took my lexus rc f to switzerlan


This is the the most exhilarating drive I have ever been on in my Lexus RCF. Thanks for coming along this journey! Please like, comment, and subscribe. Enjoy!

Sheesh after doing some night activities out here well i’m really just driving it’s uh nice to see this place in the daytime trains everywhere the whole train station to the right at least there’s city parking everywhere but i won’t need it this place is just as beautiful just as nice casinos back to some form of motor speed away from me everyone’s in

My way get out of the way got a nice tunnel once again don’t mind if i do yeah there’s a long tunnel holy crap too many tunnels and then there’s traffic cameras out there too i think the one thing i know about one thing i know about switzerland is there’s a lot of cameras out here let me see if i can spot it nope not here i guarantee you there’s a lot look

Right there up top camera there just for entry sheesh what a view the one thing i noticed about all europe just driving around is uh the views there’s a lot of views a lot of mountains and stuff but wow you know i think i’m on an epic drive on one of those epic roads in europe without even realizing it more tunnels so i pulled off to the side because this

Epic view i just i just gotta come out here and just like wow just wow this is switzerland people this is switzerland early in morning early morning switzerland i met some hotel parking lots i’m on this road tunnels on tunnels i’ve already gone through 10 tunnels traveling here through the mountains all the tunnels going through the mountains but yeah a lot

Of tunnels a lot of open road a fantastic lexus rcf great gt touring car i man when it’s for when they say gt car it is literally a gt car but just look at this place absolutely beautiful what do we have here just nothing but confused all right i’m at half tank i think it’s time for me to have some gas because i just don’t want to get stuck anywhere around

Here but look at this epic view right and turn i’m gonna say that the gas prices here are gonna be ridiculous i can already i can already foreshadow it it says i’m almost there uh is that is that it oh what how much is that okay that’s good the other spot was like a whole dollar more per gallon i hope they’re open though so the other spot was closed uh yeah

I’m going to this one please be open on this side please be open you look open all right diesel 195 oh i could use my card oh hell yeah so i got a problem after going to like two three other fields gas stations uh yeah they want you to pay first and some some credit cards aren’t working i unfortunately have to come back to the very first stop and i got paid

Was it yeah i got to pay 245 francs per liter which is about 2.5 2.6 united states dollars for one liter so multiply that by 3.78 that gets you now i don’t know i pocketed you about 10 10 the united states i’m about to pay ten dollars a gallon for some fuel i will i need it i have to really wipe that and wash it because it’s super dirty 98 all right i’m

Kind of scared to look at this number god damn all right so this is frank’s this is leaders so this is what i’m playing so one franc equates to about 1.08 united states so i’m paying 70 let’s say 80 for half a tank oh my god oh well i guess that’s what i gotta do to travel around oh well so i think i’m coming up on susten pass which is 11 miles i feel

Like i’m driving i feel like i’m into movie cars this is what it feels like what’s restricting that now hairpin oh look at that oh my god it’s beautiful what this is amazing maybe third gear is fine no need to go all out i am on the side of a mountain for when i travel it’s for me it’s all about the drives it’s all about the drives tunnels do the mountain

Wow wow so epic oh here we go gt car doing his thing oh my god there’s no guardrails over there holy crap oh sheesh wow this poison turns with the views you can’t beat it man outstanding well this sucks we all gotta turn around because uh roadblock this sucks if that guy can get through i’m gonna do the same thing he’s doing if he can if he can get

Through maybe there’s a different route to get through where i want to go but there is a lot of snow over there so maybe it’s not so safe but i tried ah it oh well let’s go let’s try uh another adventure different spot oh he made it i can’t believe i legit made a little i actually did a u-turn like here insane with like no space but i meant to do it wild

But anybody scared heights i’ll be honest with you i’m scared of heights and just looking this at this to the right that is insane i feel like i’m about to fall off i just have to step out and just observe everything like just look at everything just look at everything you can hear the valley you hear that water sucks for the van i just passed by they’re

Gonna get stuck just like i was stuck car’s looking pretty good though all right i don’t know how i’m gonna get to where i wanna go but i’m gonna find some place to go and i’m gonna go there i’m gonna head right back into germany but i’m gonna probably go on the left side because the right side is a little bit too uh scary a little scary this porsche was

Smart for parking back here funny thing is i actually went to this stop earlier before trying to get gas didn’t know it went all the way up there well i think that’s gonna be it for me guys all right guys i think that’s gonna be it for today’s video uh hey it didn’t turn out how i wanted i wanted to go to suspend pass all the way in but there was too much

Snow uh system passes where top gear is like little snake turns it’s like a series of snake turns and it’s really cool so um hang on tunnel pretty sure there’s some sort of camera or somewhere it’s always social again but anyways guys thanks for watching i’ll see you guys in the next video please like comment subscribe peace you

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