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The 2023 Buick Enclave is a midsize three-row SUV with seating for seven passengers. In this class of vehicles, the Enclave earns praise for its generous interior and cargo space, quiet and comfortable ride, and long list of standard features. In 2022, the Enclave received several updates that include freshened styling, interior updates and more standard technology features.

Hello and welcome one more time vino the car guru here at green brook buick gmc chevrolet and pre-owned and as you can see it’s starting to get cold here in new jersey but that’s not going to stop us from continuing showing you the vehicles that are arriving here to a dealership so let’s take a look at this one foreign here we have a 2023 buick enclave avenir

This is the top of the line when it comes to the enclaves the avenue package and let’s explore a little bit here in the front what we get with this and as we can see we got the nice honeycomb grille here in the front we again see a beautiful uh chrome in it and we have the camera here in the front as we’ve been seeing with these vehicles with the nice packages

You get the burst eye view so you get all around the vehicle the view when you park in the vehicle we get the nice sonar sensors here in the front and the painted of the bumper goes all the way to the bottom and this particular case we get the nice beautiful white frost paint we also have the headlamps and the fox lamps here embedded in the bottom of the bumper

And the led lights right here and the top of the vehicle and a little bit of a pattern kind of like a diamond pattern right here and beautiful well put the emblem of buick right here in the corner when it comes to be under the hood on these vehicles from the entry level enclave all the way to the top avenir we get the v6 3.6 uh engine married with the nine speed

Transmission for very smooth ride and great miles per gallon and the side of this incredible vehicle we get the nice aluminum brush wheels with a nice touch of the center with a buick emblem and we got the red the white and the blue color embedded in the center really nice touch then we come in here to the door and the side panel and we got a nice chrome action and

We also have the avenir bhajan on chrome and a beautiful chrome right here in the bottom that goes from the front door to the second back door and we have of course the chrome on the handle with the button once again to lock and unlock of the doors if you have the key with you and in the mirror we have a nice uh blinker embedded on the mirror this is for safety so

People in the side of the door or in the side of the vehicle i should say no if you’re gonna turn if you have your turn signal going on that it will be a nice safety feature we also have the blind spot detector which is also a nice safety feature on this vehicle very important now coming to the back we get again the nice tinted windows on this vehicle for privacy

In the back now remember this vehicle is the third row so that’s important that you got a tenter window all around you know if people want to be in the back of the vehicle uh it will keep it nice and private and of course you have the roof rails again when you can put the crossbars on this vehicle and put items on top of the vehicle one of the things in the back of

This vehicle that differentiates an avenir is the tail lights the tail lights are a little bit different it’s all like wide glass uh as an opposed red when you uh see the avenir we also have again a little bit of like a diamond kind of uh pattern here with the buick emblem right there and then going all the way to the center we get the nice chrome and coming here

The avenir badge and once again like we saw on the door we have it in the back here on chrome and we have the enclave all-wheel drive badging right here on chrome as well now a little bit of a touch of a chrome right here between the uh the gate and the bumper and of course the cut out for the trailer in uh hitch if you want to pull stuff with this vehicle you’ll

Be able to do so once we open the liftgate here in the back we’ll be able to see how much room we get here even with the third row up and one of the things people likes a lot about this vehicle it’s you even have like a little cubby right here uh in the back of this vehicle a lot of space something that you rarely see on a third row vehicle now this vehicle also

Has the power seating so by the push of a button you’ll be able to bring the c seats down alright so let’s see right here on the second row of this beautiful enclave avenue and what do we get we got the beautiful quilted leather with a nice white piping in this particular case really nice the two-tone inside with the brown and the beige looks incredible now we

Have heated seats for the back over here we got two usb ports and we have a three prone outlet as well very nice touch now we have little pockets right here again on the driver and passenger a back of the seats and very important that i’ve been mentioning on this vehicle since the uh the fact that you get the vents for the second row and you get them also on the

Third row so people sitting in the back will be able to be nice and comfortable now other thing that is very very important to mention on the third row of this vehicle you get cap holders and you also get usb ports as well and you can still see the nice beautiful quilted leather on the third row in the door of this beautiful enclave avenue we see the nice uh touches

Of luxury they have put on this vehicle the nice leather we also have the memory seating with the lock and unlock of the doors the windows and mirrors and even a folding mirror button right here we also have the button for the power lift in the back and our iconic post sound system now the driver’s seat not only has the beautiful quilted leather and the amazing

Design with the avenir uh embroidered on the headrest this vehicle also comes with a button right here that will give you a massage seat so lumber support massage seat on this vehicle it’s an amazing touch all right once inside the vehicle let’s push the button and push the brake to get this vehicle started we see the center cluster all digital really nice this

Vehicle also gave us heads up display i don’t know if we’re translating to the camera i’m gonna touch the info see if brings different information at the moment it’s hard to see now to the left right here we got the electronic parking brake of course on the wheel we have the four collision alert and we have the heated steering wheel beautiful nice black piano

Accent right here and also metal on the wheel really nice the buick emblem and the center and of course the bluetooth connectivity now coming to the infotainment system of this vehicle really nice once again they do have the navigation apple carplay android auto this particular case we have the stop and go engine uh that you can disengage if you want to you got

The all-wheel drive button and the modalities of driving as well we also have the dual temperature control ventilated and heated seats on this vehicle for your comfort and this uh it looks like a nice touch of wood on the center right here and of course now we have the button shifter on this vehicle we have the wireless charger we have the cap holders right here

And right here in the center if we push a button right here be able to open this little cubby right here and you got plenty of storage room on this vehicle now coming to the passenger side you see the nice leather and the stitching on the dashboard of this vehicle once again the pattern that we see on the doors really nice the two-tone looks incredible they really

Did a fantastic job of this vehicle but that’s not all because you get a sunroof in the front and also in the back and now the uh cover is electronic so you push a button and you able to open or close the cover for the sunroof and the back and one thing that we’ve been seeing on these vehicles is the mirror that turns into a camera so we just flip it and there

You have it you know you could drive like that if you want to or not you can just just turn it into a regular mirror you could do that as well now with the key of this vehicle you’ll be able to remote start the vehicle as well by pushing the lock button center twice holding the semi-circle for about five seconds or so and there you have it car is running now you

Can shut it off as well by pushing the semi-circle and you’ll also be able to open the liftgate by pushing this button twice so there you have it 2023 buick enclave avenir luxury it’s at its best it has all the amenities and the features but again like i said always you have to be the judge of it so if you can come and see it here or to the nearest dealership you

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