybe it’s ebbie we actually had a friend of ours reach out to us saying that they had purchased this bed they’d put a down

Payment on the bed but then they ended up finding their dream truck that already had a flatbed on it since they’d already paid the deposit they were afraid they might lose it so what i ended up doing was purchasing the deal from the guy at a slight discount so i saved a few hundred bucks on the bed which was nice and the deal was already set up through grant county

Truck bodies since we were already heading to michigan we had no problem making a slight detour to southwestern wisconsin especially since we found that they had a campground within walking distance of the shop other than the fact the deal was already set up i could have easily switched that deposit to a different model of hillsboro bed or to a cm bed but when i

Started looking at all the options i really liked the fact that this did not have an integrated hitch on it and it’s about two inches lower than most of the other beds this was also one of the more inexp expensive beds and the reviews indicated that there’s really no quality issues with it the big difference was that a lot of the other beds are tapered from here

Out which gives it a sleeker appearance you know you can see this is fairly boxy but considering we’re hauling a truck camper that’s already boxy i don’t really care and it increases my options for boxes under here because i don’t have to deal with the tapered part it’s the same thing in the back i don’t have any boxes but if i wanted to put a box in here since

I don’t have it beveled or tapered whatever you want to call it here it gives me some more options for square boxes that might fit in here granted i’d probably have to move my exhaust pipe the number one factor for me was trying to find a balance between price and quality followed second probably by the height of the bed and this was one of the shortest flatbeds

That we could find because that’s definitely a downside to flatbeds as they add to your overall height unless you’re building a custom setup so we had a two inch cedar platform in the bed of our truck and this flatbed adds six inches so if you remove the two inches from the cedar platform and add the six inches to this you end up with a four inch increase in height

Which means that the gap obviously it’s not on the gap over the truck is increased by four inches it also means that your center of gravity goes up and your clearance goes down so it used to be 11 feet 6 and now we’re 11 feet 10. next question is why do we choose grant county truck bodies for the install well i think the biggest reason is because it was already

Paid for there so i couldn’t pass up a good deal and it was pretty much what i wanted to do anyway along our path of travel but of course before i agreed to the deal i made sure i researched them and they come highly recommended if you look up the reviews for the company they’re actually pretty good i really couldn’t find any major black marks that would make them

Worse than anyone else i also called them up and asked them about the process of moving from the original buyer and moving everything into my name what i needed to get for authorization or whatever they made the whole process very easy they just called the guy and they agreed and done deal so it was really easy they were nice to work with and of course at the end

Of the whole process we were very happy they did a great job their customer service was on point i went down there a couple times to talk to them and go over all the details so i was very happy with the installation i really have no complaints the next question is what do we do with the old bed well unfortunately my options on that were pretty limited and we just

Sold it to grant county truck bodies they do want to regular basis and what they do is they buy the bed from you and then they wholesale it to another company so if i brought a brand new truck down there they would give me eight hundred dollars for the bed since mine was used but in good condition they gave me 400. grant county truck bodies then sells those beds to

A wholesaler and i would imagine that wholesaler probably refurbishes them and then sells them to people looking for them i was looking for a better option on how to sell it but i really couldn’t find anything now if i had this to do over again what i probably would have done is spent the month ahead of time trying to find a buyer for the bed because as soon as the

Bed was taken off someone could have come and picked it up but since we’re on the road full time i don’t have a place to store it i have no way to transport it it was just kind of a big pain in the butt so if you guys are considering getting a flatbed installed i would definitely recommend finding a buyer for your old bed first grant county truck bodies wouldn’t

Really care what i did with the bed but it was much easier for me to just sell it to them and take the 400 bucks oh well i guess you just live and learn so finally the number one question that i got about this is what did it cost for that i’m going to go inside and go through the entire invoice with you guys line by line here’s the invoice 99 of 2022 and let me

Fold it up and i’ll go over the numbers all right so we have the hillsboro aluminum flatbed series 2000 and it’s eight by eight and a half of course that eight and a half also includes the distance that sits underneath the headache rack that’s forty four hundred dollars and that includes everything listed here including the thirty thousand pound gooseneck ball

Plate and cover has a fuel fill kit wiring harness and plug-in connections so next we have the bedram box off through 2018 actually i’m not even sure what that is i believe that’s the removal of the bed fuel filler cap which is an additional thing is 30 bucks the fuel filler neck which is an add-on is 68. you get 800 for the installation including the mud flaps

And some of the other wiring 615 dollars for each of the truck boxes which i thought was expensive until i priced them out and that is exactly what they cost so those are 30 by 18 by 18 diamond plate aluminum boxes uh 95 for the box installation 65 for the exhaust tip got a down payment on there trade to 28 18 ram box that is the credit that i got for trading in

My old bed the mount the death filler i assume that’s 95 dollars to install that install the camera and backup sensors they did ask me if i wanted to keep those and of course i did so that was an additional 150 dollars you get some grommets for the sensors some relays and seven-way plugs so the grand total is seven thousand one hundred forty four dollars and seven

Cents 372 dollars and forty four cents of that is sales tax because i got it done in wisconsin honestly considering some of the states we’ve been to 5.5 percent isn’t too bad now when i looked at some of the cm beds or even the hillsborough 2500 series this number up here is what would have gone up much higher so the other beds were between two and fifteen thousand

Dollars more flatbeds and service bodies can get pretty expensive and this was a reasonably priced flatbed for us those were definitely the top 10 most frequently asked questions that we received and i hope that they’re helpful a big thank you to all you guys for asking questions because it made making this video much easier for me if you do have additional questions

Of course please leave them down below i’m happy to answer them if you guys found this content helpful or informative please make sure you subscribe click the like button and click the little bell notification icon it really helps us also make sure you check out our merch if you guys are interested in getting a t-shirt or a hat it’s right down below thank you for

Watching and i’ll see in the next video bye foreign

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