tims 2016 vw jetta gli clean and
Altair Club Cars Tims 2016 VW Jetta GLI Clean And Low

Tims 2016 VW Jetta GLI Clean And Low

This week’s feature is of Tim’s 2016 VW Jetta GLI. Check out his Instagram @aired_nado16.

All right so what’s up guys my name is tim and this is my 2016 or swaggin july so i currently have the 3h airlift series i have stage two downpipe and stage two tune apr i have radiate wheels eighteen by eight and a half in the front and 18 by 9 and a half ago where i wanted to go with the staggered setup because that’s always been my personal favorite in terms of

Fitness equipment and that’s pretty much all the mods that i have right now in terms of like future mods i don’t plan on doing too much to the gl i pretty much gonna be like i like a show kind of a fun car to drive around to be daily because i have a mark 3 vr and my garage currently and that’s pretty much my main project i plan on doing the ap maybe an intercooler

I definitely exhaust in the future nice give that a video haha i definitely definitely want to do intercooler i have to get exhaust for my car i’m in terms of that i don’t have much much left to do maybe some different wheels in the future just to bring out more of the stands to give it like a more classy look like to say but other than that maybe some rap i’ll

Rap like the trimming here down there maybe like a gloss black or something but other than that i’m planning on doing too much most of my money i plan on giving to the mach 3 so that can come out probably in the next year and a half two years one of my favorite parts about this car was the facelift not a lot of people say but i thought that once they came up with

The faceless for the mark 6 i reminded me a lot of the mockery and remind me of like a more futuristic marketing front end so that’s probably one of my favorite parts of this car it’s the front end what i don’t like is i feel like a volkswagen kind of it came it seems like a lazy something lazy on it and in terms of like their options like i feel like even though

This is still a mark 6 they could have at least added like some padded side cards the cards have to say the lighting trimming that the gti is get i always like the gti’s but the jettas has always been my favorite since my mark 3 is a jetta i’ve always loved the trunk space i always liked that was like a big thing for me was the space that i had it was hard to

Pick between the gli and the gti based on the performance option that you get with the gti compared to gli but i ended up going with the gli because it had better package in terms of my price and stuff and at the time i was a broke-ass so i chose the jetta because it was all around something that i wanted stay with i’ve always loved the four doors i always loved

The trunk i always loved the way the jettas look slammed or lowered with a nice staggered set up so that was pretty much something that you know i wanted to stick with but at the end of the day is still i still kind of sometimes regret it in terms of the performance wise but overall i still loved each other and i don’t regret the decision as well i haven’t had any

Issues in my car my car has been pretty good to me the only thing that happened to me which was pretty much pretty much my fault was when h2o i had that was aired out and not really get up but i was driving low probably like around 42 psi almost all the way around and there was a pothole the fajo and i hit that and of course pretty much $2,400 of the damage to my

Suffering my ball joint my oil pan all pain level of sensor and i kind of slightly bent the airlift level of rod but that was bent back and so i had no car pretty much from the friday after i got down the edge to go to the next week thursday so that was pretty much the probably the worst week in terms of this car that i’ve had but other than that i’ve never had any

Issues with the car and it’s been pretty good to me i mean another issue that i probably had with it is a right now because of the apr stage to tune my question slipping a little bit so i will be upgrading to a stage 2 clutch endurance plush and i do have that i just have to get it of course installed but other than that i’ve been a pretty good so stock i’m one

Of the admins who did much it came together when there was a group of guys who we just wanted to make a little our own little close-knit group and they’ll be able to like go to meets together roll out together and stuff ended up you know growing into something bigger we spoke about it and we like okay well we want you want to make this something big but you don’t

Know how to do it so buddy is my buddy step who is the founder of the jeep he pretty much put us all together and was like okay this is a group chat he started from instagram boo chat and a bunch of guys together like okay well we’re gonna go to this meet and we met up then i carrot so pretty much we met up and it was all history then and at the time we were only

Just kind of like we just teacher called it like the car network because it’s something that we can network together to head out and do different things so it after that i came up with the name harry from there it became stop which means stance to an older house club and we’ve gotten much bigger of within the last probably five and a half six months and i can’t

Complain about anything because i we’ve met a lot of great people a lot of great guys that you be developed until i and created like a friendship and that’s not now it’s kind of hard to do that nowadays you know so i’m pretty much grateful for the group of guys that i’ve met and the club that we’ve started and hopefully in the future we’ll do some more crazy

Things in terms of like meets and shows and all that stuff but yeah that’s pretty much it so when i just stopped on the mud so this is harry yeah talk about you don’t you put that dirty ass see oh my okay

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Tim's 2016 VW Jetta GLI — Clean And Low By Lucas Huang

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