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Altair Club Cars This is Why I Chose Rock Krawler as the Best Jeep 392 Lift Kit

This is Why I Chose Rock Krawler as the Best Jeep 392 Lift Kit

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What’s up guys dave here studio motors welcome back it’s a super exciting day we are on stage two of our jeep 392 build i’m really excited and after a whirl of research and nitpicking everything i finally decided to go with rock crawler for our 392 lift and i’m gonna tell you why rock crawler is the best lift for the jeep 392. here we go baby thank you these

Guys have been in business lifting jeeps and off-roaders for 21 years that’s a lot of time under their belt but the kicker here is the fact that they’ve been racing these jeeps for 17 years that’s a lot of trial and error that’s a lot of effort you’re putting into it now when it comes to racing you are pushing that vehicle to this utmost limits okay you are giving

It everything you got these guys when they go out and race and when other companies use their products to race that is the best type of development you could do for a new product on the market why because it puts insane strain on these parts racing for 17 years into ultra 4 class which has different levels of jeeps that you could build it says everything about

The product that they’re putting out now does it automatically make their lift kit for the jeep 392 the best on the market just because they’ve been in business for 21 years or they’ve been racing for 17 years no it doesn’t but i’m gonna tell you what makes their kit the best for your jeep 392 here we go series kit and the reason we went for this one is because

It gives us a 2.5 inch lift and i went with this kit because i don’t need anything more than that because the 392 xr is already sitting pretty high up so let’s jump into the coils and why we went with rock crawler okay i’m gonna place these on this so they don’t roll around so here’s our rear coils all right and these are the front coils so if you recall i

Told you guys that they test products for two to three years before they put them on the market through their in-house vehicles and through racing rock crawler is a very serious racing team and a company that is heavily involved in the racing world for jeeps the g392 hasn’t been out for three years so how could they have been doing this testing well they have

An in-house jl unlimited that they dropped the 392 in so they are ahead of the game these have gone through that two to three year process even though the g392 hasn’t been out for two to three years and they have tested multiple different coils these things are not just slightly adjusted to accommodate the 392. these guys have tested numerous numerous coils on

A jlu 392 to make sure that they’re giving us the best coil possible it’s been tested on rock crawling during racing on in-house vehicles even on client vehicles they swapped different coils in and out until they found the perfect one for the 390 e2 hearing things like this and talking to these guys to make sure i’m getting the best kit on the market possible was

Very important to me and that was just music to my ears that it’s been through so much testing even before the 392 was released by jeep so these are not carryovers they are specifically meant for the 392 to carry all that extra weight of that heavy 6.4 liter engine that’s on the front end of the car jeep has made some really strong improvements to the 392 xr to

Make sure it accommodates that weight and makes it an amazing driving jeep now i always say that 392 xr is by far the best wrangler i have ever driven out of the factory another question i had for rock crawler was how much of that am i sacrificing am i going to be sacrificing this amazing ride quality to lift it up a little bit and to get that extra clearance for

Rock crawling and their answer was absolutely not both front and rear are triple rate coils let me tell you what that means most coils that are sold with lifts are linear coils that mean means the strength and how dense they are top and bottom and the middle is exactly the same there is no difference in how the coil works when it’s on your jeep it is a consistent

Feedback whether you’re at high speed whether you are at low speed whether you’re rock crawling whether you’re doing a fast baja run it doesn’t matter it’s consistently the same coil this coil is a triple rate which means this middle section over here this is what you are driving on majority of the time this is what you are using majority of the time so most of

The time you get that comfortable ride out of this coil because the middle of it is made for that for that comfort for that plush ride and i have gone through many coils with prior lifts on a jeep and it’s very hard to find a coil that pairs with your favorite shock now these coils are absolutely made and designed to pair with rock crawlers adventure shocks and

That’s what makes them work so well together the top portion of the coil is a lot tighter which doesn’t let the coil get unseated when you’re doing any heavy articulation and you’re flexing that suspension left to right it doesn’t let the bottom of the coil get unseated so this is why this coil is the best on the market they’ve gone above and beyond they are made

Specifically for the 392 and to accommodate all that weight of the 392 and not just lift it but actually make the ride even better this is what rock crawler tells me and i believe it based on all the research and all the evidence of a triple rate coil so once it’s installed i will give you guys direct feedback so subscribe so you can get that feedback and know is

It worthwhile going with the triple rate coils with the adventure kit next up we have the shocks that go with the adventure series rock crawler lift and these shocks again one of the most important components of a lift kit and they are incredible i can’t wait to tell you guys about these all right these things feel incredible they’re very light for such a beefy

Shot this is labeled rrd which is rock crawlers racing division part numbers that start with rrd these are their official racing shocks and these are the series one shocks these things are 2.5 inches thick billet aluminum the shaft right here is 7 8 inches thick and it is a fluted shock which means that its cooling capability is significantly higher than a steel

Shock no flaking no pitting it is just made to take the worst of it you give it hell you put these on your jeep and you don’t worry about what’s going to happen they are rebuildable when it does give out they go for hundreds of thousands of miles and when you need to rebuild them rock crawler has a kit that they could ship out to you and you could use it to rebuild

These shocks or you could send the shocks to them and they will rebuild it for you in new york in-house and send it right back to you amazing product and this is what they actually use on their racing jeeps as well in the ultra 4 series the rock crawler shocks are by far the most successful shock that means most championships most winning vehicles are running rock

Crawlers shocks on there and that’s a fact no rusting no corrosion these should last you forever as a consumer product these shocks and these coils are the highlight of this lift kit on top of being such a hardcore kit it’s made to give you a better ride quality than what i believe is the best riding wrangler ever the 392 extreme recon so i can’t wait to get these

On foreign lowers here we go i’m unboxing the whole thing so you guys could see what exactly the kit entails because there is a lot in here guys 11 boxes is what they shipped me is that that’s just the front front lowers front uppers so you want me to hold this up front lower control arm yeah these bushings are so beefy control arms that’s a big kid jk

Rear lowers and i’ve said jk because the jl and the jk use the same controllers for the rear lowers okay look at that all right guys now let’s jump into the control arms and these things are super beefy we have the fronts here we have the rears here now if you can look at the lower control arms these are the lowers for the front lowers for the rear if you look at

The lowers these things are 1.5 inches of solid steel it’s pretty heavy i could do curls with this thing these have amazing bushings inside these bushings are extremely heavy duty there’s no greasing needed there’s no maintenance needed this is a plug and play kit it’s basically a bolt-on once it’s on your jeep there’s only two grease points and i’m gonna show you

Those later that’s on the track bars but the lift itself no service necessary now i’ve ran some different control arms from different companies and you have to pay attention to these things you have to grease them and you have to make sure that you take care of these things for people that want to experience the full shebang of a jeep but not do that get under the

Jeep and grease it and maintain it and worry about when the last time you did it was this is the best kit you could get for them incredible bushings 1.5 inches of solid steel now here’s the other kicker about these rock crawlers specifically bends theirs upwards they figured out how to do that and get the best out of the control arm while giving you better ground

Clearance so you’re lifting your jeep to get ground clearance and why worry about banging up your control arms when they could be bent a better way which is upwards so you get a little bit more clearance than you would with any other kit now they are so confident in this product they are so confident with these control arms that if you manage to bend them break

Them they have what’s called an abuse proof warranty they want you to go out and abuse the hell out of these things they want you to make an effort to bend these things and if you do manage to break or bend them you take a picture send it to rock crawler and they are going to send you a new set so you can replace them and that is an amazing way to stand behind the

Product so that’s how durable these things are that’s how heavy-duty these things are this is something you throw on and you forget about it you go out there and you do you don’t worry about what’s going to happen to the suspension but if something does happen they fully stand behind it all right next up guys we have the bump stops now i should have opened and

Showed you guys these after i opened the coils and showed you those because that’s where they pair with but coulda shoulda woulda we’re gonna do it now you know there’s people advertising lifts for jeeps a dirt cheap man i mean you can get yourself a really cheap lift for a jeep but you don’t want to do that why don’t you want to do that first off the quality you

Want a better ride you don’t want a worst ride just because you’re lifting it and believe me i have been there now rock crawler recommends a three inch bump stop for this lift kit majority of the time you would have to go out and buy separate pump stops that’s another reason you want to pay the money for a rock crawler kit these are all included in this kit let’s

Pull these out now you also have these brackets which is super cool all right now the bump stops they’re included in the kit and it’s your standard one-inch pucks that you use and you stack them as necessary to get the right amount of bump stop that you need for your jeep so you’re not bottoming out your shocks now these bump stops for the front are pretty standard

They just bolt on but the rears there’s something that these guys are doing at raw crawler that i haven’t seen before now they’re using these metal brackets for the rear bump stops and what this does is it bolts into the bump stop pad the factory bump stop pad that’s on the axle it bolts in there and it actually gives you two inches of bump stop before a pucks ever

Needed and this is something new that they’re doing with the jls so you put your bump stop pucks right on top of this right but it gives you enough room to move these and angle them where you want them to be so it’s landing directly on top of it it’s not misaligned or anything like that another thing that makes the kit a great kit and why i picked this kit for the

Jeep 392. these are the rear sway bar end links pretty standard stuff once these are on on the back of your jeep you don’t disconnect these you don’t disconnect the rear sway bar on the jeep let me open the front ones too oh my god that’s what they’re talking about these are the front sway bar end links and i’m not going to get into these right now i’m going to

Show you a couple of other components that came with them so these are the pads for your coils and once these pads are on it makes sure that the coil is bending linear very straight down so you’re actually utilizing all of that spring and you’re not utilizing a side of it or um articulating in a way that it shouldn’t be articulated so these are for your coils and

Making sure those coils stay in place as well rear sway bar end links these sway bar end links are pretty standard stuff adjustable on both sides they just pop right in you never take them out you never disconnect them when you’re off-roading or anything so these just go in once they’re placed and your alignment is perfect on the jeep after everything’s installed

Then at that point you just leave them on nothing to do there now let’s jump into the front sway bar end links because i’m so excited about these because sway bar end links are a pain in the ass and there’s very different ones on the market but these ones i’m super excited about i’m going to tell you why if you’ve been wheeling if you’ve ever disconnected your

Sway bar you know reconnecting is a nightmare and sometimes it is misaligned when you reconnect them so these joints what raw crawler tells me is once you have these in you never touch them again so on the jlu rubicons the sway bar disconnect gives you a lot of articulation it gives you a lot of flex and what that does is it’s going to misalign these joints as

They go you see this these joints get misaligned as you flex now a rubber joint it’s not going to give you this type of flex in here so what happens is after you’re doing some hard wheeling and you try to reconnect your sway bar it’s either not reconnecting you got to find the super even surface to reconnect it or you got to just get under the jeep and get them

Right just to get those to pop back in they are heim style joints in here and there’s a lot of play in here it’s got a lot of movement and once you’re done doing your wheeling you just just reconnect your sway bar and it’ll find its alignment on its own unlike a rubber bushing or a bolt that goes right through it so no more pulling pins and pulling the end links

Out no more getting under the jeep and adjusting them just so you could get them back in i hated that it’s a big headache that’s off your shoulders once they’re in you never touch them again that sounds incredible to me these on their own just the front sell for 350 bucks that’s what a high-end high quality sway bar end link it is 4392 adventure kit they include

These in there and these are out of their no limits kit which is a very extreme version of a 392 lift i can’t wait to get them on take it off-road and tell you what that’s like so subscribe stay tuned so you can see what these are like i’ve done all the research for you guys i’ve nitpicked a bunch of different companies and i’ve picked this one specifically for

This reason because the kit includes everything that you need to get the best out of your jeep so let’s open these track bars and check these out this rear track bar if you have a 392 extreme recon it does not need a relocation bracket it’s another heim joint over here on the rear track bar as well this thing just looks beautiful and we’re going to go into some

Detail about these track bars too guys because they’re super important track bars are very important it’s what’s doing your steering for you oh my god this thing’s heavy wow it’s just a super heavy duty track bar you could probably bang this thing on anything and it’s not nothing’s going to happen to it look at this thing it’s just beautiful your track bar has

Everything to do with your alignment on your jeep so to have a track bar without a sleeve the alignment process is a bit harder but once your alignment’s there it’s there it’s not going anywhere because you don’t have a sleeve so instead of getting multiple alignments and trying to figure it out and fix it and you know ballparking it after you’re done off-roading

You just don’t skip threads you’ll get a good alignment once and you’re good to go i mean the this is the best way to lock these things down aside from the jam nut method of locking this thing in and making it extremely secure it is made out of 1.5 inches of solid steel it’s a 1.5 inches and that’s what gives it all of this weight on top of that it’s got a chromoly

Rod end that’s one inch thick and goes in about three and a half inches into this 1.5 inches of solid steel so this thing is extremely heavy duty and it’s what you want if you plan to do any playing around with your jeep and want to make sure that you don’t have any alignment issues coming out of the field and this is what is considered a very high-end track bar

I have ran track bars anything over this honestly is an overkill for a track bar this is everything that you need it’s very well thought out they could have taken the sleeve approach they didn’t they went with jam nuts specifically for the reason of not skipping threads not giving you nightmares of realignment it’s got everything you need in there for a crack bar

And both of these are included in their jeep 392 adventure series kit so that completes the entire kit here’s the whole shebang right here guys this is everything that you get in the rock crawler adventure kit for the jeep 392. i can’t wait to see how this thing does on the road and then we’re gonna take it off-roading and see how it does off-road which i’m super

Excited about i’m so stoked about this guys thank you guys for watching this is why i picked rock crawler’s adventure series as the best lift all around for the jeep rubicon 392 and i hope you guys learned something i hope i justified my choice and my pick for this if you guys have anything to say please drop it in the comments i’ll respond to every one of you guys

Drop a comment and thank you for watching share the video love you guys thank you dave studio motors we are out

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