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Altair Club Cars Time-Limited Base Decoration Items | No Mans Sky: Polestar Phase 3

Time-Limited Base Decoration Items | No Mans Sky: Polestar Phase 3

In today’s walkthrough we will be taking a look into completing the third phase of the ‘Polestar’ Expedition in No Man’s Sky.

What’s cooking everybody it’s thor and in this video i’m going to show you how to complete the third phase of the pulsar expedition in no man’s sky as always i will of course show you how to complete all the milestones needed to fully complete the face and how to do this in a fast and efficient way as possible and so without any further ado let’s get straight into

It so if you open up the expedition tab log 3 home 6 should be marked but as it was in the previous phase you’ll have to travel through the rendezvous tree system for it to unlock so what i would recommend first is to track down the cog by the stars milestone which will require you to complete a fleet expedition now of course these fleet expeditions take time so

The faster you begin with doing these the faster you’ll be finished doing them so make sure to walk up the buildable bridge and then you should place down the fleet command room this will cost you 60 silver 40 gold and 10 tritium once you’ve done so make sure to make your way back to the bridge make sure to interact with your navigator aboard the bridge you’ll

Get the option to view the potential expeditions as we will have to do eight you will want to focus on the shorter ones but of course make sure that the difficulty rating matches the ships you send out for example this one takes 85 minutes and if i assign my trade vessel to it you will see that the difficulty rating is two but my fleet rating is also two so this

Expedition has a good chance of success so make sure to launch it now of course to speed up this process is recommended to build multiple fleet rooms and have multiple frigates in your fleet so you can send them all out on the next edition take into account that for phase 5 you will also need to expand your fleet with eight ships in total so you might as well do

This right away to get the caught by the stars milestone a little bit quicker so fly out of your freighter and approach these freighters warping in look for the recruitable frigates and we get close by open up your starship communicator you have the option to inspect the frigates do so you’ll see its stats the class the combat stats exploration etc and of course

What kind of vessel it is and the price now if you have completed the optional milestone in the second phase you should be able to buy at least two frigates if you haven’t i would recommend to either try to do so or to head back to the planet in the first phase to excavate some ancient bones and to sell them at the space station for great profits now of course you

Could also go to different systems and try to reload to see if you can get any better glasses than c-plus do note that to be able to send your frigates out on multiple missions you’ll need multiple complete command rooms to be able to build one you’ll need 60 silver 40 gold and 10 tritium which can all be found by shooting asteroids and then if you shoot a total

Of 50 asteroids the stardust milestone will be completed so make sure to head into the phase 4 tab of the expedition tab and then collect it to receive 400 liquid sun 1234 oxygen and 5 storage augmentation for your starship now back to phase 3 though make sure to enter your capital ship place down the amount of fleet rooms that you’d like and then return to the

Bridge to see whether missions are available while you’re on your freighter of course you can always head by your fleet command station to see how their mission is going and expedition if they’re done tonight should say that one out of eight expeditions is finished once you’ve debriefed them of course make your way back to your jubilee bridge to send this ship

Out on a new expedition make sure to do this as fast and as frequent as possible until you of course have reached all eight of the expeditions but while they’re at it let’s track the running for true milestone open up the freighter warp map and then follow the expedition route my first jumping into the sasove system so once again and i keep telling you this in

Every single video make sure to head back to your starship and fly out and fly towards the space station land on it and get out of your starship to be able to return to this system at any given time via teleporter but also of course to expand your exosuit slots and before continuing also make sure to summon the anomaly enter it and head up all the way to the back

To unlock yet another slot for your exosuit so that’s two per system you visit once you have feel free to summon and enter your freighter walk up to the bridge and interact with the freighter ward map to continue your path towards the third grand viewpoint next part being into the eogoic 15 system and of course after visiting the space station and the anomaly make

Your way towards the next jump and that’s the iotzoi earth system you warp after being into the aegorope uttudu system and the final warp of course being into the target system kotanyap awa once you’re there you could select the luxury hopsick milestone and then go ahead and talk to the captain you’ll see that you have the option to access the ship’s lock do so

After doing so the luxury homesick milestone will be completed and this will reward you with the decorative base part set and the turquoise paints freighter customization re-select the round of the three milestone and head up to your ship fly out of your capital freighter look out for the rendezvous tree mark and go there so make sure to land your starship at

The approximate location for the third rendezvous get out of it and use the target sweep function on your analysis visor to home in on the exact location of course when you’re close by you can finalize on the exact location and when you reach it around the v3 milestone will be completed and claiming this will reward you with the stellar extractor room plans 3333

Nanites the self-triggered module and two inventory slots as always use the inventory slots on your cargo slots as these are most expensive to unlock now we will have to construct the stellar extractor room we have just unlocked onto our freighter for the power and industry milestone to be able to build the stellar extractor room you’ll need 60 silver 45 gold and

40 magnetized ferrite magnetized ferret you should still have from the previous phase and gold and silver you have just harvested from some asteroids so make sure to hand it back to your ship get into it fly up and summon your freighter as soon as possible when you summon it make sure to enter it and walk up to the buildable space for the freighter open up the build

Menu and select the stellar extractor room choose a nice spot and then place it down and after doing so the power and industry master will be completed and this will reward you with the scanner room plans the industrial room expansion plans and the appearance modifier room plans open up the expeditions tab and make sure to select the far seer milestone which will

Require us to construct the scanner room we have just unlocked open up the build menu and select the scanner room for this you’ll need 60 silver dirty gold and one iron battery iron battery can be created using cobalt and ferrite dust if you don’t have any cobalt make sure to mine some luckily there’s a planet within the system the paradise planet elksey that has

Cobalt on it so make sure to go there so when you’ve reached galaxy get out of your ship and use the analysis visor to locate a combo deposit and when you get to it your drain manipulator to harvest materials make sure to construct the iron battery needed for the room then back to the buildable area open up the construction panel and select the scanner room and

Of course once you’ve done so the farcier milestone will be completed and this will roar with the collected great room plans to freighter class corridor plans and the reinforced window plans head back towards the expedition tab and select the home convert milestone which will require you to construct the galactic trade room we have just unlocked in order to be able

To build this you’ll need 60 silver 35 grammatic metal and two microprocessors make sure to cross some carbon nanotubes in order to be able to craft two microprocessors and once again open up the build menu select the galactic trade room and then place it down in the desired position and the home comfort master will also be completed and this milestone will reward

You with the bulkhead door plans the exterior platform plans and the exterior catwalk plans and 16 pieces of glass i would now personally choose to track the wing commander milestone which will require you to recruit 3 pilots towards your squadron now before you get to hire any pirates towards your squadron you will need to unlock the ship base first so make sure to

Walk up to the bridge and go to the minute fleet screen then select to manage your squadron and here you’ll see the option to unlock slots for nanites so make sure to unlock at least three slots the first one costing you 800 nanites the second one 3500 and the third one will cost you 7500 nanites which unfortunately i see that i’m 39 sure of course if you are you

Can always see if you can upload some discoveries to earn some more nanites so unlock the third and final slots you’ll need of course the ford slot is also a possibility but this will cost you 10 000 nanites and is not needed in order to complete the milestone so make your way towards your ship and fly out of your freighter and towards the space station make sure to

Wait for other pilots to arrive approach the pilot and interact with them select the recruit lifeform to squadron an option here you’ll see its stats and of course the class and the damage potential etc choose to recruit the pilot if you’re happy with it and make sure to repeat this two more times once you have recruited the third pilot towards your squadron the

Win commander milestone will be completed and claiming this muscle will reward you the supreme pulse engine upgrades supreme launch thrusters upgrade a supreme starship shield upgrade as always make sure to install these right away and to haven’t touched your counterparts for an adjacency bonus and while you’re at it you can of course use d5 storage augmentations

We’ve received for starship to do so make sure to go up to the starship outfitting and to select the option to upgrade to starship and then apply observation so the next milestyle we can actively do something about is the galactic defender milestone which will require us to shoot down 16 pirates to do this in an efficient way make sure to head up to the mission

Agents aboard the space station and then see if they have any missions requiring you to kill any pirates unfortunately this system doesn’t so make your way to the teleporter and try another one once you have found one make sure to select it and to start the mission head up towards your starship and fly out of the space station make your way towards the bounty

Mission target and if you want you can of course also summon your squadron make sure to fight and destroy all the pirates while i’m doing so i want to ask you to please leave a thumbs up if you liked the video let me know in the comments down below what you did most and please subscribe to see more no man’s sky content in the future and with this one mission

Completed i already managed to kill 9 out of 60 pirates of course make sure to end in your mission at the space station and see if you can find another one to do this time i’m lucky the mission that i just completed changed in another hunter pirates mission if you’re not so lucky you could always try the anomaly as there are often on pirate missions on the

Board there as well or you could head into a high conflict system and wait until pirates attack you especially if you have some vulnerables on board it should not take long at all but i would say that this method is definitely the fastest and most stable one of them all and of course after you have completed the battle or shut down 60 pirates the galactic defender

Milestone will be completed and claiming this will reward you with the starship weaponry blueprints and three selfish fleet beacons once again of course make sure to hand in your bounty so the only milestone i have yet to complete is the call by the stars milestone which requires us to do eight fleet expeditions of which i currently have two out of eight completed

And i have three of my ships currently on voyages lasting a few hours so of course when they are completed i should be on five out of eight then i should be able to do three more using the frigates i have either way i have to wait until these are done until i can send them on new ones and then wait until those are done as well so i’ll make sure to reactivate one

This evening and then i’ll finish this video up in early in the morning so i’ll see you then so another day has come and my frickin should be done with the last three expeditions so of course make sure to debrief them and as you can tell my third one has been damaged during its expedition of course choose the option to recall it you can then choose to debrief

The commander and luckily this does count as a completed expedition and thus the caught by the stars milestone is completed and this will reward you with 200 tons of frigate fuel three mineral compressors explosive drones and a holographic analyzer and of course this also concludes the third phase of the pulsar expedition and claiming this will reward you with

The navigation archived plans the flaming barrel plans and the data display unit plans so let me quickly showcase to you what these new decorational items look like so if you open up the build menu go to the decorations tab and it should be under the decorative technology first we have the navigational archive which costs five carbon and 15 ferrite dust that’s

What it looks like it’s basically some kind of traffic kind of looking thing with a map in it then we have the flaming barrel which costs 20 condensed carbon and five ferret does to place down and of course it’s a barrel shooting flames quite an awesome decoration if you ask me and then lastly we have the data display unit which costs 15 faradays and one piece

Of glass that plays down and it’s basically two floating screens with a ball in between them that you can easily place down wherever you like so all in all pretty nice decorational items if you ask me definitely worth completing this phase four but it was off this video i hope it was a good news for you and i hope to see you in the next one

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Time-Limited Base Decoration Items | No Man's Sky: Polestar Phase 3 By CookingDoor

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