this kurtz dump pipe makes a big
Altair Club Cars This KURTZ DUMP PIPE makes a Big Difference on the 1JZ Toyota Crown JZS171

This KURTZ DUMP PIPE makes a Big Difference on the 1JZ Toyota Crown JZS171

Today we install a Kurtz Dump Pipe onto the Toyota Crown Athlete V!

We’re going to be installing a curds down pipe or dump pipe hey so boom what is up guys welcome back to another video today we’re going to be working on this 1jz crown we’re going to be installing a kurtz down pipe or dump pipe i’ve heard pretty good things about this down pipe you know a lot of people in the forums in the facebook groups have been you know

Frothing over this so i thought yeah we have to get our hands on and go ahead and try and stall it and see what all the hype is about so the kurds downpipe like i said bro a lot of people from over this a lot of people highly recommend doing this mod so you know i found my second hand and i thought i had to cop it and you know try and install it so i’ve never

Installed one before so hopefully it’s an easy job it should be just like exhaust install you know a few bolts but we’ll see how we go and also yeah i’m pretty sure correct me for rom i think it’s a four inch to three inch a lot of people say you know they got good gains from this however i’m not going to be tuning the car today so i probably won’t get too much

Gains but it will let the car in the turbo breathe better but i heard that even without a tune the turbo should spool much quicker and better as well so i’m pretty keen for that to just install it without a tune and then hopefully in the future we can get a tune but if we can at least get the turbo to spool a bit quicker they’ll be already a plus smells like it’s

Been running rich all right so fast forward a new day today and i’m not gonna lie to you guys the down pipe isn’t now installed but i didn’t install it myself i actually took it to a mechanic things store because it was like an easy process but i don’t know why i just couldn’t do it so yeah in saying that it is what it is it is now on the kids dump pipe you guys

Go ahead look right there the kurtz down pipe is now on so yeah i drove this car back from the mechanic and now i’ve got to say it’s already 100 times way better all right so let’s go for a test driving with this new dump pipe and you know see how i think about it or what i feel i’ve been driving for a while and i realized bro this dump pipe or down pipe whatever

You want to call it is already 100 times way better and so worth it i highly recommend changing it if you guys are still on the stock 1jz dump pipe and like it does wonders and i know why a lot of people talk about the kurtz dumb pipe now because bro it just does wonders like first thing i noticed it’s true what everyone says the turbo does pull way quicker keep

In mind i haven’t tuned it it’s basically just you know bolt the um dump pump straight on and go for a drive right now so it does pull way quicker and in my opinion it makes the car or this crowd more responsive as in like it’s less laggy so when you put your foot down it just goes or maybe because the turbo spools quicker that’s why it feels like it just goes

A bit harder but yeah imagine we actually tuned it to get the proper performance gains like even just this plug and play and it does won this already it just makes like a hundred times way better and more enjoyable to drive so i also noticed like because i haven’t gone on a freeway but driving like in these little streets like the low end feels nice and it feels

Really responsive like as soon as you put your foot down it just goes now i don’t know if it’s just me bro like i swear when i step on it now it gives me more of that slight pull unless maybe back then i never really you know hit pedal to the middle but now i am but who knows if anyone else experiences as well let me know in the comments down below you know so

I know if i’m tripping out or not bro the low end feels so nice as soon as you step on it it just it just goes bro i’m just going to stop here from zero yeah that’s how we do it here zero to 70 only bro you know with the 1jz boys out there with this kurtz dumb pipe let me know below like if it does make the car a bit quicker without a tune or not because in my

Opinion it does but like i said i don’t know if i’m just tripping out or not can i get a regular latte one sugar bro with this new kurds dump pipe it even goes through drive-through 100 times way better what the hell boys we got the coffee back on the tunes uh and so driving on the freeway as well at high speeds like 8200 like it actually feels responsive

As well even though i’m in the auto mode so not the manual mode it actually feels 100 times way better like it just cuts out all the lagginess or it makes it less laggier so it kind of makes it more responsive i guess manual mode boys for those wondering like i said performance wise i haven’t got this down pipe actually tuned but it is way more responsive and

The turbo does spool quicker like everyone said and for those wondering does it sound different because this just remember this is mounted straight to my stock exhaust and it sounds exactly the same however you just get that performance gain or performance feel yeah as you guys saw it sounds exactly the same as the stock dump oh

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This KURTZ DUMP PIPE makes a Big Difference on the 1JZ Toyota Crown JZS171! By ZPG Garage

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