this ferrari sf90 competition ed
Altair Club Cars This Ferrari SF90 Competition Edition By RYFT Looks Crazy

This Ferrari SF90 Competition Edition By RYFT Looks Crazy

At $601,295 this Competition Edition RYFT kit makes the Ferrari SF90 even more insane than ever before!

Foreign guys welcome back to ron’s rise welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another video where i had to share this ferrari sf90 competition edition i mean wow this looks aggressive sharp mean i mean all the adjectives you can think of that make this thing really stand out now the ferrari sf90 is one of the most popular hyper cars among tuners and

With plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the styling and air modifications the latest to join it is the rift version offering the competition edition styling kit for a cool price of 601 295 dollars including the donor car including now the package includes more than 20 carbon fiber components in an artesian crafted exhaust and a set of wide spoke

Forged wheels completely filling up the wheel arches and according to the tuner the upgrades are not only for show as they were designed using their neo cfd process or functional arrow approach to highlighting the aerodynamic testing now new parts include a new splitter inspired by the 488 gt3 evo l-shaped canards vented front fenders scuderia 16m inspired side

Steel extensions and active two-piece rear wing a new engine cover and redesigned diffuser with larger fins now the rear wing alone was tested on a scale of polycarbonate models showing that it could produce more than 800 pounds 363 kilograms of additional downforce when traveling at 186 miles per hour 299 kilometers now at the back the handcrafted race exhaust

Features dual oval tailpipes from titanium black or blue or carbon fiber plus kevlar heat shields and stylistically speaking the result isn’t as wild as a man’s rebody kit but this is subtle and tastily done kind of like novitex approach now risk kit makes the sf90 look more like a hardcore special factory model similar to the upcoming speciale and despite the

Aggressive looks rift doesn’t offer any performance upgrades with the stock hybrid setup producing a combined 986 horsepower 735 kilowatts 1000 ps from a twin turbo 4-liter v8 engine and a trio of electric motors now pricing for the competition edition kit starts at ninety thousand dollars but as i mentioned if you don’t already own an sf90 well you can get a

Complete rift upgrade for 601 295 dollars so is it worth the ninety thousand dollars for you for this arrow kit and wheels from rift let me know what you guys think about this and do you like this look a lot better than the original sf90 let me know down in the comments below and if you guys did enjoy the video today make sure you give it a big thumbs up giving

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This Ferrari SF90 Competition Edition By RYFT Looks Crazy By Rons Rides

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