tj hunt cuts up brand new nissan
Altair Club Cars TJ Hunt cuts up brand new Nissan 400Z for SEMA Show 2022 – South OC Cars and Coffee.

TJ Hunt cuts up brand new Nissan 400Z for SEMA Show 2022 – South OC Cars and Coffee.

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Thank you so i am with tj hunt you are a youtuber you are a car builder you are a drifter you are an automotive parts manufacturer what else are you doing uh just trying to have fun i guess i don’t know i do some investing and and i’ve just learned a lot over the last like five seven years which like is what led to all these different outlets of what i’m

Involved in now so like as a recently i’ve really been involved in um like automotive investing and and looking at where cars are headed and investing in the technology that i think is going to be involved that’s cool 10 15 years that’s like one thing i don’t really talk about too much that yeah try to spend some time on that’s very cool yeah you know we

Found through running this show and now we’ve just bought supercars by the sea and i’ve got my own accessory automotive accessory business called the bracketeer it’s like in this day and age you’ve got to have fingers and lots of pies and the busier you get you tend to get busier it’s just you find the same thing it’s a snowball effect yeah absolutely i mean

I think like in the world of that we live in today you could be involved in whenever you want to be involved in because the information to get there is all accessible yep and there’s a niche for every single thing and if you’re looking for one specific thing on how to like whether it’s like start a business start a car wash like learn how to trade stocks

Like all the information is there yep you have the same advantage everyone else always got internet so i think that’s really cool and the cool thing is too that media is not controlled by the big multinationals yeah you get information out there yeah as you’ve done obviously with youtube to millions of people yeah and you don’t have to be somebody that’s you

Know knows somebody in a glass office no yeah you don’t need to know someone to know someone to get a certain contact at this point if you you know are making enough notoriety or making enough advancement you can have people see whatever you’re doing from any platforms yeah which is awesome which is great yeah hey we love what you brought out tell us tell us

About the car and what’s going to happen at sema for it um yeah 2023 nissan z um we’ve had it for like seven days we crossed we cross country drove it from florida so it has like 3 500 miles on it already i’m glad you got out of florida because it may not have lasted dealership that i bought it from literally was underwater oh wow so like we made it within

Five days which is really awesome so be grateful all right yeah seriously uh right now it’s on uh air suspension uh tees we have downpipes from ams we have cat pack for imagine flow exhaust we have a tune from ams um and then we have intercourse as well from ams so that’s like what we’ve been able to do in the last like five days yep and then starting oh is it

Saturday and two days we’re gonna cut them we’re gonna start cutting the car for sema um for uh 300 designs we have a wide body kit that sounds like forest works from the d carb that’s been our like drift version and we have like a full street version unveiling at the magnaflow booth at sema this year so that is cool i love that yeah brand new car yeah same

With me marketing my camaro ready for our bracket t-booth at seamer and power and we’re going okay we need to reach we need a new hood we need to spray the front bumper we need to spray the the rear bumper we need to yeah oh then we need a ppf then we need to put the shrubs back somehow it’s like everyone literally waits until the last minute to get everything

Done even though even if you try to start to plan like a year in advance it never you never end up giving yourself enough time no and you said something i think i’ve heard you say you’re overseas two weeks before sema yeah and i’m overseas the week before seeing we love it when you come to the show we really appreciate it thanks so much for coming of course

Love it when you bring cars out like this yeah yeah that’ll be kind of bring it out before we cut it all up yeah let’s let’s get it back here once you’ve uh once it’s been a doctor absolutely after sema i intend to bring up here and show show everybody we did that last year too so we brought our team of cars and kind of showcase everything so we definitely can

Expect that awesome mate well thanks so much for coming i really appreciate it man thank you thank you i appreciate it thank you foreign

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TJ Hunt cuts up brand new Nissan 400Z for SEMA Show 2022 – South OC Cars and Coffee. By South OC Cars And Coffee

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