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Altair Club Cars Tiny Trail-Ready RC Car – FMS Toyota Land Cruiser LC80 Mini 4wd Crawler Review | RC Driver

Tiny Trail-Ready RC Car – FMS Toyota Land Cruiser LC80 Mini 4wd Crawler Review | RC Driver

Small scale crawlers are a great way to go crawling without even having to leave your house. Set up a few obstacles on the floor and crawl, head out to your yard in a flower bed and crawl or even head down to a local park and you’re ready for adventure. Greg is hooked on small scale crawlers and jumped on the FMS Toyota Land Cruiser when he was given a chance to review it. This 1/18-th scale 4wd mini RC crawler is a true scale RC model. It’s detailed body sits on an impressive aluminum ladder frame chassis, with four link suspension and the electronics include an LED light package that will impress. But can it perform? Greg will go over all the details in this full review!

Hey what’s going on rc drivers check out the fms lc 80. this thing is so cool it’s a hard body mini crawler and it’s got led lights how cool is that and blinker lights it’s doing awesome on these little wood blocks i stuck down to my workbench i think we need to take a closer look at this truck oh there it is extreme close-up here’s the fms toyota land cruiser

80 and this is a great looking 18 scale four wheel drive electric ready to run and it looks like it’s just gonna be a lot of fun whether you’re crawling indoors or outside in front of your house whatever even head down to the park with this thing it just looks killer now this is a hard abs plastic body on this and it’s painted the paint job on this is actually

Really good there’s a light metallic flake to it just love the look of it and i can’t find any imperfections whatsoever looking around the body i also like that has clear windows all the way around i mean they could have just cheaped out and and probably put decals on here but they have an interior inside there’s their seats front and back steering wheel i could

See people going and taking this thing apart and really detailing it up and i think it would be worthy of it because it looks that good i mean even the toyota emblem on the grill clear headlights clear tail lights got a roof rack on this spare tire outbacks a ladder for the roof rack even down to the emblem on the pack and even defroster lines on the windows that’s

Really cool they put a lot of detail work into this rig like the separate mirrors on here windshield wipers even the snorkel take a look at those fog lights up top love that especially the yellow lenses on there they could have probably just uh you know put clear lenses on there but they went the extra mile and put the yellow lenses on top pretty awesome check out

These wheels and tires these are actually a 1.0 bead lock wheel and it’s not a licensed tire these kind of look like uh what’s what’s a wrangler mtr correct me in the comments if i’m wrong on that one but really nice looking tire soft and i think there’s even some foam in there i might be wrong but it does feel like there’s foam in there ah nice looking rig just

Probably just stare at that put it on the shelf and stare at it when it’s not in use it’d be definitely perfect you know to put on display check out that rhino bumper up front looks pretty tough it mounts to the chassis same with the rear bumper great detail on this fms love the look of it all right now let’s talk about what’s underneath the hood and yes i really

Meant let’s check out what’s under the hood because the hood pops up so you could access where the battery is and now you can see all the electronics on the inside so we’ve got a two in one receiver speed controller combo here is your on off switch it just kind of uses one of those standard mini plugs and the battery slides in right back here i actually have it

On charge so right after i talk about this we can go out and drive it but it comes with a 7.4 volt lipo battery 380 milliamp uh but right here in front of the receiver speed controller unit is the servo it’s a chassis mounted servo and then all of these wires here are for the lights so it’s got led lights in the front and in the rear it’s got blinker lights even

The tail lights light up as well and they get brighter when you go in reverse and the really cool factor here is you can go shut some of that off with the radio system you can actually use the third channel switch to shut the headlights off on it so uh this that radio has got a lot of functionality to it we’ll get to that in a minute but that’s what it looks like

When you pop up the hood on this thing again plenty of room to go and slide that battery pack in there easy to get out and it actually has magnets to help close it down so actually when these wires aren’t in the way let’s see here well you you get the point there’s magnets here that will help secure it down when those wires are set back in there properly uh but

That’s really cool that you just access everything through that now underneath you know we we need to talk about some of the chassis features obviously i’m not going to pull this thing back apart i had it apart before getting all those wires back in place a little tricky definitely take a picture of it before you take the body off of this thing but the interior

Can come out it looks like there’s a bunch of screws on the bottom that will allow you to pop out the interior if you want to go ahead and detail that let’s talk about the chassis and some of the other features here so this is an aluminum chassis on this truck really nice looking one at that even the shock towers are integrated into it we’ve got four link in the

Front four link in the rear for the suspension and then the only thing about this truck that i am not overly thrilled about is it does have coil over suspension just friction suspension so you could kind of just see this guy bouncing around here would have been nice if there was some oil in those shocks maybe they have an aftermarket option for that i’ll have

To check out the option list but they do sell parts for this truck if you need parts you can get parts separately so that’s really cool all right uh back to the truck itself uh we talked about the suspension uh up front just some simple link steering kind of a dramatic angle coming off that servo horn up front but it seems to work pretty well as you just saw

Me driving around here on the workbench uh the drivetrain it’s got your basic center transmission to it i believe everything is ball bearing throughout this truck because i do see them up front don’t quote me on that but it kind of looks like they went ball bearing with everything from what i could see uh it also seems like there is some metal gears in there i

Haven’t taken the drivetrain out apart but i was looking at the parts list and saw a mention of that uh but then it comes down to these really nice looking axles and for a small truck the axles look really really good and you know there is some stuff to hang up with or hang up on but for such a small rig what are you going to do really these are locked so you know

It’s gonna have maximum traction when you’re crawling but really nice shape to the pumpkins on this and then even up front the axles are universal axles out to the wheels so it’s gonna have maximum steering through and even the the steering knuckle looks really robust large bearing in there too which i i like seeing on such a small rig they did a really nice job

On this thing other than the shocks that’s my only uh spot where you know i’m gonna nail them on it it just would have been an absolutely perfect rig if it had the oil filled shocks on there but nonetheless really really nice truck this is a hundred and eighty dollars and i think it’s worth it i mean you’re getting a fully detailed license body on this thing with

Some really impressive features underneath uh let me talk about the electronics that you i didn’t talk about and that’s really just the motor it’s an 0505 turn motor and you know again from the little i drove it so far it looks like it’s got plenty of torque to get this thing up and over some obstacles so we definitely have to go and test it outside but let me show

You the radio system too because this is really cool for a tiny radio yes it is small check out the grip on that it’s got it got this carbon fiber look to it i really like the details fms really put into this thing uh check out the dip switches on top that actually those in that red board there that allows you to go and tune some speed controller settings such as

Uh forward and reverse and actually drag break as well uh you got all the trims that you need you’re reversing uh dual rate steering trim so this is a very functional radio system there is the third channel that allows you to turn on and off the lights and i don’t think that fourth channel is operational for anything on this rig it does as i mentioned come with a

Battery it comes with one of those basic usb chargers an instruction manual and then just a box wrench so you go and take off the tires all right guys let’s go outside and see what this thing does in an off-road setting all right so it’s time to wrap up the performance of the lc80 and this thing just looks really cool out there on the trail

The scale detail on this really sets it off and it makes you excited to drive it i mean i brought it to a couple of parks actually because i wanted to get some different scenery and i was just enjoying the drive of this truck it’s a lot of fun it’s not super fast obviously it’s not supposed to be it’s a trail rig meant for crawling around on trails and for that it

Does a great job you know the steering in here just fine for cruising through dirt over small pebbles uh you know even through a little bit of sand i did try mudding it that didn’t work out so well the the mud was just a little too slick and loose and it just kind of dug in but i did try that out for you guys i wanted to get some money and uh maybe another time but

I was trying to do uh some inclines and that’s when i really noticed how bouncy this suspension is and you can kind of see it when you’re just trail driving as well the thing just jitters around and you know even that slow motion action footage i just showed you you could see it kind of just bouncing around and it does take away from that scale factor a little bit

That you you want to enjoy out of a rig like this uh and i’ve already started to look at shock options for it i pulled out some rc four-wheel drive shocks that i had and matched it up and i think it’s going to work well these shocks really needed some oil in it in my opinion to really just make this truck absolutely awesome and i think once i put those in i think

It’s going to be so much better to drive around and really enjoy on the trails uh but again it’s really cool it is capable for a fun trail rig i mean you know head to your local park with it head to your backyard with it if you’ve got like a flower garden out back or something like that or again you know just throw some wood down on a workbench like this uh i just

Stuck that those two by four pieces down with some two-sided tape and drove over that and kind of enjoyed it after i shut off the camera in the beginning of this video it’s that fun of a little truck but the scale factor is totally there on it are there any downsides to this rig well one of them is the blinker lights they seem to stay on and i actually figured out

That this channel 4 button here changes through different modes on the lighting system and allows you to have like strobe lights and stuff like that but you can’t completely shut off the turn signals which is kind of a bummer and then the other thing is is the shocks that we’ve already gone through that you know a oil shock upgrade would be nice and i didn’t see

One listed on the horizon website they are distributing fms but i didn’t see it listed maybe it’ll have it in the future but uh looks like those rc four wheel drive shocks will work this is a cool rig for the scale factor alone the ability to just throw this thing onto your shelf and enjoy it as a static piece too i think it’s worth the money uh you know all the

Lighting features that are in there it’s a cool little rig and if you want something small scale so you could just enjoy it anywhere you go this is definitely one to consider if you’re an online shopper i’ll have some affiliate links in the description below if you’re a local hobby shop shopper that is awesome definitely support local hobby shops uh while you’re

Down in the lower section let me know what you think in the comments hit that subscribe button and the notifications bell throw the video like we’ll see you back soon for some rc driver videos you

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